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It’s Tanks vs. Tripods, Big Guns vs. Heat Rays in a new 15mm Miniature Game of all out Interplanetary War in 1910.
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Shipping To UK And EU Solved!

Posted by Alien Dungeon (Creator)

We are very pleased to announce that Renedra, the renowned manufacturer and retailer of plastic miniatures and accessories, has agreed to act as our European Union distributor for the All Quiet on the Martian Front Kickstarter only.  We could not be happier with this outcome since Architects of War, our sister company, is the Exclusive North American distributor for Renedra.

What does this mean for you if you live in the UK or EUThere will be no increase in the flat rate shipping charge!  You will receive the shipment of your pledge, freebies and any add-on goodies by paying the previously stated flat rate shipping, no additional charges.

So, we have 3 different categories that you can fall into…

**US – Free shipping

**UK and EU – Flat rate shipping stated in the pledge levels or shipping policy for Add-ons.  No Vat or other import duties will be charged to you.

**Everybody Else – Flat rate shipping stated in the pledge levels or shipping policy for Add-ons.  You will be responsible for any duty or taxes charged at the time of delivery, if applicable.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you all for being so patient while we hammered out the details!



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    1. Christian Trebbien on

      Great, now I Can join without paying the dobble amount

    2. S Buntenbach

      that is what i need- more Money for martians

    3. Warlock Bylandt

      This is truly excellent news!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      peter mcbride on

      Fantastic!!!! more money to spend on add ons

    5. unseen Giraffe on

      I shall pass this on to all, wether the wish to know or not. Three cheers for AD, and three more for the BEF...

    6. Peter Ward on

      Excellent news. Now that gives me an extra few dollars to spend on the BEF!
      Mind you, if the unlocks and add-ons carry on the way they have been going, then I'll soon be blowing through that and back to raiding my piggy bank :-)

    7. MidnightBlue
      on taxes to the taxes to the Martian Overlords...

      ...not sure it matters which...


    8. Buckybits on

      Any chance for those of us in Commonwealth countries getting stuff shipped from the UK? As odd as it seems, it's generally much faster and more pleasant to get stuff shipped to Canada from the UK than from the US.

    9. Alien Dungeon 3-time creator on

      @MidnightBlue - thank you very much for this information. The Martian emissaries will be visiting your home shortly!

      @Alessandro - Thanks for the suggestion. Already done.

    10. Horselover Fat on

      That's me adding a Goliath to my add-ons then. Brilliant job, guys, thanks for this!

    11. MidnightBlue

      I think that is great that you were able to workout a deal that benefits our pledge brothers and sisters.

      But here's my question...

      I live in Missouri. As I understand it, we are currently occupied by Martian forces.

      Am I responsible for Martian duties when my pledge ships or can an arrangement be worked out with them also?

    12. Alessandro S. on

      @Alien Dungeon - This is excellent news! :)

      I suggest you put this in a prominent place on the main page, since I know many potential european pledgers were waiting just for this!

    13. Jesper Asmussen on

      thanks to AD for this.

    14. David W Barber on

      Great News. Thanks @AD. I have already upped my pledge as a result :-)

    15. SableFox

      @Barb - This is great news. A BIG thank you.

    16. Missing avatar

      Nick Hayward on

      Fantastic news, more $ for the BEF!!!