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It’s Tanks vs. Tripods, Big Guns vs. Heat Rays in a new 15mm Miniature Game of all out Interplanetary War in 1910.
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Steam Tank Details!

Posted by Alien Dungeon (Creator)

Thought you guys might like to know a little more about Steam Tanks so...I composed this picture.

They are quite different than a diesel or gasoline powered tank like a Tiger or  World War One tank.

  • Image 260283 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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    1. Mike Wilson on

      I'm with Dave, if you need a hand I'd be willing to pitch in. :)

    2. SableFox

      Are you going to give us a clue which model variants we need to include as add-on in order to get this interior detailing?

      Do I spot a model steam railroad enthusiast? ;-)

    3. Peter Ward on

      Oh WOW!
      Interior details & crew!
      Can see some major variants coming out of my busy little workshop.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Oberst on

      Wow really surpassing peoples expectations. Good job.

    5. David Smith on

      Excellent stuff, you kept internal details secret for a long time, unfortunately this does highlight how ridiculously small the turrets are for the size gun though. There's certainly not enough room for a crewman to man a side breach.

    6. Alien Dungeon 3-time creator on

      @ Just Dave- Spot on.

      And yes, when I get on the other side of eh Kickstarter I am going to recruit some volunteers. Credit them in the book etc.

      TEH Steam side and railway engineering I can handle. WIll be looking for help on the armameents issue.

      I want specs for the vehicles to cover range, armor, fuel capacities and all that.

      The Tender vehicle will have a role in the game that is meaningful for example.

      Oh- and the Martians will get the same treatment.

    7. Alien Dungeon 3-time creator on

      All of the vehicles and guns will have appropriate crew and not as add on you have to pay for.

      I dislike buying an open top tank and not having any crew in it.

    8. Alien Dungeon 3-time creator on

      Not all the models will have this detail exposed.

      The smaller chassis has interior detail too.
      While its on the original master, some will be molded with closed tops.

    9. Michael Kirby on

      So very awesome!

    10. Ropya on

      Please tell me the tanks will have removable turrets with detailed interior?
      Too cool. Would make it hella easy to do wreckage.

    11. Andy Bouffard on

      Will there be firemen and other crew figures that fit into these compartments?

    12. Mike Hobbs on

      that's really clever, makes it very useable as a base for other versions

    13. Just Dave on

      So this is the fiddly bits, great model, love the detail, while many "fantasy/scifi" do not give out specifics, and your game falls in the alternate reality, (look at Leviathans, monsters in the sky), how many miles range for the tank, and speed of the tanks, granted in game turns/rules it makes no significant difference, but as some people already started gnawing on the whole gun size, just wanted to know how deep is your fluff. Do you need any help with the fluff or ideas....

    14. Nick H on

      That looks amazing, such a level of detail I didn't expect!

    15. David Stafford on

      It has a detailed interior?! No way! Fantastic!