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$4,326 pledged of $15,000 goal
By Don Bacon
$4,326 pledged of $15,000 goal


I’m Don Bacon – inventor of the Finger Friendly Guitar Company Keyboard.

The objective here is to really make learning how to play the guitar not only painless, but dramatically easier than it traditionally has been.

How the Idea Came to Be

When I first attempted to learn to play guitar, I wasn’t successful.  It was a frustrating experience and I was very disappointed – I was sure I was going to become at least a decent casual guitar player.

Before I retired, my occupation took me into many private homes.  And a surprising number of times I’d spot a guitar in those homes, sitting on a guitar stand in front of a fireplace or leaning in a corner, and I’d say, “Oh…do you play?”  Well it turned out there weren’t many guitar players in those homes.  The answers I’d get were, “Oh…I used to” or, “I fool around a little” or, “no, not really.”  Being a failed guitar player myself I’d pursue those conversations and invariably I’d find I was talking to folks pretty much like myself.  They’d really wanted to play the guitar but they’d become frustrated and disappointed and ended up setting their guitars aside.  But they hadn’t gotten rid of their guitars because they still wanted to play guitar.  And I learned that the reasons they had become discouraged from continuing to try learning guitar were exactly the same reasons I’d given up in my efforts. 

1.Their fingers very quickly became sore after very little practice.

2.They found it quite difficult to properly form the various chords you have to learn when first taking up the guitar.

So two thoughts came to mind:

1.There are a lot of disappointed “would be” guitar players out there.

2.There must be an easier way.

Well, I was right about the first thought…but I was wrong about the second thought – there was no “easier” way – I learned that by scouring the internet and visiting music stores.  Now my third thought was, “Well, there ought to be an easier way,” which brings me to the Finger Friendly Guitar Company Keyboard.

The Issue of Sore Fingers

If you press your soft little finger tips repeatedly down on hard, narrow steel stings – they’re going to become sore – there’s no way around it.  The only existing advice from guitar instructors is, “Well you just have to play through the pain long enough to develop callouses on your fingertips” – and of course, that’s true.  But number one, I don’t want to “play through the pain” and number two, if you start to learn guitar and then stop playing for a little while, the callouses go away.  Then when you pick up the guitar again you have to “play through the pain” all over again.  I didn’t want to play the guitar so relentlessly that the callouses would never go away – I wanted to play when the mood struck me and in a sort of casual manner.

The Finger Friendly solution was to eliminate the necessity of those soft finger tips having to press down on those hard, narrow strings by creating a keyboard (not unlike a computer keyboard) so the player can press down on the key in order to play the string.  Your fingers simply don’t get sore any more – no matter how long you play or how infrequently you play.

This Challenge of Playing Chords

Well, the strings are too darn close together, even for average sized fingers like mine and for people with thick fingers, forget about it!  To add to the problem of playing clean chords, no matter how large the area above the fret is, the string has to be depressed rather close to the fret in order to produce the proper sound.  If you push the string down too far away from the fret you get a bad result – a buzzing.  Half of the area above the fret turns out to be “wasted” space – it isn’t really “useable.”  So now the effective playing area for the string are really close together.

So this is how Finger Friendly Guitar Keyboard eliminates the problem of those strings being too darn close together:  We take our keys, which eliminate your sore finger problem, and position them in such a way as to take advantage of all that “wasted” space above the fret.  We “stack” the keys which play the strings.  The keys which play the one, three and five strings take up that heretofore “wasted” space so that the keys give your fingers a very large target area to play the string.  But the tip of the key (which makes contact with the strings) is very small and depresses the string close enough to the fret to produce a clean sounding note or chord.  The keys which play the two, four and six strings give you that same very large target while those smaller tips depress the strings exactly at the fret.  Once again – good, clean sounding notes and chords.

And see what it enables you to do; you can play the one and three strings with only one finger – something you cannot do when playing guitar without a finger friendly keyboard; even the one, three, and five stings – only one finger.  And, of course, the same concept holds true for the two and four strings and even the two, four and six strings.  You have a very large target to play each string and you can’t touch a string you don’t intend to touch – perfect, painless chords every time.

And finally, thumb levers.  Most folks can’t play the strings of a guitar with their thumbs.  Now some very accomplished guitar players can manage to play the sixth string by wrapping their thumb around the guitar neck – but for the average Joe it just isn’t going to happen – unless…you’ve got a Finger Friendly Keyboard attached to the neck of your guitar!  The thumb levers allows you to play the sixth string and even the fifth string with the thumb; in fact you can even play them both at the same time using your thumb.

How It Works

The keyboard quickly and easily attaches to any standard six string acoustic or electric guitar.  Two patches of easily removable Velcro placed on the back of the neck of your guitar, and it straps firmly into place, ready to play, with absolutely no harm to your guitar.  If you’ve got more than one guitar just transfer the keyboard – easy as pie.  And, of course, you can tune your guitar with the keyboard attached.

The Finger Friendly Guitar Company Keyboard is the one and only invitation for everybody to join the guitar playing party.  Now it’s not likely to turn you into the next Eric Clapton, but most of us simply want to play a nice, decent sounding guitar.  So when we’re sitting around on a Sunday morning playing our guitars they’ll be a chance that that significant other in our lives will walk by and say, “Geez honey, that sounds nice!”

What We Need

The Finger Friendly Guitar Company Keyboards you’ve seen in this video are 3D printer created prototypes.  In order to mass produce the parts which make up the keyboard it requires injection molds – a lot of them – a very expensive proposition.  If Kickstarter nation will help put the Finger Friendly Guitar Company keyboard in the marketplace I’d love to send you one at a delightful discount or even one free of charge.

Thanks for watching my video.  I love this invention – and I think you will too!

Risks and challenges


All but one risk has been eliminated. A problem was identified, a solution was created, a patent was awarded. The final unanswered question is, "Am I correct in assuming that a significant number of other folks will see the keyboard as an appealing solution to learning guitar?" If I'm right, happy days! If I'm wrong, I'll make enough keyboards to thank my Kickstarter supporters and then wander on down to the Nice Try Saloon.


Finding an injection molding manufacturer willing and able to take on this project - very tight tolerances! Went through five "we'll pass" vendors before hitting pay dirt.

We haven't yet personally mastered the art of injection molding so the tricky (and costly) part of creating the keyboard is in the hands of others. Fortunately the plastics manufacturer we've chosen to work with has proven their expertise and reliability by delivering the main structure plates (to which all other parts are affixed) precisely formed and right on schedule; all the remaining parts (final samples) are scheduled to be shipped for final approval by 6/12/14 with production parts to be shipped not later than 7/12/14 - no reason to expect they will not be as reliable as they have been to date. That leaves assembly, packaging and shipping in our own hands - which makes us feel pretty well in control of keeping our rewards promise.

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