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A roleplaying game of gods and heroes, set in a modern world full of ancient myth.
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Update: Sketches and Processes!

Posted by Anne Ruthven (Creator)

Hey, everyone!

Website Update!
First of all: if you've gone to the Hero's Journey website in the past couple of days, you may have gotten an error and/or a placeholder page.  Don't worry, we didn't disappear!  Our host is having some issues, and although our webmaster Stephen has been working diligently to try to resolve the problem, the holiday weekend here in the States means that we were not able to get all the support staff connections we needed.  We should be able to reconnect with them tomorrow, and hope to have everything back up and running in short order!

Art Update!
Secondly, if you recall a while ago, we decided to spring for some extra artwork for those of you who pledged for the Lord of Lore level and created your own characters to have featured in the book.  We've got some mid-process sketches back as the artist works on finalization and polish, so we figured we'd show them off for you!

Each of these folks was created by backers and will have their own writeup, stats, and option to be a playable character or NPC in the book, and now, thanks to artist Theo Wolff, we can put some faces to them, too!

(In case you were wondering, they're not the only sample characters/NPCs provided in the final book... but you'll have to wait to see details on the ones that weren't backer-purchased!)

Process Update!
This week, John and Anne are working on something of a retuning of some of the Blessings (powers wielded by Heroes) in the book, specifically those that Tricksters have access to through the Disguise Talent.  Although this is certainly not the first round of edits for these powers, we've found some areas where they may not be ideal for a good play experience, and are working on refining the conceptual ideas behind them in order to give them a better final version.

For example, some shapeshifting powers that allowed Heroes to change their appearance and potentially appear as different races or gender presentations were causing problems in playtesting, as they were very vague and encouraged players to (usually accidentally) default to potentially harmful stereotypes in their roleplaying, or to experience some confusion over what the powers were meant to do and how that concept tied into their character's Trickster archetype.

So, they're being taken back to the drawing board, and we'll let you know when we next have an update on how things are going!  As always, please feel free to send us comments or questions here, on our Facebook page, or (once it's repaired, at any rate) the official Hero's Journey website and forums.

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