All Quiet on the Martian Front, Miniature Tanks vs Tripods

by Alien Dungeon

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    1. Missing avatar

      damien on

      my ww2 soviets will have to take up the call for need tripods,off to rebelminis i go

    2. Lee Sweeney on

      Great news, I have ordered 3 sets from Scott all have been great, the dual buildings really help tell the story.
      The insides have details showing the destroyed buildings, when added to a base they are very sturdy.

    3. Chris Rivers on

      Thanks for the scenario, I have a couple questions. First, is there a turn limit? Second, I assume the power bonus applies to the roll to overcome the armor value.

    4. Steven Ivan Walk on

      The 'inside' buildings is pretty damn slick :)

    5. Ray Coble on

      Kudos AD for doing this, and kudos to Scott for chipping in what will be my first piece of 15mm terrain!

    6. Alien Dungeon 3-time creator on

      Yes, Power Bonus is added to the Armor Penetration roll. It is also added to the Tripod Damage chart when rolling on there.
      AD Jeff

    7. Chris Burton on

      Cant download :(
      I just get the following message.
      You tried to start a download from a not authorised resource or your browser do not send a referrer!
      If you deactivate the referrer in your browser please activate it in your browser configuration to download the file!
      I can download the other previews but not this.

    8. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Oberst on

      I like the blip system will definetly have to give it a whirl. Thanks

    9. Alien Dungeon 3-time creator on

      @Chris - Are you still having trouble with the download? Here is another link to try...…

      Let me know how you make out!

    10. Fire Broadside! on

      This looks like fun! Just one thing though... is the stats for the Tank Gun missing, or am I going blind?

    11. Missing avatar

      David Cashin on

      It just keeps getting better!

    12. Fire Broadside! on

      I still can't find the stats for the Tank Gun though.

    13. nick_simmerson on

      @Fire Broadside - probably because the tanks are not used in that scenario?

    14. Fire Broadside! on

      @Nick - Ah! Haha! Yes of course! The chart at the end, where a tank does make an appearance, had me confused. You are quite right, indeed. Thanks!

      Now to actually get some models together so I can try this out!

    15. Lee Sweeney on

      One thing for the larger models I would like to see.
      When damage is done perhaps things like 1/2 move, main gun damaged can not fire, and the like.

      Like the MarkIV a side shot should have a better chance of reducing movement as parts are exposed.

      Just like seeing the big ones reduced, as they are damaged.

      I also agree that Defense and Armor are a bit close in wording.

      It looks like Defense should be based on Size and Speed, where Armor is how much damage can be shrugged off without causing the unit issues.

      So maybe Defense can become, TS
      Target Solution
      Target Silhouette

      Just a thought.

    16. Randall Case on

      I want to say that you can find the gun stats in the US Army list.

    17. Rob Arcangeli on

      Just looking through the Draft rules and think I am being thick. Does the Infantry Company (i.e the 6 stands) counts as one UNIT? So for Blips/Hidden Movements you would receive 3 Tokens (Actual and 2 Dummies)?

    18. Randall Case on

      That seem's right to me. Each tripod is a unit, three Roughriders are a unit, so 5 infantry stands with a command stand is a unit too. So I would assume that it would get 3 hidden tokens. And given the time period, 1910ish, a company being a single unit on the battlefield seems right. Assuming 30 figures represents 150-250 men that gives about a ratio of 1:5 for infantry. They would have maneuvered in companies during the Great War, so that should be right for this time period with each stand being, roughly, a half platoon.

    19. Randall Case on

      The option is three "blips" for each stand, so that's 18 "blips" for six stands. That seems a bit excessive to me.