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Face-Recognizing Alerts | Motion Detection | 1080p Full HD | No Monthly Fee | Free Local Storage | Night Vision | Weatherproof (IP66)
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    1. Al C on

      I just got my eufy cam the app will not pair with homebase. Please respond. this product is currently useless.

    2. Missing avatar

      Billy Barron on

      How about throwing development effort into making the cameras work better before creating another product?

    3. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      What a nice FU to your customers that haven't received the cameras yet.

    4. Ernova2112 on

      Ummm,, yeah, Lets Have these Cams Delivered First

    5. Daniel Currier on

      Completely OBSCENE that you would advertise to us when you arent even making deadlines on the product we gave you hundreds of dollars for already.

    6. Mike Gregory on

      Idiots. Ship my product which I've paid for a very long time ago before trying to sell me.something else you won't ship.

    7. Patsy Kravitz on

      I'm not ready to purchase anything else until I can evaluate this product. Probably not a good time to advert for someone else. An update about shipping is preferred.

    8. MindChamber on

      Probably not a good time to say I'm pretty unimpressed with the 'smart' detection?
      Having a notice push for every car that passes by my street, and yet can only get the back of people's heads when they deliver something..I mean I've YET to capture my mailman delivering mail, and he's never t the fastest thing on the block,'s that even possible? looks like I'll be forced to keep these cameras plugged and recording the whole time.

    9. Missing avatar

      Thomas Riener on

      I personally just received my tracking number in my email today, even though the mail carrier says they are waiting on the package, but it’s still an update for me!

    10. Edmond Seal

      Let’s talk about that when I receive my eufyCams!

    11. Missing avatar

      Cindy Gordon on

      Can we get an update on the cameras please?

    12. Missing avatar

      Cindy Gordon on

      Yeah, that was quite disappointing...

    13. yamyam on

      Guy who is responsible for the ==> UPDATE(!!) <== Section of this ==> eufyCAM(!!) <== Kickstarter Project and who posted advertisting here:



    14. Missing avatar

      Ewan Seaford on

      Slightly poor taste in advertising when your updates have been abismal. Nobody minds delays and to some degree can be/should be expected with Kickstarter. What isn't acceptable is the lack of updates and the blatant advertising.

    15. Kane Harrison on

      Jeez, what a bunch of moaners. You must all be new to KickStarter.

    16. Missing avatar

      John Marchant on

      Weirdly I was expecting a project update - silly me.
      Really don't appreciate advertisements for other sh*t when you haven't honoured your commitment to your backers yet.

    17. Missing avatar

      Antonio Villanueva on

      Really??? I saw the email and quickly clicked on it to finally read an update for the camera but saw an advertisement for something else instead. I thought it was a mistake but now I see that it is just a warning for me NOT TO back any associated group with eufy. Thanks for the heads up!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jared on

      Send out what people have paid for before sending them advertising crap. Better yet, send us our cameras and *don't* send advertising crap.

    19. Missing avatar

      SS68 on

      Get me my cameras and then try to sell me more stuff. Literally pissed off at this update

    20. Missing avatar

      Al wilson on

      Send my darn cameras already! This is starting to look like a bait and switch scam! Next stop... BBB

    21. Samuel Lee on

      The timing of this announcement is very inappropriate like others have said. Give us updates on our cameras please.

    22. Missing avatar

      Andy Lee on

      Where are my cameras?

    23. Missing avatar

      Andy Lee on

      Hey how about you send my cameras before you “update” me with a sales pitch. Assholes.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew Peavey on

      Can you please give an actual update on the product we backed and not a sales pitch for another?

      I also find it ironic, I was reading the Nebula II KickStarter earlier today before the email and it boasted about the original Nebula being delivered on time...

    25. Petr Svarny

      I see you inspired yourselves by Blizzard. We finally see an update from you and... Is this an out-of-season April Fools' joke?

    26. Missing avatar

      Nathan Powell on

      Hey Guys,

      Where is my camera?

    27. Missing avatar

      epollux on

      I was going to give the same feedback the first two commenters gave...not a really appropriate communication at a moment where everybody is wanting to find out about shipment of the Cam (including European customers: will there be a delay for them to?)

    28. yamyam on

      You may stop making advertising and send us our cams finally?!
      This would be more meaningful ;-) Thanks!

    29. Harith on

      How about you provide updates on your own product instead of something like this? You seem to have a lot of annoyed backers and this will just annoy them more...