Hero's Journey: A Tabletop RPG of Myth and Legend

by Anne Ruthven

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    1. Alice Peng on

      Hi, I've now watched a bunch of the gameplay videos (maybe I missed one during this process) but funny thing, I keep seeing what happens when a success is achieved but I am yet to find out what TN/DC on a D10 constitutes as a success. Can someone tell me that please? Thanks!!

    2. Anne Ruthven Creator on

      Hey, there, Alice! TN differs based on the task in question and how difficult it should be for players in a given situation, so how many successes a character needs to roll in order to succeed at whatever they're doing fluctuates. The HJ book provides a lot of guidance for GMs on how to set those TNs, as well as suggested ones for generic situations.

      In the case of combat, if you're trying to hit someone, the TN is always their Defense stat, which is a passive stat all characters have. If you're trying to use divine powers on someone, opponents usually get to roll an appropriate stat to resist you (in this video, you can see that in action when the players have to roll Willpower to resist the basilik's poison), and your TN is their roll.

    3. Alice Peng on

      Thanks for the info! That explains a bit more of the sheer volume of success the gameplay videos demonstrate.

    4. Alice Peng on

      Another question, what number on the D10 denotes a success in a given check?