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It’s Tanks vs. Tripods, Big Guns vs. Heat Rays in a new 15mm Miniature Game of all out Interplanetary War in 1910.
It’s Tanks vs. Tripods, Big Guns vs. Heat Rays in a new 15mm Miniature Game of all out Interplanetary War in 1910.
1,003 backers pledged $304,720 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. unseen Giraffe on

      Still hope Ernie recovers from this. I feel he did his best but let the leviathan take control. 4 years on, all the best Ernie.

    2. Lee Sweeney on

      So new company pops up selling the stuff that should have gone to KS backers.

      The Company is Ironclad games.

      The KS to try to bail out Ernie was Crush of Iron.

      Lots of Iron going on for the two not being connected.

    3. unseen Giraffe on

      The Martians are alive and kicking! Game is still alive on the forums and stock is flowing again.

    4. Lee Sweeney on

      We will remember your lies, and tell anyone who deals with you your lack of honor.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Burakoff on

      Something odd here- the letters state there is no property available to make a claim against. So what has happened to the molds, masters, and unsold stock?

    6. Keith M on

      I received mine as well. I know when I speculated a while back that bankruptcy laws were friendlier in PA, I was teased as a conspiracy theorist - but it looks to be the case! I hope the Bakers sell the IP - they can then go invest in some other venture and we can see a new caretaker continue it. Episode II: The Martian Awakens.

    7. unseen Giraffe on

      A sad day for all.

    8. Dave Vader on

      Not sure about US processes, but I would imagine that the letters are more for information than anything else, we are recognised as being creditors by the fact that we contributed to the KS and have not had orders completed. The move to a state with allegedly more advantageous bankruptcy laws tells me that we're not likely to see anything from the process. Maybe one of our US cousins can shed some light on things? In terms of IP, I can only go from a UK point of view, all IP should still be retained by Ernie as the creator of the IP, if a business fails the IP does not come up for grabs. However there will be constraints in place concerning how that IP is used in the future and where profits go. I think Ernie will likely be advised to forget about this and come up with fresh IP in the future.
      On a more positive note, some of the larger creditors may be offered stock as part of a bargain to cancel debts, this may mean that game material flows once more. This is all rather speculative at the minute but I wouldn't right things off too soon.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Hurst on

      Just got my letter today. Hopefully someone can comment if we can take any action against them

    10. Missing avatar


      Received bankruptcy notices for Robot Peanut Studio and personal for Mr & Mrs. Baker

    11. Shawn Reis on

      I'm out... I have 2 Assault tripods, 8 Scout and 3 grenadier tripods left to get rid of..... If anyone is interested please email me

    12. Charles S. Morrill on

      I also got the letter. Apparently they moved to Pennsylvania. I thing that state allows for businesses to screw over people. Radiate athelitics is also in that state. As for the IP, I think they get to retain that unless someone picks it during the bankruptcy

    13. Missing avatar

      Ged Trias

      So can someone give me the TL;DR as to why we've received these letters, and what that means for those of us who did not receive all of their pledge?

    14. Merijeek on

      Personally, I find it hard to believe that their lawyer put both their SSNs on the form.

      Maybe it's necessary, but it seems like it's something that should be damned close to malpractice.

    15. Missing avatar

      Shannon Espinoza

      I received the letter regarding the bankruptcy by the same lawyer today as well. It's sad that with such a large backing, that they mismanaged it enough to totally fail their backers and now they try to dodge any potential reimbursement by claiming bankruptcy.

    16. Merijeek on

      For those who are wondering about whatever in general, I just got a letter from the Law office of Richard W. Schimizzi, regarding a joint bankruptcy for Ernest Dean Baker Jr and Barbara Ann Baker.

      Fun fun.

    17. Berto on

      I wonder if the IP gets picked up by someone that we'll get notification here. That would be cool. I still want a harvester.

    18. Jerry Frazee on

      Somebody has already designed an "Edison" tank and is selling it on Shapeways for around $30. It looks darned good!

    19. Missing avatar


      � i just want my Tesla tanks.... Guess ill never see them..... Unless someone got them and wants to sell to me.

    20. Shawn Rowlands on

      @Josh . . . this might be a trick because I live and work in the US, but my All Quiet stuff is in storage in Queensland. I'm contacting someone who might be able to get it out to sell.

    21. Josh Orth on

      Any Australian backers who want to offload their collection, drop me a line. 0402239249

    22. alfred howe on

      Sorry to hear your bad news. Was gutted. Such a good idea deserved to succeed. Best wishes for your futures. Will continue to get mileage out of armies. The Kickstarter was inspirational.

    23. MidnightBlue

      @Jerry Frazee:


      The retail value of what did hit my doorstep is much more ludicrous than the amount that left my bank account.

    24. Jerry Frazee on

      I don't see that as an indictment in any way of the backers-- it was true! I DID make out like a bandit, even though I didn't get my last few vehicles. How anybody can spin that into a "blame the backers" comment I do not know.

    25. Keith M on

      I read it, I think I basically agree - good game concept, absolutely wrong person in the driver's seat and a cascade failure of bad decisions. My first pang of real doubt was oh, about six months after the KS. On the AQ forum, Ernie said something to the effect of "you backers are going to make out like bandits!!" Eh. . .that's not why we participated; we just wanted a good game to make it out the gate. Rather inappropriate thing for him to say. I never met him personally, but did start to pick up on the fact that he was a 'blame everyone but yourself' kinda guy.

    26. Justin G Kahn on

      Thanks Glonk, it's a good article.

    27. Burton Campbell on

      Also @ Paul Holden:

      I agree, the game is certainly not dead, though it will change. The game doesn't depend on producers, but gamers. As long as their are creative players and hosts, the game will live on. "New" models via shapeways and rule variations now evident on the "unofficial" forum are already making that evident. Personally, I'm already figuring out how to modify tanks, troops, and tripods from other companies to use in future scenarios that I will run. In addition, there are lots of ways to use our existing AQMF models in other game systems. I am disappointed that it does not look like I (or anyone else) will be receiving the remaining outstanding KS items...but I think we understood (or should have) that kickstarter is an investment risk. We had high hopes (reasonably so), and significant, if incomplete, fulfillment. Anger and frustration are understandable responses, but the truth is that it could have been much worse. God help those who foolishly invested with Defiance Games!

    28. Shawn Rowlands on

      It's too bad about Alien Dungeon/Robot Peanut Studios, but it's not surprising. I don't think I lost much on my KS order in the end, and I'd moved on from interest in that game a long time ago.

      I am happy to see that Crush of Iron will be coming out on it's own, without the association with RPS.

    29. Patrick Kraft on

      Got an email from


      If you are receiving this email it is because you previously signed up for the Crush of Iron Kickstarter. Thankyou.

      Let me first say that this project is in no way associated with Robot Peanut Studios, Architects of War, Alien Dungeon or any other entity.

      I am a one man, 2 dog, and 3 cat operation. I have been working on the game and miniatures now for nearly a year, and was going to launch it through Alien Dungeon, as this would have helped me out on many levels, but sadly that business is no more. Please do not ask me questions about that company as I am not able to talk about it.

      So I am left to my own devices. I have set up my own business called Battle Valor Games.

      Battle Valor Fantasy will launch as a Kickstarter in early February. You will see some changes. Particularly in the price of the miniatures which will be a much better value, the structure of the Kickstarter etc.

      Being a one man show, I am in need of some help from anyone who might be kind enough to offer any.

      Painting Miniatures; I cannot get everything done I need to quick enough, so I am looking for 10 painters, who might be willing to paint some figures to keep. I would send you miniatures, you would paint them, then ship them back to me for photographing. I would pay for the shipping. I would then ship them back to you for you to keep for your army. If you are interested and willing please send me some pictures of your work. I need good painters. These may not get featured in the kickstarter, but may well appear in the rulebook and on the website post kickstarter. I will picture everything I can on a Facebook page once I have that set up.

      Play Testers; I am keen to get some people trying out the rules. I am looking for 10-15 people who might be willing to have a look at and try out the rules. I have developed the rules with a group of very good play testers, but the more eyes we get on it the better in the long wrong. Let me know if you are interested.

      I obviously might get more volunteers than needed. If you do not get chosen please do not be insulted, but I can only work with so many people.

      Other Stuff;

      Demos; I am also looking for people that might be willing to take the game to shows or stores and demo it to help build interest in the long term.

      Tournaments Organizers; I fully intend to get a network of Tournaments up and running and will be offering both Prize Support and Trophies.

      Above All; I need as much help as possible spreading the word, beating the drum, and getting people interested in both the game and figures, so that when the kickstarter launches it is successful.

      I have 20 plus races under design for the game, 4 will be featured in the kickstarter. Another 6 are already well under way. Over 90% of the figures for the kickstarter have already been designed, sculpted and molded. You will see the massive range of models in the kickstarter. There are a handful I am awaiting the sculpts on which will come in over the next several days.

      The fulfillment of the Kickstarter will be relatively quick.

      I look forward to hearing from, and please feel free to send me any questions, comments etc you have about the project.

      Thanks in advance for your time

      Ed Spettigue, his 2 dogs, and 3 cats.

    30. MidnightBlue

      @Paul Holden:

      That's where I'm at.

      I had no reason not to be positive until everything went dark. I've got no hard feelings toward AD and company. It looked to me like they made every effort to follow through with their plans and just failed to do so.

      I'm out of pocket about $600...more if you count unlocked stretch freebies. If there's a way for me to get some measure of refund/product for my remaining pledge, as you say, "that doesn't take over my life," then I'm game.

      But I still have boxes of product to game with. I enjoyed the rules as written, had a blast with the small demos I've been able to play, and look forward to someday getting everything painted and back-storied for the table and campaign play.

    31. Paul Holden

      @Chis, maybe it is my age showing but I don't understand those who say the game is dead. We already have more of a range than most of the games I played in the 70s/80s and the basis of most forces are either compatible with historical figures or easily converted plastics. I think it's a Shame that gamers today seem to think the game is about the producer and not what they do with it. The real bad of the GW legacy for me. YMMV

    32. Paul Holden

      @Merijeek, I was pretty well aware of the exposure when I pledged. I might want it to be better but it is what it is. Companies fail all the time, new and expanding ones more often than average. As long as the owners tried I can't be bitter, but if there is a way to recover my loses that doesnt take iver my life obviously I will follow that up.

    33. Paul Holden

      Everything looks to be registered under Robot Peanut Studios LLC, at least the domains and the only company registration I can find.

    34. Chris on

      Well this was my first KS, what a let down! shame would of been a good game!

    35. Missing avatar

      Quendil on

      Architects of War is the old company name which originally had different owners. AD is the main company that also owns AoW as far as I can tell

    36. Merijeek on

      Architects of War is down too. I thought AD was just a small part of them?

    37. Merijeek on

      Expect less than nothing from Kickstarter. Until regulation forces them to actually take some sort of responsibility, they won't care - they got their percentage years ago and no longer have anything to do with anything.

    38. Missing avatar

      Quendil on

      @Paul I did that too, sucks doesn't it

    39. Missing avatar

      Quendil on

      See update 115 it mentions PayPal , I think the instructions came from fundafull

    40. Paul Holden

      Yes, I just went back into the PM and checked, the note says "For PayPal transactions, you will need to manually send the amount of your owed balance to and we will adjust your order total so that you can submit." So I guess I used the CC to avoid the manual step :(

    41. Missing avatar

      Quendil on

      It was an option but I think you had to pay them direct. They did send out instructions about it

    42. Paul Holden

      @Quendil - was that even an option in the Fundafull PM? I usually pay by PP if I can, and I definitely added more funds in the PM, but I can't see a PP transaction for that, I'm pretty sure it had to go straight onto a Credit Card?

    43. Missing avatar

      Quendil on

      Anyone that paid for extras using paypal. Find you transaction ID from you paypal history then contact paypal through the message centre to file a complaint against AD and you may get a refund. I have just done this on another kickstart where the payment was well over two years ago

    44. Berto on

      I messaged Kickstarter about AD disappearing without sending add-ons I had paid for through KS.
      Kickstarter responded by closing my ticket and sending me a satisfaction survey about their service in handling my problem.
      Apparently Kickstarter is following the Mantic Games theory of customer service.

    45. Missing avatar

      Quendil on

      DONE is the message they put up on their forum page when the closed it. You can still see it , that was the last known communication

    46. Rogues1 on

      @Lee Sweeney said "As Ernie said, DONE"
      Did you actually talk to Ernie or Barb? Did they give you any more information/insight into what happened, what is going to happen going forward? Thanks

    47. Keith M on

      The AQMF KS page is now a bazaar of the bizarre! Oh, the agony. . . .

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