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Feature Updates and New Stretch Goals!

Posted by Eufy Security (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We’ve been reading your comments and appreciate the ideas you’ve injected to making EverCam the true, optimized camera the market has been lacking. As mentioned in previous updates, meeting our launch date and ensuring an easy and secure experience is our top priority, and so, we consider the add-on features based on multiple factors, for example will it impact the shipping date, compatibility issues, is it in-line with our development goals, etc.

Below is a list of answers that covers the most requested features:

Smart Home Services 

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support will be available at the time of shipping. Apple HomeKit support is being planned for future development and we will keep you updated. IFTTT support is confirmed but will be available with a software update after shipping.


EverCam has always been planned from the start to support geo-fencing at the time of shipping.

3rd Party Home Automation Compatability

We’ve heard suggestions to include support for SmartThings, Wink,, and Blue Iris. Currently, support for home automation is not in the pipeline. Due to limited development resources and our intent to meet the target ship date, we are focusing development on the features we originally set out to achieve and add on features that won’t impact our original objectives.

3rd Party Cloud Services 

Due to the multitude of cloud services and their different requirements, and the potential for syncing failures or data loss, we made the decision to forgo storage on 3rd party cloud platforms. We believe that a great user experience is necessary in order to want to use EverCam, because the alternative to dealing with a security camera full of hassles is to unplug it.

Stretch Goals

Unlocked at 1.5 Million USD - Opening to Australia and Singapore 

Due to huge demand from Australia and Singapore, we will make EverCam available in both countries when we reach this stretch goal. There was some demand from other countries, but to ensure a consistent and great user experience for all EverCam users across the globe with minimal impact due to country regulations, import tariffs, and changes to EverCam, we could only open this campaign to these two countries at this point.

Unlocked at 2 Million USD - RTSP to NAS Implementation

We hear you and we’re excited to enable RTSP streaming so that the footage can be saved to NAS. But since this requires a lot more research and development, we need to set our priorities by focusing on other features first.

Unlocked at 2 Million USD - Offline Downloading Implementation 

We’ve noticed that many backers desire greater control of EverCam even when there’s no internet access. So, while Live View and previous recordings will be accessible without internet, we’re working to make downloading of footage via the eufy Security app possible——when the system is not connected to the web. These add-ons will require more R&D and resources to develop, so we’ll need your support to integrate these features into EverCam.

We feel that as our backers, you’d desire more features and compatibilities, but as our development resource is limited, we’d really appreciate if you could spread the word and ask your friends to back us. Only by reaching our stretch goals can we add even more development resources to make EverCam the best security camera ever.

Spread the word!




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    1. Missing avatar

      Terence Lie on

      "1.5 mln stretch goal only benefits Eufy to sell to more customers. How does it benefit any of the original backers? There are no new features to be unlocked on the product itself. It's ridiculous!"

      this is true but without it i wouldnt be here. SO THANKS!

    2. Missing avatar

      Denis Males on

      1.5 mln stretch goal only benefits Eufy to sell to more customers. How does it benefit any of the original backers? There are no new features to be unlocked on the product itself. It's ridiculous!

    3. Missing avatar

      Markus Bartsch on

      I'll keep an eye on the stretch goal. If 2 Mio is not reached, i have to cancel my pledge. Sorry.

    4. Eufy Security Creator on

      @Markus Bartsch

      That was a miscommunication. We use RTSP technology soley for Alexa streaming at the moment.

    5. Mike Kloss on

      Although 3rd party home automation compatibility is not in the works as of now, is there the possibility that it could be added at some point in the future with a software update? Or will this never even be an option due to hardware limitations?

    6. Missing avatar

      Markus Bartsch on

      7 days ago you said in the comments section "RTSP will be supported" now it is a strech goal. I will cancel my pledge if there is no guranteed RTSP support. Sorry!

    7. Cory Hughes on

      You said that HomeKit is planned for future development. Does this mean Hardware or Software?

      Canary doesn’t support home-kit due to hardware limitations (certification, an Apple supplied authentication chip, etc).

      Will EverCam have the same issues? Will I have to spend more to have this connect to HomeKit (officially)?

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Ward on

      While home automation integration is not something you can do for release, is it under consideration for a later software update? This functionality feels pretty significant given the growth of this arena.