eufyCam: The Wirefree Security Cam with 365-Day Battery

by Eufy Security

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    1. Arkadiusz Kamiński on

      Finally an update with some concrete data. Hope to see more of that. Especially worrying is the lack of video footage from the cameras, but seems like we'll see that soon as well. Hope it's within the next 2 weeks in case some of us want to abandon ship last minute ;) Is that what you are waiting for? :D

    2. yamyam on

      Good news and finally some concrete data!

      Now what about testing and extending the 140° wide-angel? Maybe even 160° would be possible? nd what about the updated stretch-goals which have some benefits and feature updates for the CAM-BACKERS and not for items and products which has nothing to do with the cam and most cam-backers probably will never interest ort buy?!

    3. Crystal Tanner on

      Yea, you still have answered comments from the last post