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Offline Video Access Update

Posted by Eufy Security (Creator)

We’re continuously listening to our backers’ ideas, and one of the most common suggestions we have received is the ability to review footages when the internet is down. We think that it’s a fair comment, and that’s why we’ve decided to add offline support for footage viewing. 

Now, even when your router isn’t connected to the internet, you can still use your smartphone to access Live View and previous recordings as long as your smartphone and HomeBase are connected to the same Wi-Fi network on your router, and with mobile data turned off (3G/4G off). We’re happy to include this feature and hope that we’ll be able to include even more features in the future.

EverCam was designed to address the most common issues plaguing home security cameras on the market, and while our aim is to offer the best home security experience, we don’t believe that adding every single feature is the best approach, as it may overly complicate EverCam, open up to bugs and issues, and can severely impact our product shipping dates. 

While we cannot satisfy every single request made, we hope you’ll continue to pitch us ideas to make EverCam the best home security camera on the market!

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    1. Eufy Security Creator on

      @Chuck G.

      It is referring to viewing and downloading the videos.

    2. Ron Melanson on

      lets focus on security aspects from a transmission perspective and ensure no unauthorized access. While the peer to peer ability to see whats on the camera is nice to have, security for access and streaming is more important IMHO - although my internet rarely goes down so this is a nice to have but not needed feature. +1 on the integrated web interface to be able to access across a secure connection from a PC/MAC and not just a mobile device via the app. Thank you for including the additional functionality - I am sure it helps some of the backers - keep the iteration up!

    3. Ronald Deasy on

      Can anyone explain the process behind the facial recognition? I understand how the Amaryllo Koova 260 and military and federal camera systems provided by DARPA, and private sector companies work, but does EUFY's camera system rely on the "Cloud" To do the facial recognition computing or is that done at the base station level. IE Is it a paid feature or a feature provided at the base station? I already found a way to enable the Amaryllo Koova 260 to do it at the local level setting up a server to do the computations for the facial recognition, i want to know, at what level is it done on the EUFY camera system? Basically how tethered to the company EUFY am i when it comes to core features of the camera.

      - We have the answer regarding offline viewing access, to a extremely limited degree, of solely viewing offline on the same LAN with phones or anything that can emulate smart phone OS to access the cameras on the same LAN. This still needs to be significantly improved i dont want to be locked out of accessing my own content with out needing to circumvent/hijack the firmware, reverse engineer it, to understand the cryptology all so i can have direct access to my data which is, as i said my data in the first place. To much headache doing that with blink camera system so reallyyyy hoping people keep screaming about this so we can get the local access of the content off network. I can definitely tell from a business perspective EUFY is attempting to keep it locked at their level as a selling point so we the users CANNOT own our data with out needing their company beyond maintenance/replacement needs of the product which i personally do not like the idea of (Hence the constant re-enforcement of CIFS/SMB/FTP access, and a WEB GUI interface at the base station level that is user configurable)

      - But do we have that same level of offline access to facial recogition processed on the local base station?

    4. Ronald Deasy on

      I need to adjust my statement, just realized its strictly through the phone application. The next step would be to enable it over a proprietary based software provided by the base station itself on the same network as the device to both pull and extract content for offline viewing purposes. So my original comment still stands, we may have made some progress with the wanted feature of offline viewing, but strictly on a mobile device? Why solely on the mobile device and not on the computer level? A major changer would be to also include a web interface on the base unit itself that is user accessable on the same network while also giving us access to the content to download while locally connected through the apropriate IP assigned with the base station(Whatever we decide to assign it) or the device host name.

    5. Ronald Deasy on

      This is a feature that would of been a major deal breaker. This kind of change makes it the 3rd camera in the USA that supports this kind of feature. The next step would be to allow smb/cfis/ftp capabilities from the base station essentially making this type of mobile camera the dominant camera when Compared against Arlo, ezviz, and Amarillo international wireless cameras.

    6. Chris Sheldon on

      This update is great news and will be a good feature. My only concerns are around the hack-ability of the system ? I’m sure you’ve covered it with rigorous penetration testing. No one wants their front porch streamed on one of those “live cctv” websites !

    7. Laurence Freedman on

      Wow guys, this and the previous update were some really great pieces of news! So excited to receive the camera this Fall (fingers crossed, of course)

    8. bonebox on

      I do love that you can store recordings offline and it’s one of the main reasons I’m backing this project, but why limit it to an SD card? Adding a USB port that can support external hard drives would make this a killer product.

    9. Missing avatar

      T on

      This is great. Here are my main gripes with my current camera system:
      1. No alert when a camera goes offline
      2. Poor integration with IFTTT, Stringify, Workflow and other similar automation tools - cannot select custom arming settings, only the defaults.
      3. Lag time between motion detection and recording starting meaning most of the action is missed
      4. Can only record for a set time, not "until motion stops"
      5. Long time between recording and being ready for the next recording. Combined with #4 it means most of the action is missed.
      6. No standalone sensors to assist earlier motion triggering to capture more of the action
      7. Not offering new features on earlier models so the initial users of the system get left behind

      I'm confident you can address all of these!

    10. Missing avatar

      Gajendra Pandey on

      Thanks a lot. So does it mean we would be able to download the previous recordings as well?

    11. Jonathan Howard on

      I would love to see this integrated with Samsung Smartthings. It would be great if the facial recognition would unlock my front door when it recognizes my face. Thanks for all your hard work!

    12. PhillyMargate on

      Live view should be accessable no matter where I am! If I am out of town I would want to be able to have live view capability!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeremiah Lim on

      Gotta love Eufy for the customer focus, I can say that my experience (with my robovac etc.) has been fantastic and this reinforces that.
      Kudos to you

    14. Missing avatar

      Chuck G. on

      What does "access" mean? Does that just mean view, or does it also include the ability to save the files and store them elsewhere? Thanks.