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Face-Recognizing Alerts | Motion Detection | 1080p Full HD | No Monthly Fee | Free Local Storage | Night Vision | Weatherproof (IP66)
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We‘ve Hit The $2 Million Mark And Here Are Our Promises

Posted by Eufy Security (Creator)

Dear Backers,

$2 Million Raised!

Thank you all so much for backing eufy EverCam. We have just reached the 2 Million Dollar mark, and we’re extremely grateful for your support. We are thrilled with how far we’ve come and feel rewarded that what we are building is something you are looking for.

The most exciting part of this campaign has definitely been that we are hearing great suggestions and feedback from the community. We have almost 1,000 comments up until now. We read every new comment and have meetings and discussion about them. While no comments go unnoticed, sometimes we may not reply to a question immediately, and we apologize for that. Our first priority is to deliver on the promises we’ve already made -- adding new features or even just opening up more countries takes resources away from that, so we are cautious in making new commitments. We hope to have your understanding and support on making the right decisions to benefit as many of our backers as possible.

Unlocking the 2 Million Dollar Stretch Goals

As promised, we are now unlocking the $2-million goals: RTSP streaming to local NAS and mobile-app-based local network viewing/downloading, which will be ready at shipping (Sep, 2018). Moreover, we decided to commit to the desktop-app-based (Windows & MacOS) local network backup feature that many of you requested. This feature will come at a later date but no later than June, 2019 due to resource priorities. With these three local access and backup (of unencrypted footage) features, we want you to be re-assured that your cameras and data will never be stranded even when you lose Internet access or when our server goes under.

For more details, please look for the “Feature Updates” section on our campaign page. We will summarize all the updated features in this section.

Our Mission

We’d also like to take this opportunity to share with you more on what our team wishes to achieve, not only with the eufy EverCam, but with the whole eufy Security system.

We started out with a mission to make home security truly safe and easy, so more families can protect their homes with the latest technology. This is our core belief and we will keep this in mind with every product and feature we develop.

It isn’t always easy to strike the delicate balance between “easy” and “full-featured”, “security” and “flexibility”. We constantly have to debate on what is the right thing to do within the team and have many tough decisions to make. But in the end, there are principles and plans we all believe in as a team and we’d like to share that with you.

We are not only focused on making one great product, but a great series of products, each addressing the needs of different people and different uses. No one should (and no one wants to) pay for the features they don’t need. That’s why we’re solely focused on making a product that’s great for a few important tasks, rather than a jack of all trades.

These products will be able to work together seamlessly and intuitively as an expandable system, and consumers have the freedom to choose the components they find beneficial. Your support for this campaign has encouraged the team on developing more products and more exciting new ideas. So stay tuned!

Thank you again for all of your support. The Kickstarter community has given us the confidence we need, to take eufy Security to market and go further in the future. We will keep listening to you all, and keep you updated of our latest progress.


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    1. NJturtlePower on

      Excited for this deal and just added an extra camera to my deal!

      For < $500 you can not beat a 3-camera wireless system with home base security and all the included features! The big names are at LEAST $250 more and include less (mounts and features). A+++ Eufy!

    2. Ronald Deasy on

      When there servers go under is a thing I constantly referenced and said, ensuring in the event of the company disappearing the product would still function as is.

      This is a major thing and the accessing content to download locally is a major wanted feature. Now that they did that and I know it's not gonna be encrypted unless I decide on encrypting the locally stored content I can fully say I'll be increasing the number of cameras I invest in. I still expect the rstp /nas features to be ready on launch day. The product having the backup feature later on in 2019 is "okay " so long as we can immediately tie the cameras into our local nas network system. To me that is essential

    3. Missing avatar

      Steve L on

      Great Update!

      But I have to say the wording "when our server goes under." does not instill much faith. This should have clearly been "If our servers are inaccessible" or " if our servers are temporarily unavailable".

    4. Missing avatar

      Ted M on

      Well Done. BTW I second the external hard drive possibility.

    5. 3VIL L33T on

      Is it possible a future update/stretch goal allow the use an external hard drive to plug into the home-base instead of the SD card?