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What if coins were deadly? Default Dan is a lighthearted platformer that flips classic gaming upside-down.

 (featured on PewDiePie and SmoshGames - scroll down for video)

Default Dan is a casual platformer for desktop and mobile platforms. It flips the time-honored platforming genre upside down by making every object in the game do the opposite of what it appears. By using the player’s own instincts against them, Default Dan aims to provide a humorous, mind-bending experience that gamers of all ages can enjoy. 

The Game

Default Dan has been referred to as the “Anti-Mario”, and with good reason. Everything is backwards: Coins and hearts make you explode, while spikes make you bounce and enemies inadvertently help you out. It’s simple in theory, but players soon discover how difficult it is to retrain their brains after a lifetime of being conditioned by traditional platformers.
  • Think backwards to survive a wide variety of devious mechanics: Instead of unfair tricks, the path forward can always be deduced as long as you consistently flip your preconceptions. For example, springboards would normally increase your jump, so in Default Dan they prevent you from jumping. 
  • Find collectibles and other secrets to unlock game content: Unlock hilarious bonus stages where you are tasked with collecting every coin in the fewest amount of deaths. Your dismembered body parts can continue to collect coins even after you respawn!
  • Compete with others online for the fastest time: All of the stages in Default Dan are designed and tested to support a satisfying speed run meta-game. Deaths will add to your time, so perfect runs are required for maximum score. Time-ranked leaderboards are provided for every stage in the game. 
  • A parody of the classic games of yesteryear: Dan’s dimwitted best friend is abducted by a mean-spirited little princess. In order to rescue his friend, Dan must defeat the princess and her army of cute minions. Join us on an endearingly backward quest that we hope will keep you smiling with playful interpretations of classic gaming tropes.

Why Kickstarter?

We have received amazing support for Default Dan thus far, and at the request of our players and friends we have created this Kickstarter to see how far your support will take us. We’ve come very far without funding, but finishing games costs money. With your help, we can cover all of the costs for the following:
  • New Environment Art: This sample by environment artist Eamon Gavin is a taste of what is come if our campaign is funded:
  • New Content: With the final version of Default Dan we aim to triple the amount of game content that we've shown so far in our public beta. This will include many new stages, mechanics, and even a boss or two. These take a lot of time to playtest and polish, and we want our backers to be a part of that process.
  • Animated Cutscenes: We hope to expand on the story and characters of Default Dan with the help of talented artist Kevin Whelan.
  • Multiplatform Development: We want to release Dan on as many platforms as we can, but with each new platform comes additional fees. This also includes the hardware costs involved in ensuring Default Dan will run beautifully on a variety of devices.
  • Business Costs: The administrative costs include licensing fees, legal consulting, and a few other odds and ends.

Who are we anyway?

We are a group of enthusiastic developers and artists from Atlanta, GA who have come together to transform Default Dan from a humble concept into a finished product. We all hail from wildly different backgrounds and disciplines, but our infatuation with games and our aspiration to make something awesome is what binds us together. 
Default Dan originated from a local game jam competition ( At this event we were tasked with creating a game with the theme "Eye of the Beholder", and 48 hours later Default Dan was born. We founded Kikiwik Games after discovering our shared interest in expanding the game into something more than a proof of concept.

PewDiePie plays Default Dan 

Featured on GameTime with Smosh

$1: Become a Supporter:

For just $1, you will be alerted via email when Default Dan is released. Also, your name will be added to the "Supporters" page on our website.

$5: Copy of the Finished Game

In addition to the mobile shoutout, you get a copy of the final game when it is released for PC, Mac, iOS, or Android. The Desktop version will have similar content to the mobile version, but we feel that this will be the definitive version of the game.
  • PC/Mac: You'll receive a download link with a DRM-free copy of the game.
  • iOS: We will gift the app to your iTunes account once it is released. U.S. ACCOUNTS ONLY! We are sorry to say Apple does not provide another feasible way to hand out free copies, and we cannot gift to accounts from other countries.
  • Android: You will receive a download link with the .apk file to copy to your Android device. 

$15: Digital Extras

Up your pledge to $15 and we will throw in some digital goodies, comprising of:
  • Default Dan soundtrack .mp3s
  • A short Default Dan comic .pdf
  • Wallpapers
  • High Quality character and animation renders

$25: Beta Access, T-Shirt

For $25, you gain access to our Private Beta. We will provide you with builds of Default Dan as new levels and mechanics are being added, and your feedback and advice will directly impact the design of the game.

Also, we will ship your choice of one of the following T Shirts!

Default Dan Logo Shirt:
Your choice of size and color of orange, navy, or gray
Your choice of size and color of orange, navy, or gray

Default Dan Silhouette Shirt:

White, your choice of size.
White, your choice of size.

$50: Bobble Head Mode!

We are especially excited to announce that with your pledge of $50 or more, we will create for you a personalized desktop copy (Windows or Mac) of Default Dan that replaces Dan’s head with your own! Just provide us with digital images of yourself with various facial expressions, and we will take care of the rest. You will be able to turn this feature on or off from the main menu and it will apply to all of the stages throughout the entire game.

$75: Dan's Hat

With your pledge of $75 we will make you a real-life copy of Dan's hat! Made with the same graphic used on his hat in the game and with the same orange-white pattern, this infinitely stylish hat is essential for a Default Dan costume and won't be available anywhere else.
The D is for "Dan".
The D is for "Dan".

 $100: Dan Amigurumi!

Hand-knitted by our friend at YOUnique Crafts, this exclusive reward is the ultimate manifestation of Default Dan fandom. This fuzzy little guy makes a fabulous desk companion, and forever signifies you as a valued Default Dan supporter.
a.k.a. Danny-gurumi
a.k.a. Danny-gurumi

$500: Sponsor Tier

Thanks for believing in us. In addition to our eternal thanks, we will put your name and/or logo in an opening splashscreen in the game!

Thank You

Default Dan’s website can be accessed at where you can sign up for our newsletter.

Direct any questions to, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We understand that as an unestablished indie developer, we face a heightened imperative to establish credibility with our backers. For this reason we waited until we had a working beta that runs on Windows, Mac, and iOS to launch this campaign. By doing so we have removed many of the risks for you, and bolstered our confidence in completing the final steps.


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    Thanks! We will send you an email when Default Dan is released. Also your name will be added to the "Supporters" page of our website.

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    Receive a free digital copy of the finished game (for your choice of PC, Mac, iOS, or Android) when it is released.

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    All previous rewards, PLUS Digital Extras (Original Sound track, Wallpapers, Character Renders, Comic book pdf, and more)

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    All previous rewards, PLUS Beta Access, you can help shape the development of the game and test new levels as they are being made. PLUS Default Dan T-Shirt (your choice of size and color)

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    All previous rewards, PLUS Bobble-head tier! Receive a personalized desktop copy of the game where you can play as yourself in bobble-head form!

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    All previous rewards, PLUS We will make you a real-life copy of Dan’s hat. Just like the one he wears in the game! We don't ever plan on making these again.

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    All previous rewards, + A hand-made Default Dan Amigurumi (knitted yarn figurine)!

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    All of the previous rewards, PLUS Sponsor Tier! Thanks for believing in us. In addition to our eternal thanks, we will put your name and/or logo in an opening splashscreen in the game!

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