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Face-Recognizing Alerts | Motion Detection | 1080p Full HD | No Monthly Fee | Free Local Storage | Night Vision | Weatherproof (IP66)
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New Stretch Goals and A Preview of Our Total Security Solutions

Posted by Eufy Security (Creator)

Dear Backers,

When we decided to work as a team to make home security truly safe and easy, EverCam was our first idea. With the tremendous support from the KS community, we are already able to make it better and to bring EverCam to market. As you might have noticed, it took us quite some time to come up with the next stretch goal. Since the entire team is all-in to deliver what we promised in time, we want to give back to our supporters by making them privileged members of the EverCam mission.

EverCam is only the start of what we’re aiming to offer you - a total security solution that truly covers every corner of your home - because eufy Security is driven to provide you with different products built with awesome features to meet your demands. That’s why, besides EverCam, eufy Security will come out with more products this year! As campaign creator, we read your ideas in the comments section and saw the survey results and know that you want more security products to protect your home-sweet-home. So we want to give you a preview of our upcoming products, in addition to announcing our new Extra Stretch Goal!

New Stretch Goal Announcement: Exclusive eufy Security Backer’s Rewards Program

After several meetings about how to reward backers with true benefits from our home security solutions—and without affecting EverCam’s product delivery goals—we are excited to offer the following stretch goals:

Unlocked at 3 Million USD - 30% OFF Discount Offer for Upcoming eufy Security Products

All EverCam backers will be offered an exclusive 30% off discount on the price of one FloodLight Cam, Video DoorBell, and/or Baby Monitor when they are launched.

Unlocked at 4 Million USD - 40% OFF Discount Offer for ALL Upcoming eufy Security Products

All EverCam backers can take 40% off the price of ALL new products launched by eufy Security between May 2018 to December 30, 2019. The discount will be offered for the first purchase of every new product, with exclusion on parts and accessories.

We hope rewards like these encourage our supporters to participate in our product development processes to truly help us make eufy Security better!

PS: Extra Stretch Goal discount does not apply to EverCam. eufy reserves the rights to the final explanation.

Here’s a preview of eufy Security’s future:

eufy Security Floodlight Cam 

 - Less than $200 

- Launching in Fall 2018

A wonderful floodlight camera that gives you 24x7 outdoor surveillance with a motion-activated light.

This floodlight camera, which offers adjustable brightness, provides lighting for nighttime and helps with surveillance—all without any monthly fees. You can place it anywhere you need motion-activated lighting with video surveillance, and is the perfect addition to traditional outdoor lights.

eufy Security Baby Monitor 

- Less than $200 

- Launching in Fall 2018

The first baby monitor with HD picture quality and a 5 inch display.

This baby monitor helps parents check in on their nursery. With its independent monitoring screen, parents can carry it around when doing housework or just enjoying some downtime, but also be able to watch and listen to their baby in real-time.

eufy Security DoorBell 

- Less than $200 

- Launching in Spring 2019 

A smart doorbell with A.I. 

With an A.I. engine built in, eufy Security DoorBell can recognize your face and notify you when strangers are approaching; you’ll also be able to communicate directly with the approaching person. In addition, the display shows different icons when different features are in use, and also lets other people leave you video massages.


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    1. Sushant Verma on

      When will the baby monitor be available to order for backers internationally? Keen to get it in Australia. Also any more information on how to get the backer discount? :)

    2. Eufy Security Creator on


      Thank you for the detailed suggestions and the passion you bring to this project. It does extend our vision of the demand for security products. Now we see different demands on how people want to secure their front door. Some may want to talk to the visitor right away but some may just want to record. We will definitely explore this area in much more detail in the future.

    3. yamyam on


      Besides the cam, the babyphone, doorbell and floodlight cam, i would suggest a product which is (in this form i would need it) NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MARKET CURRENTLY:

      --> The eufy smart security PEEPHOLE for apartment entrance doors !!!

      This eufy smart peephole cam:

      - should as much look like a regular peephole, small and inconspicuous,

      - should NOT look like already available solutions, which are too big and not at all hiddenly/secretly filming,

      - could look like at the inside view (from inside the appartment) however it needs to be, means no matter how big and ugly, example:

      - should have a little monitor right at the door and also should record any movemement in front of the door as soon as detected by wifi for 30 sec to 5 min to the homebase or directly on a SD card which is included in the peephole, but prefered the sd card in the homebase.

      - IR sensor and movement sensor and night vision and 1080p for sure included.

      - too keep the smart peephole SMALL and inconspicuous(!) it does not need any ring/bell or mic/phone/speaker!

      Of course there are regular boring peepholes on the market and even "smart" ones which record video while regognizing movement, BUT they all sucks and look like "monsters" and are much too big and not at all "secretly" filming the bad boys who are ringing or trying to burglarize my home door!

      So the eufy smart security peephole would look like any regular "unsmart" peephole, but would record any action and bad guy or visitor in front of my appartment and save it on the sdcard in the homebase (an optionaly in the cloud for the guys who wants it).

      I am searching for a inconspicuous smart peephole since years and never seen any who fits my needs. And as i have bought a lot of your cams and also got the homebase then, it would perfectly fit my security needs if eufy would create a real smart and small regular looking like peephole cam with little monitor and automatic recording. This would be awesome and i would emmediatly back or buy some of those!

      So sorry for my bad english but i hope you got what i mean any my suggestion is. :)

      eufy: What do you think about it and who would also need/buy an eufy security smart Peephole? Thanks!

    4. Eufy Security Creator on

      @Amanda T

      Q: Would you consider a garage door sensor or automation?

      A: Thanks for the suggestion! We believe that these products would make life much easier and safer. It's one of the areas we will consider and explore.

    5. Eufy Security Creator on

      @Crystal Tanner

      Q: I really like this idea, and adding everything else for home. However The ring doorbell is only $99 and its floodlight is $200-- Ring has become proven product. What will make
      the door bell worth more?

      A: That's a great question. There's always new tech to make one product stand out more than another. Stay tuned for more information on our door bell, as well as for the others we've announced!

    6. Eufy Security Creator on


      Q: You should have a solar panel for that Security Floodlight Cam

      A: The Floodlight Cam is powered by home electricity instead of a battery. We appreciate the suggestion, however. e

    7. Eufy Security Creator on

      @Tobias Knabe

      Q: For the doorbell you have an intercom system for the inside too? Or is it just working with my phone?

      A: The doorbell will work with phones specifically.

    8. Mohamed Fahad Almahroos on

      Ill wait till the last minute of this campaign. And I’ll decide to pull out or to continue.... that’s crazy..

    9. Missing avatar

      Kalaap Das on

      I want to create a KS where my backers give me 3-4 million dollars and I offer them the ability to give me more money for products completely unrelated to my KS but at a discount so they can feel good about themselves while I get richer.

    10. AZEqualizer on

      It is Memorial Day Weekend in the US where the Dev's are and it is a Holiday extended weekend so don't expect reply's until Tuesday

    11. Crystal Tanner on

      yamyam is right- those are MUCH better rewards! that makes sense. also its been 3day since my comment/question others kickstarters respond faster.

    12. Amanda T on

      Would you consider a garage door sensor or automation?

    13. Missing avatar

      Khoa on

      A black option for the cams, sensor, and any other products would be nice to have

    14. yamyam on

      The new stretchgoals for 3 and 4 million USD are not frackin trash (like someone said on the regular comments), but i would prefer:

      3 million USD = 1 additional free cam to the bigger pledges + additional 2 mounts (normal and screw one, if one gets lost or broken or whatever)
      4 million USD = 1 additional free cam and 2 sensors for the bigger pledges + additional 2 mounts (normal and screw one, if one gets lost or broken or whatever)

      This would make much more sense for us than 30-40% discount on products most if us dont need or want or never will buy.

    15. Crystal Tanner on

      I really like this idea, and adding everything else for home. However The ring doorbell is only $99 and its floodlight is $200-- Ring has become proven product. What will make the door bell worth more?

    16. AZEqualizer on

      You should have a solar panel for that Security Floodlight Cam

    17. Tobi on

      For the Doorbell you have an intercom system for inside too? Or is it just working with my phone?