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Face-Recognizing Alerts | Motion Detection | 1080p Full HD | No Monthly Fee | Free Local Storage | Night Vision | Weatherproof (IP66)
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Important Software Update for eufyCam

Posted by Eufy Security (Creator)

Dear backers,

Thank you for supporting eufyCam! Today we're happy to share with you an important software release.

Since backers started receiving their eufyCams, we have received tons of messages, mostly a combination of inquiries and suggestions, but also some issues. We believe delivering a solid system is more important than adding new features at this current stage. So, we focused on feedback from backers and worked hard to ensure most of the issues can be addressed in time.

Below are the key release notes for HomeBase’s v1.0.6.4 firmware update. We are deploying this firmware upgrade over the air now; your eufyCam system will apply this update automatically when it’s idle. No action is required from you. 

1. Optimized the wireless driver, improving the wireless range by 20%. 

2. Fixed the bug that prevented users from receiving notifications in some scenarios. 

3. Fixed the bug in Schedule Mode that prevented eufyCam from following camera settings in Home and Away Mode. 

4. Fixed microSD card errors. Fixed video play errors. 

5. Fixed the bug that prevented eufyCam from detecting or recording events occasionally.

6. Fixed the bug prevented eufyCam from switching off, keeping it awake to detect movement and record events. 

7. Fixed the bug that prevented Night Vision mode from switching off when the user turned off the feature. 

8. Fixed the bug that prevented the charging LED on eufyCam from switch off even once eufyCam is fully charged. 

9. Fixed the bug that prevented eufyCam from going into Sleep mode after detecting motion, which resulted in its battery draining faster. 

10. Fixed the bug that triggered HomeBase’s alarm when eufyCam’s alarm went off.

To backers who are expecting new features, please do not worry. We are working on new feature developments and while simultaneously fine-tuning everything else. Please see the below timetable on our software roadmap.

Best Regards,

eufy Security Team

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    1. MindChamber on

      I would like the option to either plug the camera into the home Base, or an outlet to keep the camera out of sleep
      mode.. the delay between motion trigger and actual recording is just too painful, and renders this system useless..

    2. Missing avatar

      Neil Meads on

      How can I get any extra sensors?

    3. Missing avatar

      paul on

      Can you set a detection zone / activity region so only triggers once someone has entered a specific zone does the camera switch on and record?

    4. Missing avatar

      mark adams on

      Will this work hard wired through a wifi extender or a mesh system ? I cannot move my router and the range of the home base to the camera is not sufficient for my needs. I also have not received any type of firmware update.

    5. Missing avatar

      Barry Roback on

      Do I need to register my base station? How does it update firmware if my location is not known?


    6. Andre on

      System ver. as of today still, never received update.. please allow us to manually push an update instead of being automatic because automatic update is not working.

    7. Missing avatar

      Adam Bennett on

      My system still hasn't updated (3 days). Is there a way to manually kick off the update?

    8. Missing avatar

      Ruperto on

      When come tha Update to Germany or there ist a way to make it manually?

    9. Missing avatar

      bret on

      Still no update here.

      Also, please please please add a setting to turn off all audio alerts on the base unit. There is never a time I want that thing screaming out at me.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrew Coveney on

      Like most of the comments below, when can I expect to receive the latest software updates? Also, the motion detection setting seems incredibly sensitive. I have mine on 1% and it still picks up cars in the street about 20m away.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kerry Coleman on

      They really need to get a manual update option in, ever since the update post I have had my system in standby/idle awaiting the update and it still hasn't hit.
      Sadly my old security camera system is still in place because the eufyCam system just is not ready I really hope they continue working on fixes rather than those features I would be more than happy to see them delayed.

      I may be critical in this post but make no mistake the hardware seems pretty sound (range and a few other gripes aside) it's just a software needs SO MUCH WORK... so many features promised for launch still not here and not even in sight.

      Once they get the system fixed, it seems like it is set to expand rather nicely.

    12. Missing avatar

      Donald Salada on

      My home base has yet to receive the latest update, what do I have to do to get it?

    13. Timo Porttila on

      Have you considered adding smoke detector(s) to the portfolio? That add-on would make this system pretty complete for home protection 👍

    14. Missing avatar

      Barry on

      Hi, I'm located in Toronto, Canada. I'm still on so I'm unclear why my base isn't receiving
      updates. Please advise.

    15. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Nestor

      haven't set it up yet - do you think the system will upgrade when I DO - sometime after the holidays ....

    16. Missing avatar

      Ron Schaefer on

      When can i expect my camera - am in Hawaii - ?


    17. Missing avatar

      Roy Jackson

      Hi - My homebase is still showing System Version

      Any suggestions in how to get the upgrade?

      Roy Jackson

    18. Missing avatar

      Jan Ellermeier on

      Is the EU version not updated yet?

      System version is still here
      Subsystem version and
      All version

      Any chance to look into this and get the update out? Notifications do not work well and restarting every other does day is not how it shoudl be.

    19. Missing avatar

      William Bell on

      Hi, is it possible to add function to turn off individual cameras? Currently the system/app doesn’t have functions to turn a camera off.

      This would allow camera to be turned off via the app when working in the garden or around the house to save power when not needing to record.

      Also have an issue with one of my cameras which records as if speeded up?

    20. Missing avatar

      Kabir on

      The battery life is less than 3 weeks, I recharged the battery again and plugged back the camera and it still show that camera has low battery.
      Also, the notifications have disappeared and I can't get any notifications.
      Please advise

    21. Missing avatar

      Ted M on

      Thanks for the quick reply... keep up the good work!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ken Dally on

      Thanks for the update. I like that you're concentrating on issues before adding features. Personally I've been quite happy with them since setting up the system. WiFi access between units and camera has not been a issue even though one camera it at the opposite end of the house to my base. Image is excellent both day and night.

      As others have mentioned I get a little too many alerts, I have tow dogs which are always setting them off when I'm at work, and some extra work on facial recognition would be nice. However aover all I'm very happy.

    23. Eufy Security Creator on

      @dom89 - We are currently considering IFTTT

      @Tim Y. - Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll look into this as it does make sense to have the video turn on immediately.

      @yamyam - You got it ( :

      @John C Checco - Thanks for the feedback!

      @Timothy Low - It will automatically update, there isn’t any way, currently, to trigger manually.

      @Sam Calma - Google assistant support will be coming in Q1 of 2019!

      @Jason Thompson - Thanks for the feedback! We do not support the detection of license plates in this system.

      @Damien Aviles - Glad you like em!!

      @steve - You as well, Steve!!

      @Jordan - Try reformatting the SD card! This will fix the issue you’re having.

      @Erik Doree - Reformat your SD card. This will fix your issues!

      @Ted M - Thank you for the suggestions!!

      We are coming out with a wifi extender in Q1 of 2019!
      We are also working on optimizing recording time.

      You have to have the homebase hard-wired to the router for security and data transfer reasons.

      @Salvador Gonzalez - We do!

      @Nathaniel Gill - Additional cameras will be available relatively soon!

      @James Ploska - Send us an email to with your Kickstarter information and we’ll get back to you posthaste!

      @Bob Richardson - Thanks! We’re glad you’re sticking with us ( :

      @wildone81 - It’s possible that a setting was just tweaked as a result of the update. Try reformatting the SD card and let us know if you’re still having this same issue by emailing us at

    24. wildone81 on

      And as an addendum to what I posted, the audible was because of the Home/Away setting (I forgot I changed it to test why it wasn't recording), only to have the cameras be unreachable by the HomeBase itself. Resyncing the cameras didn't really help, and the positions never changed, so I went and disconnected everything and started from the beginning, only to once again have a device that doesn't record if I don't format the memory first. User hostile?

    25. wildone81 on

      So to get the cameras recording again, after the latest update I had to basically swap camera modes. Now it audibles whenever it records anything, and that completely defeats the purpose of monitoring since it's now introduced to the environment. Who's bright idea was it to make it audible on motion detection and not give us an option to disable it? Because now you've made someone that was enthusiastic about the eufyCam into someone who will actively tell people not to get this if you leave this as is.

    26. Missing avatar

      Bob Richardson on

      All good updates! To be honest, I've been a little disappointed with Eufy Cam. I had to run Cat 6 cable from my upstairs where the router is to downstairs family room just to get the base close enough for cameras to work. Even then, the connection was spotty. Seems like every other day I have to reset the base in order for notifications to work. Notification lag time is also an issue now and then.

      Sounds like this update addresses these issues. I really want to like these cameras. So thank you for continuing to work on fixing issues. Roadmap also looks good.

    27. Missing avatar

      james ploska on

      Where's my security cameras ??

    28. Missing avatar

      Jens Müller on

      Ich habe noch kein Update erhalten. Wann wird es in Deutschland ausgerollt?

    29. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Gill on

      Question, when will I be able to purchase an additional camera? I need one more for full coverage of my yard.

    30. Missing avatar

      Salvador Gonzalez on

      Do you have a page dedicated to feature requests? If not... 1. Traditional keypad for disarming and delayed alarm for entry sensors as an option for purchase. 2.Ability to have multiple "modes" for the 3 already available options: home, away, schedules. e.i. multiple schedules, multiple setups for cameras while you are home and away. 3. Ability to view multiple or all cameras "live" in case of emergency. 4. Let us buy more cameras and sensors! =) Take my money! =) So far really happy with product. Cant wait for more features!

    31. Missing avatar

      Ted M on

      Great update. Thanks for keeping us informed.
      A couple of suggestions:

      * Allow the camera to be rotated 90 degrees by the app (Had to rotate the camera to view down the entry long ways)
      * Implement swipe gesture to quickly delete videos
      * Create a wifi extender for cameras too far from the Homebase
      * Let me select the recording time: 20 sec too short, 1 min too long or for some people maybe not long enough
      * Why do I have to have the Homebase hardwired connected to my router? It gives me placement flexibility if it connected through the wifi network

      Thanks again

    32. Sylvia Georg on

      If you are not shure that the update works, please don't play it in at all! Let's update when there are no more false reports! It cannot be that the system crashes afterwards and you are not on side!!

    33. Laurie Richards on

      You need to add face recognition improvements to the list. We need a way to add recognised faces to some form of list so it learns who is who. mine just shows everyone as stranger. This was supposed to be a day 1 feature! Other than that its a good product.

    34. Missing avatar

      Erik Doree on

      This update got pushed to my base on the 14th and actually BROKE my detection when a guy can walk up to my door with a giant box and be three feet from the camera and not be detected.... yeah something broke. Please don’t have us be beta testers for your software

    35. Missing avatar

      Jordan on

      This is great you guys are releasing software updates for fixes! I’m still getting a “homebase exception error” when trying to add familiar faces into face detection, and recording times are still only 9-12 seconds when movement is detected (too short). Maybe this will be a future software update? Thanks and have a good holiday season!

    36. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      Thank you. Good to see a Company that listens... Merry Xmas

    37. Matthew B. Kish on

      Great stuff, thanks Eufy Team!

    38. Missing avatar

      Damien Aviles on

      i don't see in the list the time being corrected. the video times are all off.. doesn't seem to recognize what time zone i'm in. Also, still not updated. Is there a way to manually update? Lastly, is there anyway to add 1 more camera... After placing my cameras, i realized that I definitely could use 1 more... maybe even 2. Thank you for the wonderful product!

    39. Missing avatar

      Jason Thompson on

      Needs to be much easier to add people to the system. I like the icon showing someone, be nice if I could click and "add" them to the system.

      When will we be able to add license plates the same way?

    40. Sam Calma on

      When is google home support coming?

    41. Timothy Low

      No update yet for mine. Any way to trigger manually?

    42. Alex Pasternak on

      On the "stranger detected" notification, it would be very nice to give feedback directly on the notification and tell the app, no, it's not. I added my face and my wife's, but it still identifies us as strangers all the time.

    43. Jörg Grote on

      great news overall ... thanks for the update!

    44. Jörg Grote on

      @Brennan Lawrence - Alexa Support is the first record in the Roadmap, Jan. 2019

    45. Missing avatar


      @Brennan Lawrence Alexa support is the first line in the list - scheduled for January 2019.

    46. Missing avatar

      Adam Attinello on

      So does that mean. To receive notifications on my iPhone and my iPad, I will need to create a second account with a different email and sign on my iPad with a second account to receive notifications across my two devices?

    47. Brennan Lawrence on

      I do not see Alexa support listed on the road map. Has this feature been dropped? This is one of the main reason I went with this camera.

    48. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      Where can I order more?

    49. Missing avatar

      Antonio Villanueva on

      Thanks! Great to know. Are we doing anything about the latency? There is a somewhere around 5 second delay. With the app, when I see someone going to the door for example, they are already inside in reality. Same issue with the two way audio. Pretty awkward to use because of the latency. Not much live monitoring if is not in sync.

      Thanks in advance.

    50. Tobi on

      @Tim Y. is it not possible? i mean that's the main reason i bought the cam^^