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A roleplaying game of gods and heroes, set in a modern world full of ancient myth.
A roleplaying game of gods and heroes, set in a modern world full of ancient myth.
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Update: Mechanics Spoilers!


Hey, there, everyone!

Work continues, with the art department still cleaning, polishing, and working with the book's layout, as well as a brand-new website design.  (Although don't worry - the website is definitely not going to take any time away from completing the book!)

While we've been working, we've released several teasers about the rules and mechanics in the book to come, and a few pretty page teasers from the art department as well!  Here's a collection of each of those blog posts, in one place for your reading convenience.

Mechanics Spoilers: Divine Favor! - The unveiling of the Divine Favor mechanic - what it does, how Heroes use and get it, and what kinds of different benefits it provides as you go about your adventures.

Mechanics Talk: Domains, Spheres, and What They Can Do! - A rundown on what kinds of powers are available to Heroes through the Domains and Spheres, how mechanics for their function have changed over the design process, and how they differ from powers in the Aspects and Talents.

Game Theory Talk: Heroes and their Blessings - A look at what Blessings are from a design and theory standpoint, and how and why Heroes use them on their adventures.

In other news, the damaged printing of the reward novel, Children of the Sun, has been replaced with a fancy new one - and it looks great!  We're happy to report that our inspection of the new books shows no further damage and lovely, tight printings.  A big shoutout to the folks at Bulldog Printing for being so great about working with us on this, and getting the previous printing replaced so quickly and free of charge!

Finally, we've been hearing from several of you asking for a final ETA on the core book's completion.  This is absolutely a reasonable thing to ask for - while we're doing our best to get things completed and out the door as quickly as possible, we know it's frustrating to keep waiting without an idea where things are.  

Clearly, we weren't able to hit our previous deadline goals thanks to various other setbacks, and while we don't want to give you any more projections that fall through, we also don't want to keep you in the dark under any circumstances.  This is our first project as a company, and unfortunately that means that we don't have the experience to always know how long processes will take.

So, rather than trying to set another goal date and risk it not being accurate again, we're going to work toward keeping you all in the loop more about what exactly we're doing.  More teasers, more discussion of what we're doing right now, more frequent updates, and more spoilers, so you can be part of the development process along with us and not have to wonder whether we're actually doing anything out here in the wilderness on our own.

If there's anything specific you'd ilke to hear about, we'd love to hear from you!  You can always post comments here, or visit our blog or forums to weigh in.  The more we know about what you're interested in, the more likely we can get you updates and spoilers you're interested in.

Until next time!

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