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A roleplaying game of gods and heroes, set in a modern world full of ancient myth.
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Fourth Stretch Reward Unlocked: Fortune

Posted by Anne Ruthven (Creator)
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What a wild week this has been!  We're officially halfway through the Kickstarter, and we just hit our fourth stretch reward - Fortune will become a reality!  We know you all can't wait to start bending fate to your whims and abusing the laws of chance, and we can't wait to watch you.  Thank you all for continuing to contribute and make this game more and more awesome!

As promised in one of our recent updates, today we'd like to show off the first page of the Hero's Journey character sheet!  There may still be a few tweaks to it before the final version goes into the book, but you may all be seeing something very like this at your tables in the not-so-distant future.

Our digital artists are hard at work even now, perfecting it and the second page to follow it.  They are fantastic, and we couldn't do all this without them!

In other news, a few backers jumped on our Herald of the Pantheon pledge last night, so stay tuned for new gods to be added to the core rulebook!  Since that option has been so popular, we've decided that the folks bringing extra deities to the game deserve a little extra recognition, so with that in mind, anyone who has pledged to add a god to the game will also now get a giclee print of that god's finished artwork at no additional cost.  After all, without you, they wouldn't be in the game yet - we think that's worth a little extra thank you!

And finally, we'd like to do a quick shout-out to another mythology-based game here on Kickstarter!  We just backed Maha Yodha, a card game based on Hindu mythology, which has some very dedicated people working on it and some absolutely stunning game artwork.

Like us, they've already reached their funding goal and are now reaching for the stars with their stretch goals, so if you're looking for even more awesome Indian mythology goodness, you might want to head over there and give them a look!

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