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Posted by Jason Giddings (deleted) (Creator)

I just got back from Denver where our new glass manufacturer is located. In one of my previous updates I mentioned that we were having a safety issue with the glass. The glass was one thick tempered piece. It takes a lot to break it but when it breaks it explodes. Since we changed our sensor tech it has allowed us to revisit the glass design as well. 

We found a company in Denver who can laminate 2 layers of glass with a thin layer of urethane in the middle much like a car windshield. We toured the factory and they handed off some first article parts. 

The glass will be more expensive but the higher quality and look alone is worth it. We can also trap the clear sensor film in between the two layers of glass. Down the road we can introduces colored glass products as well so it really opens up a lot of options for us.

I am under NDA with this company so I can't show you any pictures of the shop but this link will take  you to a video of another company doing almost the same thing.

This is a great video especially if you are a snowboarder. Please take a few minutes to check it out.

I have also included a couple pictures of other products the company in Denver makes...

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    1. Samuel Chieng on

      @ Issac: Well said........

    2. Isaac Leung on

      I hate to be a downer, but even though I've backed enough Kickstarter projects to have a good idea of the sorts of problems that can come up, I agree with Jim L.
      An indefinite wait (and repeated assurances of "soon") is far far worse than a pessimistic estimated time to arrival.
      Maybe you should just bite the bullet and tell us that a production unit is unlikely to roll off the manufacturing line until at least mid-2016? From the progress of the past year or so, that seems like a reasonable final deadline, assuming the designs and materials are not reset again.

    3. FloGer on

      Feeling like Jim L...

    4. Jim L on

      Will these "new" components further delay the creation and shipment? I still haven't seen a fully functional unit yet. I know you and your team has/had to overcome roadblocks, that's part of the growing pains of a start up. However, with no timeline or time standard to look forward to, it feels that we are in the dark and not "illuminated" in the literal sense. I really hope this is soon, having looking at the estimated delivery on KS saddens me when I see the April 2012 date. But at least you are communicating to an extent.