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A sci-fi/horror film by Creature FX Designer Alec Gillis, that will celebrate Animatronics and Makeup FX . Help keep FX real!
A sci-fi/horror film by Creature FX Designer Alec Gillis, that will celebrate Animatronics and Makeup FX . Help keep FX real!
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    1. Arthur on April 28, 2017

      will the next film you're doing - the futuristic sci-fi be Kickstarted as well?

    2. David Foxley on July 5, 2016

      Hi There I hope all is well Ian's good at studio ADI, and your planning on making a sequel to harbinger down???? Or doing some other projects were you get us the rabble to get involved.. I hope you don't mind but I was wondering if there would be any chance of having the BTS vids recent to me, as my laptop died a sudden death... Taking with it all my saved stuff including the above... I have since bought my self a new laptop and a external hard drive so this does not happen again My email is Thank you again, and kindest regards Dave Fox

    3. Alec Gillis/ADI Creator on January 15, 2016

      @Daniel Markiewicz - thanks for reaching out. Very sorry your blu ray slipped through the cracks! We will send one out to you now (our drop dead date to respond to missing prizes was actually Jan. 1 so don't tell anyone we're making an exception! Oh, what's that? This is the public comment board, not a private message? D'oh!) Happy New Year!

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel Markiewicz
      on January 15, 2016

      The changing of the Facebook page reminded me of this project, which in turn reminded me that I never got the Blu-Ray I pledged for. I received t-shirts, posters, etc. way back in the day, but the video itself was always being held back for distribution rights reasons. And now it looks like the whole thing is closing down and I still haven't seen this thing,

    5. Alec Gillis/ADI Creator on November 30, 2015

      @ David Foxley: hi David! We will send you a message with your Blu Ray tracking info.

    6. David Foxley on November 27, 2015

      Hi first and fore most, I loved the film, and loved all the behind the scenes vids, they all rock, and I'm so glad to have been a part of this cool campaign. May I ask has any of the other stuff like the DVDs and other stuff been sent out , as I have not received one, I have got my poster and T-shirt. I did changed address during the end of the Kickstarter campaign, but I did update Kickstarter on the day i moved. But I wondering if I had to also send you guys at this information???? Kindest regards Dave

    7. Sam Holland on November 22, 2015

      Hello Harbinger Team! Any word on when we'll receive a copy of the shooting script?


    8. Wojtek Sal
      on November 9, 2015

      We're still waiting for the missing BTS (Beluga Whales, Space Capsule, Hold Creature, Ship Miniatures).
      I'm sure we would all love to watch the clips!

    9. Alec Gillis/ADI Creator on November 2, 2015

      @ david churchill: hi Dave, are you able to access your Kickstarter message inbox? I see both links there in our message thread with you! Let us know. Thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      david churchill on November 2, 2015

      Still no link for me to watch unfortunately. You kindly contacted me before on this at my email but I'm not sure if I can reply directly to that one. I'm really interested in getting the creature art that was on my payment level - can you give me any details please. The movie I can watch on Netflix - Dave

    11. Missing avatar

      Kevin on October 31, 2015

      Have all the blu-rays been sent out? I haven't received anything yet.

    12. Missing avatar

      Leonardo Rodrigues on October 23, 2015

      Hello Alec, is more BTS coming (beluga whales, miniature ship, space capsule/pod)? Thanks!

    13. Martin O
      on October 15, 2015

      @Hector E Rivera Jr:
      I've received the Bluray one month ago. If you haven't yet then contact them directly.

      Kickstarter notification settings can be changed: Go to Me - Notifications and enable them (maybe you accidentally clicked an unsubscribe link in one email)

    14. Missing avatar

      Hector E Rivera Jr on October 11, 2015

      Hahahaha just saw on Instagram that the movie is available in best buy. And on Amazon etc. What's the point of waiting/trying to get it from you guys if I could just get it from them? Shouldnt we get it first? While I did receive the email notifying me I could view it, I didnt because I would prefer to watch the blu-ray instead of watching on my phone. Kickstarter is awful. This site never lets me know of any updates with the project. I never get any indication that updates are posted. No email alerts. Nothing. But of course I get emails that let me know of other projects to back. Those come in just fine. And because of work/busy schedule I forget to sign in and check. I will never do this again. I love the poster. I love the T-shirt. But the main thing is the film and its MIA.

    15. Martin O
      on October 10, 2015

      @Wojtek Sal: My envelope had a proper Customs Declaration CN 22 (which also contains the address).

    16. Kaisa Tuulenkari on October 9, 2015

      Finaly it is here. My fault I guess, I moved after survey. Actualy (accidentaly) I got two envelopes/blu-rays. Hm... I hope you don't want another one back. But if you do, I can post it. Now I just have ro find a place to watch this. I don't have a blu-ray player, oh my.

    17. Alec Gillis/ADI Creator on October 7, 2015

      @ Wojtek Sal - AGRM †гîΛηgłε dept.: hi! Sorry about your troubles! We've shipped bunches to the EU and this has never come up! Are you sure the customs person isn't a Harby who wanted to meet you? We are friendly bunch!

      Seriously though, thanks for the heads up, we will be on the lookout for other such anomalies! Most importantly… Enjoy the movie!


    18. Wojtek Sal
      on October 7, 2015

      I have received my Blu-ray, but had to go through a lot of trouble with the customs and was forced to pick it up in person.
      To send anything to the EU by mail you have to attach a transparent envelope containing an invoice to the outside of the package, which was missing.
      I'm a little bit disappointed that you obviously haven't informed yourself about the standard shipping procedure.
      Anyway, I finally get to watch the movie today. Yay!

    19. Alec Gillis/ADI Creator on October 4, 2015

      @ Wojtek Sal - AGRM †гîΛηgłε dept.: yes, you will!

      also be assured that more in depth miniature BTS is coming as well!

    20. Wojtek Sal
      on October 3, 2015

      Will we get the BTS seen in the Monsterpalooza clip as a download, too? I mean the Beluga Whales, Space Capsule, Hold Creature and Ship Miniatures.

    21. Alec Gillis/ADI Creator on September 28, 2015

      @ Leonardo Rodrigues: hello! Please email us at Thanks!

    22. Missing avatar

      Leonardo Rodrigues on September 26, 2015

      Hello, Alec! I'm very interested in behind the scenes, so is it possible to buy them?

    23. martin mercer on September 25, 2015

      Looking forward to the Blu-rey !

    24. Wojtek Sal
      on September 25, 2015

      Still waiting for my Blu-ray here in Germany, and the anticipation is rising every day. It feels strange to watch the BTS without having seen the movie first ;D
      Perhaps some Harbies would like to know that there's a Kickstarter right now for a Practical Effects movie by Sandy Collora called Shallow Water.

    25. Steve Kellener on September 21, 2015

      Received my copy today! Thank you! Gonna go watch it right now!

    26. Missing avatar

      david churchill on September 19, 2015

      Hi, I'm just sering this now. Like Sasha I'm being asked for a password. Also have you sent out the links for the film download? I haven't spotted one yet. Thanks for your time. Dave

    27. Steve Kellener on September 18, 2015

      Looking forward to finally seeing it! Still waiting for my copy! (local here in LA). I hope it arrives soon!

    28. Alec Gillis/ADI Creator on September 18, 2015

      @ Sasha Spitzig: just sent you a private message. Let us know how it works out!

    29. Sasha Spitzig on September 18, 2015

      Does the DD artwork link have a password? I hadn't had the chance to download until now but it's asking me for one :(

    30. Steven Howearth on September 14, 2015

      Alex i sent you a message but no response from you. Because of the huge delay in the release the address you probably have for me is no longer good please contact me about the new address to send the blu-ray.

    31. Chaderick on September 13, 2015

      Got my blu! Can't wait to see it!

      Thank you!

    32. Missing avatar

      Gregory on September 11, 2015

      I'm playing the disc on a PS3 and according to the information that comes up on the screen (and on my receiver) audio tracks 1 and 2 are both 2 channel Dolby Digital. 3 & 4 are the commentaries. What are others with the Blu-Ray seeing?

      As a test, I stuck in other discs and they all showed things like DTS or Dolby Digital 5.1.

    33. Alec Gillis/ADI Creator on September 11, 2015

      @ Gregory: the 5.1 should be the normal audio track and the stereo is a separate option. Let us know how that works!

    34. Missing avatar

      Gregory on September 10, 2015

      My Blu-Ray arrived today. WOO HOO! Thanks guys for all your hard work.

      The packaging says there is a stereo and a 5.1 audio track, but I can't find the 5.1 audio track. Am I missing something, or is the disc missing something? =)

    35. Alec Gillis/ADI Creator on September 7, 2015

      @ Felix Orosco: thanks! -Camille, producer

    36. Alec Gillis/ADI Creator on September 7, 2015

      @ Felix Orosco: Hi Felix, so sorry for the inconvenience. This is a flaw in the Kickstarter System as well as in our own organizational skills - if you remember, Kickstarter only registered you as having purchased the screen credit add on. I will make sure that we get all of your prizes in the mail by the end of the week. We should've been done a better job of staying on top of your prize package but hopefully late is better than never! I'm not sure what you mean by other people being overlooked because except for the handful of outliers everyone has received their prizes. Some people have had some issues getting digital downloads but they all should've been sent out by now. Again so sorry for the delay and I will make sure that everything is on its way to you soon. Thank you for your continued support. It means a lot to us.

    37. Felix Orosco on September 4, 2015

      Hey Alec,
      I scrolled down and read through some of the comments posted by other backers and see that I'm not the only one who was overlooked. I see that this problem is much bigger than "just me." At this point in time, I really don't care about the prizes, it's not that big of a deal to me. I don't need a digital copy or a Blu-ray, when I see the film, if I like it, I'll buy it! I've followed your work since the early days and will continue to do so. Best to you, and I look forward to seeing the film.

    38. Felix Orosco on September 4, 2015

      I pledged $300.00 + $40.00 add-on for screen credit. To this day I have not received any of the items that my original pledge stated that I would receive. It's been so long, I can't even remember what those items were. No prize items, no premiere passes, nada. I thought that included a copy of the film (Blu-ray??) Can anything be done at this point in time?

    39. Missing avatar

      miles perry on September 4, 2015

      I purchached the $50 limited edition poster add on. Does that also include the BTS download ? If not how much extra does it cost to recieve the BTS downloads?

    40. Wojtek Sal
      on September 2, 2015

      How many BTS videos are planned?

    41. Alec Gillis/ADI Creator on September 1, 2015

      @ Ashley Cope: thanks Ashley! So nice to hear! Look at the love you helped to fund! Alec

    42. Alec Gillis/ADI Creator on September 1, 2015

      @ Andrew Hasfjord: thank you Andrew you are the wind beneath our tentacles! Alec

    43. Alec Gillis/ADI Creator on September 1, 2015

      @ Nickolai Zaytzev: sorry you've had such a tough time with this! I also thank you for waiting for the link and also for your pledge. If you want to take another run at it, here are the instructions we gave in case of a glitch: reply directly to Indee via the email they sent you, but I totally understand if you choose to "go rogue!" Regarding the Russian language spoken in the film, we used to Russian – born actors were native speakers maybe they've spent too much time in So Cal and picked up an American tinge? Certainly wasn't our intent to bail on you! Thanks! Alec

    44. Diana Egea on September 1, 2015

      I mean the link to the first of a series of BTS videos

    45. Diana Egea on September 1, 2015

      I didn't receive the link :(

    46. Andrew Hasfjord on August 30, 2015

      Just watched it and have to say that it was money well spent! Great work on the movie!

    47. Nickolai Zaytzev on August 29, 2015

      And another thing. While looking for a better quality torrent, I watched the opening of the film and boy did was the Russian I've heard as cheesy as I expected, like something from the eighties. Back when you were commencing on the project, I wrote you a letter, suggesting my humble help with a proper Russian translation for the film. You said "thanks" and bailed on me. Let me tell you, whoever you approached instead did a really lazy job.

    48. Nickolai Zaytzev on August 29, 2015

      Warning, incoming rant.
      I really wanted to do it right, waited for the link to the official download. And what do I get? A 1,5 GB file that I am supposed to download in one go, without the download time exceeding one hour. And I get only three tries.
      I tried twice, both times the download froze at random spots and minutes before completion the server stopped responding (guess my "one hour to download" was up). I won't try a third time, I'm looking for a torrent of the film. Wonder how many pledgers did the same. Anyway, thanks for ruining the experience for me.

    49. Alec Gillis/ADI Creator on August 24, 2015

      @ Autumn Cook: your link was sent to whatever email address you had on file on 8/18. If you updated your address since then it will still be in the inbox of the original email address. Have you checked spam/promotions/ social folders? Please email us at if you're still having trouble.

    50. Martin O
      on August 23, 2015

      Oh I see! Thanks for the fast response!

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