All Quiet on the Martian Front, Miniature Tanks vs Tripods

by Alien Dungeon

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    1. James E on

      Anybody seen anything yet? Not here.

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      Alex Herbert

      Can the Gift Vouchers be redeemed for the Goliath when it releases?

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      Greg Morse on

      Sounds like some folks are starting to report receiving theirs on the official forums. I have just a Tesla Tank, Munition Tender and Command bunker I'm waiting for, but the bunker will push mine to the end of the line.

    4. Charles Decker on

      Received a parcel but no scout tripods? Did I miss something along the way...

    5. Jim Roots on

      Status of shipments? I have not received my remaining items.

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      i haven't received an email about the gift certificates for the Goliath, Thunderchild and Overseer, and why would i need a gift certificate for my kickstarter items?

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      Joel Ruschman on

      Because the Goliah, TC, or Overseer will not be shipping for the foreseeable future, AD is providing anyone who purchased those during the Kickstarter with a gift certificate for the full MSRP of those items, so that backers can either purchase other AQ merchandise with that money, or those units when they finally do hit retail.

      So, if you bought a Goliath for $42 during the Kickstarter, you'll be sent a gift certificate for its full MSRP of $65 (or whatever it ended up being) that you can use to either buy a Goliath when it debuts, or that amount in other merch.

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      David Elmore on

      As of this morning, I've received no emails or packages. I'm only missing basic models, not the giant resin stuff.

      Mk II Tender
      Munitions tank
      Tesla Tank
      Martian Cylinder

      Anyone gotten theirs yet?


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      Bruce L. Markley on

      What is the status of the latest shipments? I haven't see nothing yet.

    10. Realm Builder Productions on

      Any update on the status of the shipments?

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      Timothy Mullen on

      Nothing here on my end, and no certificates either. Worst KS ever.

    12. David Stafford on

      So. Any word on shipping? Not that you'll answer.

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      Bryan Broocks on

      I have never even received any wave 2 items. Now I hear you may be closing down. I sure would like more updates.

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      I live in Pennsylvania .. Anyone have a address for Alien dungeon? Would love to pay them a visit.....

    15. Timothy Roller

      Glonk, please do so. This is ridiculous and embarrassing.

    16. Clive Dudley on

      Hi fellow KSers. As nothing seems to be happening and AD have taken down all their webpages and FB pages we still have a fan-based Facebook group for sharing information and ideas. Feel free to come and join us - Hopefully we can come up with a course of action (or two!)

    17. Missing avatar

      Quendil on

      Well as it seems AD have closed after pulling website, facebook and forum. There is a new fan based forum setup to try and keep AWMF alive

      All welcome to join.