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Face-Recognizing Alerts | Motion Detection | 1080p Full HD | No Monthly Fee | Free Local Storage | Night Vision | Weatherproof (IP66)
8,803 backers pledged $3,139,558 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Eufy Security Creator on

      For any that haven't recieved the 30 percent code, you'll want to contact us at

      We mainly monitor the main string of comments which you can find here. If you have any questions and do not want to send as an email, you can go here:

    2. Missing avatar

      Tony Hale on

      I am in the UK and need an additional camera. Someone tried to steal my car and have positioned my second camera to cover this, but it means I have no camera inside.could you advise how to purchase an add on camera in the UK.
      Tony UK

    3. Missing avatar

      tushar on

      Never received the 30 percent code. How do we receive this?

    4. Missing avatar

      Ron S on

      fyi - I also did not receive my 30% discount. I emailed support at eufylife, forwarding the kickstarter mail that promised it, and the following day they did indeed send me the code and an apology that I didn't get it. The code worked - I got my 30% on the addon camera.

    5. Missing avatar on

      How do we sign up for the 30% off code for backers??

    6. Nathan Henderson on

      Thanks for the update with the backer code!

    7. Nathan Henderson on

      Agreed, it'd be great to see the 30% discount that was offered multiple times and places to backers. The high price of add-on cameras, the lack of integrations or even basic API access, and the continued dismissal or adjustments of announced features are making this platform hard to get behind.

    8. Missing avatar

      aalh on

      When can we expect the 30% code to be emailed to us?

    9. Missing avatar

      Kerry Coleman on

      Will we get an email to our kickstarter address's for the other 15%?...

    10. Missing avatar

      Ben L on

      Just received the discount code for the eufyCam E today but it's only for 15% instead of the 30%.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      Where do I sign up for the 30% off of the E model? I only see a 15% off offer on

    12. Missing avatar

      Steve Kelly on

      I want to purchase 2 eufyCam add on cameras but your website is forcing me to open a PayPal acct which I don’t want. How can I purchase your cameras without doing that...thx

    13. Amy Nicholson

      Eufy, please consider lowering the price of the add-on camera since nearly everyone in this thread agreed that $200 is higher than expected.

    14. Eufy Security Creator on

      @mr peder camock

      We are enabling retail channels in more countries. Stay tuned and send us email so that you get an update when we launch eufyCam to more countries.

    15. Eufy Security Creator on

      @vinh The discount is on only.

    16. Eric Waugh on

      I personally agree that $200 is a little steep for me, but in reality that may be exactly the right price if it allows Anker to balance supply and demand...

      Also, remember that what we as backers unlocked was:
      "Unlocked at 3 Million USD - 30% OFF Discount Offer for Upcoming eufy Security Products
      All EverCam backers will be offered an exclusive 30% off discount on the price of one FloodLight Cam, Video DoorBell, and/or Baby Monitor when they are launched."

      I know there were other promises not delivered (features at launch, or in 2018, etc.), but they never promised discounts on add-on cameras, and they are "adding" eufyCam E to the discount list...

    17. Sekhar Achanta on

      Hello I am yet to get my cam? When are you planning to ship to the original backers? Please respond.

    18. yamyam on

      Really Eufy?!

      There is a shitstorm coming over you and like 90-95% of all comments at Update #24 are about complaining about your brutal prices, which are not at all competitively, and all you answer detailed is about the difference between eufycam and eufcyam E?! WHAT?!

      You even got a solution presented, if you are afraid of "reselling"backers. Just limit this discount offer to 2 startekits and 5 addon cams PER BACKER. It's not a trick, it's a SONY ... ehm EUFY! :)

      So jump over your shadow ... NOW!

    19. Scott Ferguson on

      +1 that you promised discounts to ALL your backers, not just the USA ones;
      +1 that $200 is way too expensive for add-on cameras
      +1 that this product is still half-baked, with the major selling point of AI completely useless, and numerous other features still delayed or even dropped entirely (eg. HomeKit)

    20. Missing avatar

      Henri GEDEON on

      French backer : since you managed to ship to backers from all over the world apparently, I can’t see the reason why you’re not able to do the same for add-ons !
      I still need two eufycams at a decent price. Please let me know when and how to place an order to France.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jason Thompson on

      Facial recognition is still very hard to use and not entirely reliable.

      I should be able to click on an "unknown" face and add who it is right there, not upload a hires image and go through a lengthy process. If it takes 1 or 2 more images to fully recognize someone I'm ok with that, let me add unknown to a new or existing contact..

      and eufy recognizes my daughters rocking horse as a person...

    22. Missing avatar

      Kerry Coleman on

      logged in, saw prices, added to cart, thought maybe backers get a bit off retail, NEWP like others, that $200 backer GOTCHA...

    23. Missing avatar

      justin webber on

      You’d think we’d be able to purchase for the same price we already paid no?

    24. Missing avatar

      Stephen Bruce on

      Love the product but Wow! $200 for an extra camera is brutal. I guess I’ll continue to wait until the inevitable lack of sales drops the price to something more reasonable.

    25. Sam Calma on

      What is the price on the EufyCam E before and after discount? Based on your statement it appears like no discount on the other products. Correct?

      When do we get the discount codes for this?

    26. Eufy Security Creator on

      In terms of the Eufycam E vs the Eufycam:

      The main difference between the two is the IP rating and the look of the cam. The eufycam E has IP65, and the eufycam has IP67.

      They BOTH have the facial recognition technology, it just depends on which homebase you have them connected to. There will be a Homebase E that comes out in the future which will not contain facial recognition or a backup battery, and will be cheaper because of this. For the home bases that come with the Eufycam, the same ones you purchased backed here on Kickstarter, you will get all the same features as the normal eufycam with the eufycam E.

      Hopefully this clears up some of the questions you all had regarding the difference.

      - The eufy team ( :

    27. Michael Elam on

      Can you speak to setting up Eufy with Google Assistant. I have attempted many times and nothing shows up in Google Home was I login to the Eufy site and link.

    28. Missing avatar

      James Anderson on

      What is worse - releasing camera add-ons at $200 a pop, or launching a half baked product to us backers who have to endure months of troubleshooting.... It looks like the product is finally doing the basics (which were its selling points) after the last upgrade. Product is not worth those prices listed. Wake up EUFY and get your hand off it!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Neil Savanah on

      I just checked the JB Hi-Fi website in Australia & they are only selling camera & home base packages.
      This is of no use to Australian backers who required new cameras or door sensors only.
      Please provide a way for Australians backed your product to purchase add-ons to their system. Preferably at a less than retail price as reward for believing in your product. Thanks

    30. Missing avatar

      Mr Peder Carnock on

      There are backers from countries than US and UK... How can I buy one or two extra cameras with backer discount in Sweden ??

    31. Missing avatar

      dom89 on

      From what I can see, the differences are facial recognition and ip-67 and only ip-65 for the E camera.

    32. Missing avatar

      Nick Jones on

      As far as I can tell, your website doesn't in any way explain how the new "Eufycam E" is different from the original cameras.

    33. Missing avatar

      Javier Varela on

      Based on the response shown by your offer, I see that many of us backers are so pleased with your product, that we want to add more cameras. I do believe you need to consider providing a discount to us backers. The fact that we believed on your product from the beginning, has to carry some serious consideration about a discount, now that the product is well into being a success story. Hope to see a favorable update soon. Thanks

    34. Missing avatar

      Matt Lovett on

      $200 is a bit steep. Why no option for people from the UK? Surely you could just ship them from the USA? Anker are already established in the UK, so surely it is easy for you to ship them out in the UK on Amazon UK for example?

    35. Missing avatar

      Rick Debus on

      It looks like you guys forgot to add the "Add to Cart" Button on the back for the 2 cameras and a base station. It just has the button for "Buy at walmart" there is no way to buy that system. Please offer us a discount on the units as well.

    36. yamyam on

      Common eufy, the price of 500$ for a starterkit and 200$ per addon cam is horrible and not competitively!

      At leats the backers, who supported you and gave you money and with you since MONTHS(!) and waited for the cams for "years" ... could receive at least a discount of 30%. This would be fair and you would show us your appreciation.

      If you are afraid of "reselling"backers, you could limit this discount offer to 2 startekits and 5 addon cams PER BACKER.

      Think that over eufy. Thanks!

    37. Missing avatar

      Warren L. on

      Wow $200 for an add-on?

      I want to add more cameras, but not @ $200! Where's the break for the backers?!

    38. Matt Preston on

      Great job guys. Quality work. I am commenting just to add my name to the people who love your product, I’m curious about the differences of Eufycam E (it looks like it’s just no facial recognition) and would appreciate a discount on the main camera as well for the backers of this project. I was hoping to get a couple more but 199 is a bit steep. May have to wait til you put out a sale.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ragnvaldr on

      Looks like the only difference between the cam and cam E is no "AI" on the E?

    40. Jagpal Singh Bassan on

      What about those backers from UK? I am sure this project had a good base of people from here. I ask as im from the UK and am unable to purchase additional add ons as per your recent update message. It would be good to know when you will be releasing add on availability to those from UK

    41. Jeremy on

      How about 2 Add-on cameras for $300? That'd be fair for both parties.

    42. Jeremy on

      $200 is indeed a terrible price for backers for a single add-on camera.

      Have some consideration please, Eufy.

    43. Amy Nicholson

      Wow, $200 for an add-on camera? I thought we would be getting some sort of discount.

    44. Dmytro Salko on

      "you can sign up on our product page to receive an exclusive 30% off with an Amazon"

      Sign up where?

    45. Missing avatar

      Derek McCoy on

      $200 for an add on camera seems a bit expensive. Should be $150 max.

    46. Isaac on

      Finally! I've wanted to add more cameras for a while now. My current Eufy cameras are actually working extremely well, and other than the facial recognition not really doing anything, I've been very impressed.

      So the EufyCam E is the same as the main camera, but without the facial recognition? Sounds good to me.

    47. Timothy Pickett on

      Does Kickstarter backers get any kind of discount on add-on cameras? I wish I had purchased more at the $150 price.

    48. Missing avatar

      Kyrish Iyer on

      having the same Q's as Sam Calma, Bruce Floyd, and Vinh;

      Don't see the difference between the camera we received already vs the E camera, and curious as to whether you would offer a discount on the add-on camera; $199 is a bit steep for an add-on.

    49. Daniel Cooper on

      All backers means all backers, how does it work when the store is US only??