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New App Release Notice and Software Upgrade Status

Posted by Eufy Security (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Merry Christmas!

We released a new version of the app (1.1.0) for Android and iOS recently and would like to share the release notes with you. 

1. Add notification permission to shared devices. Users who want to share camera notification to their family members or friends can now share this permission. To do it, please upgrade to the latest App and go to Side Menu - Family & Guests - Invite, and select “Advanced”. This option shares notifications to family & guest accounts. 

2. Fixed the bug that some Android phones could not receive notifications when running in the background on some Android systems. 

3. Fixed the bug that iPhone might not receive notifications sometimes. 

4. Fixed some other bugs. 

Users can go to the eufy Security page on Google Play or App Store to update the App. To refresh and make all functions updated, please log out and log in the App after the upgrade.

We apologize for the delay regarding the HomeBase software upgrade, which was planned to release this week:  The reason behind this was that we found a bug on this version that could potentially cause the camera to stop detecting or recording events. We recalled this version urgently and have been working on version v1.0.6.6. We have begun to deploy this version to all users. Your system will be upgraded before the end of next week. Again, we really appreciate your support with our project and we will be working harder to deliver a dream product to you all.

Thank you and happy holidays,

eufy Security Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Malcolm on

      Can you add notification when the battery is running low?
      My cam is turned off. I realize that battery has used up after recharge it again. It will be great if there is a notification when battery is low

    2. Eufy Security Creator on

      Happy New Year all! Here are some answers to your questions:

      @Gary Bunn, @bonebox - Alexa integration is planned to release this month.

      @Roland Higgerson, @Tobias Knabe, @bonebox - We will be coming out with more access permissions for shared cameras before Q2 of this year.

      @Laurie Richards - It may be worth unpairing-repairing the camera for updating, if it didn’t get the new update at the same time as the other cam.

      @Roy Galvin - We’ll definitely notify you when additional cams are available! Keep an eye out!

      @Destry Fronck - Try reformatting your SD card, this should fix the issue!

      @Shawn Riedel, @Rolf Berger, @Roland Higgerson - We apologize that the recent update caused some disruptive issues. We will have forwarded this to our engineers.

      @Robert Wesner - Is it a direct connection, or is the homebase behind any wall of some sort?

      @Pino Bruno - In terms of facial recognition: Does it work if you look straight at the camera, by chance? If not, reformatting the SD card and reinstalling the homebase is your best bet.

      @Dan Martensson - There is not a way to do this, but there you can rename individual cameras in the app!

      @Mindchamber - Thanks for the feedback! We’ll take this suggestion into account!

    3. MindChamber on

      You might consider introducing a laser like tripper..motion detection and it start up time for recording is still pretty terrible. Possibly extra ways to trip the motion detector would be more sufficient

    4. Missing avatar

      Christian Pohanka on

      Mein System funktioniert perfekt und bewacht meine Schokolade unter dem Christbaum. Eines der Besten Sachen seit langem - Super Team - Super Work !
      My system works perfectly and guards my chocolate under the Christmas tree. One of the best things in a long time

    5. Missing avatar

      Roland Higgerson on

      My system just went down with the latest software/firmware.
      It logged me out and there was no way to reload my homebase and cameras.
      I’ve now reinstalled the homebase and cameras and I’ve lost all previous recordings.
      Pretty frustrating.

    6. Missing avatar

      Gary Bunn on

      @Daniel - The app already has the directions for connecting to Alexa, which includes "enable the Eufy Security skill". I would not have expected the app to include the steps for connecting if the skill was not already available in Alexa. I'll be patient.

    7. Tobi on


      I just got my eufy cams.
      I saw the feature with family sharing but the problem is, they can just get the camera views but they cannot edit settings and turn on/off the cameras.
      Can you please integrate a "Full Control" Mode?
      So everybody in my family can has the same permissions like me?

      It's bad that only one account can add the cams and can control it.
      I mean i could live with it, to use just one account in the whole family but every time someone logs into the account, the other ones get logged out...

      So it would be nice if you can change something, to make it possible for more than just one person, to be able to control the security system.

      Merry Christmas!


    8. Dan Mårtensson on

      Anyone knows is there is a way to sort the camera Pre-view order under Devices?

    9. Pino Bruno on

      Even after the latest updates, facial recognition doesn't work. I've added photos of people not to be detected but the alarm still goes off.

    10. robert wesner on

      Is there any way to increase the WIFI range? I can't get a cam to reach more than 50' of open yard....

    11. bonebox on

      What about existing family & guests? Editing does not allow adding homebase. You have to completely remove them and reinvite.

      I see integrations are listed in the app, but the skill is not available on Alexa.

    12. Missing avatar

      Shawn Riedel on

      Downloaded the new app update yesterday and it removed my home base and devices. I am away from home for the holiday and have no way of monitoring the system now.

    13. Rolf Berger on

      Hey guys, your Homebase Update seems to be jammed and has bricked my remote system (which is 200km away BTW). I’m sure I’m not the only one who bought this to keep an eye on remote properties, so how about not pushing out updates and letting users control when they update. 1) This will allow us to be there to reset the base if it hangs, and 2) If you push out another buggy update, we can choose to hear feedback about it before we upgrade. ( It’s arrogant to assume your code is perfect don’t ya know. ). Other than this, I’m very happy with the quality of your product and looking forward to the geofencing and other new features. Cheers, I gotta go for a drive now ...

    14. Missing avatar

      Destry Fronck on

      V1.0.6.6 Auto Night Vision still can't be disabled. It still turns itself back on.

    15. Roy Galvin on

      Thank you! Homebase and cameras working perfectly. Very happy. Want to purchase a few more cameras. Will you notify us when we can buying additional cameras etc? Thanks, and Have a GREAT Christmas

    16. Laurie Richards on

      Thanks for the update and Merry Christmas! Got the new update, was on 1.5.9 previously straight to 1.6.6. One question, one of my cameras updated it's subsystem version with today's date but the other didn't as it has much weaker signal, new version now means that this camera now can get service but should I bring it in to force it to update? I assume it's new wifi drivers?

    17. Tobi on

      Thanks for your hard work! (:
      I can’t wait to test the eufyCam on my own (:

    18. Missing avatar


      @Gary Bunn According to the previous update (#20), Alexa support is scheduled for January 2019. Google Assistant in Q1 2019.

    19. Missing avatar

      Roland Higgerson on

      Hi guys, I’m still not able to successfully share access with family. Hopefully the next app update solves this issue!

    20. Missing avatar

      Gary Bunn on

      The Alexa App does not have the Eufy Security skill yet.