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Difference between eufyCam and eufyCam E

Posted by Eufy Security (Creator)

Dear backers,

After last update, we have received many inquiries about the difference between eufyCam and eufyCam E. We have made a comparison table, including some of our competitors, to help show the differences between each camera.

We will have more to share on eufyCam E pricing at a later date.

Best wishes,

Eufy Security Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rachele Glennon on

      Maybe I am missing something but it seems as though the original eufy cam is a better product.
      I don't understand why the "eufy cam e" doesn't work when there is a power outage and the original does. What about the facial recognition etc..I must be missing something. Why can we not purchase additional original cams? Help?

    2. Jason S

      Hi Eufy team. You list all the AI functions as available on the eufyCam, but as far as I can tell that functionality still isn't available. When will that be implemented?

    3. Sam Calma on

      Thanks for the enlarged version, any idea when is the price for the E would be announced? Based on the previous update as backers we are also supposed to get a discount that we can use on amazon when is that happening?

    4. Eufy Security Creator on

      Hi all! Here is an enlarged version of the comparison chart.

    5. Eufy Security Creator on


      We may come out with a version that does this in the future, but these are primarily wireless cameras.

    6. Eufy Security Creator on

      @Donnie Webb

      We'll try to get a clearer version of this, it was taken directly off of a sheet we use internally, which is why it's this size at the moment.

    7. Eufy Security Creator on

      @Sam Calma

      This is referring specifically to the bundles. The functionality is tied to the homebase, not the addon cams. The only differences between the eufycam and eufycam E cameras is the form factor, and IP67 vs IP65 weatherproofing.

    8. Missing avatar

      Donnie Webb

      Can we get a clearer versiob? It is hard to read this one and if I make it larger it gets worse.

    9. Sam Calma on

      Seems like this brings some answers then some more confusions :) or am I misreading their distorted comparison "chart"?

      To Ebsan's point how would a eufy E cam work with the bundle we got from kickstarter? is there a difference on the based that comes with the E then to compared to the original?

    10. Missing avatar

      Ebsan on

      What does it mean that the eufy E won't be able to record during a power outage? If we connect a standalone Eufy E to a homebase we got with the first kickstarter will it work?

    11. Tim Shiles on

      Already tried ordering from Germany. They don’t deliver outside Germany!

    12. MindChamber on

      When will we be able to have the camera plugged in so we can have it permanently on stand bye? The record response time is terrible

    13. Fless on

      @Tim maybe you can order from the Internet-Stores in Germany:…

      In Germany you can get now additional Cameras and Sensors online and stores from "Media-Markt" and "Saturn"...

    14. yamyam on

      And why the heck you censor ARLO as Axxx ?
      Afraid of the competitors or any legal reasons?
      In previous tables you weren't afraid of calling their names ;)

    15. yamyam on

      Thanks for the comparison!

      But why not making the graphic a little bit smaller next time, as it is already, to make it even harder to read it?! We are not all 20 years old and have eagle eyes ^^

    16. Tim Shiles on

      When will backers be able to buy additional eufycams in the UK?