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CURLY CABLE is the solution to the always too short iPhone and iPad cables: the first extendible spring cable on the market.

 This project is dedicated to all the very intense iPhone and iPad users. 

At the end of the day we always run out of batteries….. and that's when we need more to use our iDevices. 

But... common recharging cables are VERY SHORT and they make the use of the iPad and iPhone very uncomfortable!!! 

That's why we propose you the Curly Cable…. 
an extendible spring cable that allow you to keep using your devices…. in a comfortable way. 

The Curly Cable never tangles and extends with ease:

- from 8 inches to 95 inches (7' 8") that for  European backers is 20cm to 240 cm.

Curly Cable it's long enough to relax on a couch and …. 

  • keep talking for hours with your friends 
  • surfing the web all night... 
  • watching a movie (without draining the batteries)  
  • or playing your favorite video game no-stop!

Take a look at this video.... it just happens everyday to every iPad and iPhone user, who doesn't have the CURLY CABLE:

WHY CURLY CABLE is the evolution of the usb charging cables: never tangles as the other cables; on it's rest position is very small and portable; it extends till 95 inches.... like no other cable does!!

Curly Cable will be available for Kickstarters at only $15!! It's almost half the price and long twice than  the normal iPhone and iPad cables on the market!!

Enjoy the Curly Cable, as we already do!!

This is an updated video with tech specs about the CURLY CABLE

We already have been funded for more than 1.000 %. Help make the CURLY CABLE one of the most successful project on kickstarter history. Be a part of it. The easiest way to share the CURLY CABLE project is to copy and paste this link into facebook or twitter and ask your friends to share it. 

Manufacturing will start as soon as the funding target will be reached, in order to be ready to deliver as the project is over. We are able to deliver worldwide, so don't worry if you live outside of the USA.

Thank you Kickstarters for your support and please check out our webpage at for more informations  and news about the Curly Cable world.



  • International shipping is very expensive, so to cover the cost of postage, we're asking each international backer to add $5 for the STARTER KIT (1 CURLY CABLE) to their pledge price (if you didn't yet).

    If you pledged for the FAMILY KIT, you should add $5 + $2 for every cable more you ordered.

    Examples: if you pledged 2 cables, add $7 ( that is $5 + $2);

    if you pledged 4 cables, add $11 (that is $5 + 2 +2 +2);

    if you pledged 6 cables, add $15 (that is $5 +2+2+2+2+2);

    etc. etc...

    The easiest way to do this is by clicking the "Manage my Pledge" button on the CURLY CABLE Kickstarter page ( then entering the new amount (pledge + shipping) in the text box.

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    Every pledge is welcome: help us making the Curly Cable a reality. We will prepare a special webpage to thank everybody.

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    Packaging design and claim CONTEST. Send us your ideas... the winner will be printed on the Curly Cable PACKAGING, and the 10 best submissions, will receive the Curly Cable for free. More info on the updates and on our webpage.

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    STARTER KIT: you will receive the original CURLY CABLE, at the special price of $15, shipping cost included (in the USA). Consider 5 $ Extra for shipping worldwide

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    CHRISTMAS CARD + CURLY CABLE: you will receive by email the CURLY CHRISTMAS CARD, personalized with your friend name and your personal dedication + the CURLY CABLE, shipping cost included (in the USA). Consider 5 $ Extra for shipping worldwide.

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    FAMILY KIT: Pledge 27$ or more. You will receive 2 originals CURLY CABLE. If you want more than 2 cables, pledge as follow: 4 cables = 54; 6 cables = 81$, etc. Shipping cost included (in the USA). Consider 5$ Extra for shipping worldwide + 2$ for each cable more you order.

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    RESELLER PACKAGE. Pre-order a box of 40 CURLY CABLES packaged for resale. Perfect for all online shops and retailers that want to get first dibs. Includes shipping within the USA. Add $25 for international shipping per box.

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