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£1,897 pledged of £15,000 goal
By Lukas Homola
£1,897 pledged of £15,000 goal

This is the end


Hi Backers,

It seems that my campaign failed, we can speculate why, maybe wrong setup of prices, or just didn't reach big players on the market. But last few weeks i am so busy with this project that I cannot say that we failed. As i showed you before, we are working on A-10C cockpit, we are cooperating with (on their facebook page you can find survey about next cockpits)

And last few days i am speaking with Obutto about possible cooperation. I want to have also version what you can place over obutto and get cool skin.

Obutto Cockpit
Obutto Cockpit

Our graphic artist also working hard on gauges right now, to have it as real as possible.

 And I dissasebled our last prototype and packed it to test box, to find out how big and heavy will be for shipping. Final size of this box is 1750x1100x90 mm with 17 KG weight. Now i can make deal with DHL.


 Next week will be cutted cockpit for first customer along with proper package box and first customer from germany should get it at next friday, so anyone is interested about our early cockpit, please write me to and we can customize your version. 

Otherwise please sign-up for newsletter on for news, or follow us on FacebookGoogle+  Youtube and twitter.

Thanks a lot for your support my friends and hopefully we will stay in contact also in future.

So long and thank you for all the fish! ;)

Lukas Homola

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    1. DarKcyde on September 24, 2014

      Already have an Obutto, so I'm very interested in something that will integrate with that. I second the suggestion about selling digital PDF's, make those available and word will spread as people build them. Forum build threads and cockpit picture posts are where most of this hobby comes from.

    2. Phil Williams on September 24, 2014

      I'm sure it was just a case of not enough exposure, don't give up we will all still push this great idea, maybe just sell the digital PDF's to keep costs down so that we can get them printed ourselves and create a demand?