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$1,211,894 pledged of $50,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Eufy Security
$1,211,894 pledged of $50,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Wozzie
      just now

      Shipping to Aust, is it possible ?

    2. Missing avatar

      Xabi Vázquez 41 minutes ago

      @Eufy Security - Just two questions/ideas

      3g/4g/GSM modem option when wifi is down?
      Optional outdoor siren with automatic/remote trigger?


    3. Missing avatar

      domatau about 2 hours ago

      @Eufy Security - Everything about this camera seems great and almost perfect (at least on paper) but one use case still bothers me. Although the battery can last up to a year without charging, what exactly does Eufy expect to happen when we finally need to take the camera down and charge it for 4 hours? Although not perfect, cameras like Netgear Arlo at least let you swap in an extra fully charged battery while this camera will have to be offline for 4 hours to charge fully.

    4. Missing avatar

      Meg leduc
      about 2 hours ago

      How can we get an additional base unit. We have a lake house too and would love to be able to monitor it from afar.

    5. Missing avatar

      Steve Logan about 4 hours ago

      I believe there should be more of a lip or "shade" on the front top side so that when mounted outside and the camera gets wet the water does not roll directly across the lens.

    6. Francisco Dias about 5 hours ago

      @Eufy Security am buying lot's of cameras and i hope that there will be two things that are very important, as i work at home i spend lot's of time at my apartment, but sometimes i stay away from my apartment for 2 or 3 days so i wish i could:
      -Have the option to make the camera film automatically any movement since if am not at my apartment and i don't have animals, if there's a movement it means it's a thief and also to make automatically the alarm sound. I think this is very basic and necessary if you are not adding this, this is a big fail.
      The second thing is: as i said i stay most of the time in my apartment, to put the camera in standby when am at home.
      Hope you can answer me. Thanks :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Dana Roberson about 6 hours ago

      @Eufy Security-thanks for the answer to the first question, still have the other 2. Can there be a simpler indoor camera? And what is the range between the camera and base, one of mine could be 250feet away. For the camera question, will the base support any other brand cameras for a cheaper indoor solution?

    8. Missing avatar

      Jasim Alnaqbi about 6 hours ago

      Ans what about recording?

    9. Missing avatar

      Jasim Alnaqbi about 6 hours ago

      I want to buy 8 cam. No option for it. Its provides only 4 cams

    10. ShawnB about 7 hours ago

      So maybe 5 year battery with this technology?

      Technique to beam HD video with 99 percent less power could sharpen the eyes of smart homes https://techcrunch.com/2018/04/19/technique-to-beam-hd-video-with-99-percent-less-power-could-sharpen-the-eyes-of-smart-homes/

    11. Eufy Security Creator about 8 hours ago

      @Dana Roberson

      A home base will support up to 16 cameras.

    12. Missing avatar

      R Fong about 9 hours ago

      Will it be possible to set an area to monitor for motion?

    13. Missing avatar

      Dana Roberson about 9 hours ago

      How many cameras can a base support? I ordered the 4pack, but would like 6 or 7 cameras. Can there be a simpler indoor camera? And what is the range between the camera and base, one of mine could be 250feet away.

    14. Dirk de Mol about 10 hours ago

      Idea for stretch goal
      A Black edition!

    15. Kris Slevens about 11 hours ago

      Really hoping you are taking local storage seriously, and in a format like MP4 that's unencrypted, say if we need to easily export a video clip for law enforcement purposes.

      Also, Cloud Products always have a 'lifetime' after such a period, be it 5, 7, or 10 years, usually the cloud servers get cut off, as storage, bandwidth and colocation for servers is money. AWS or Cloud would be even more expensive.

      In this case, I want to be fully sure that I am able to utilize the camera watching live views as mentioned using the RTSP (not RSTP as stated in responses) which would allow us to utilize 3rd party programs to view a stream.

      Also, the email I received about storage would allow two software geo-fenced products on the same wifi network to talk to each-other. Please seriously consider giving us options to storage video externally on our devices, as some of us need to retain video for security reasons, and small cards would be limiting.

      I love Anker products, but I really do not like the lack of details on if RTSP will support live streaming, as I've seen conflicting responses.

      Some replies say that RTSP will be supported, which would allow us to live view a stream from the camera from a URL. Would the URL be from the camera itself?

      I.E: Local IP on the network: http://user:pass@, or would it come from your cloud service? I.E: http://username:password@enfycloud.com/uniqueID/stream.mp4

      Really hope that in the very least, you add a mass-export for videos in an unencrypted form to the program. This would allow us to utilize the Enfy app to export to our 8TB / 16TB shares in an unencrypted form, so we would not need to lose videos when SD cards are filled.

      This seems like a good trade off, as you don't need to support NFS/FTP directly, we would still need to utilize the app, but Enfy would allow a mass export of a timeline or all video to an external drive.

      Thanks for answering, hoping we can come to some compromise where users like myself can view over RTSP in realtime when we wish, and export video if we would like, even if it's just a simple part of the Enfy application. For true security applications you need to be able to retain storage of video for longer periods than a SD-card can support.

    16. Eufy Security Creator about 11 hours ago

      @Niels Rosenau

      Indeed. The system is able to identify people and send notifications depending on the settings you have set for that person.

    17. Eufy Security Creator about 11 hours ago


      Yes, the cam will be able to designate what is a person, and what is an animal and send alerts accordingly depending on how you have your settings set.

    18. Dean Smith
      about 12 hours ago

      Would you possibly offer a discount to Kickstarter backers who want to purchase another full set for another property? The pledge I made is for one home, I have 2 other vacation rentals in 2 locations that would love to equip as well.

      Not expecting a full Kickstarter like discount but a customer loyalty discount would be nice.

      Thank you

      Dean Smith

    19. Missing avatar

      Niels Rosenau about 12 hours ago

      @creator is the system able to identify persons and send a push notification that person is recognized?

    20. Missing avatar

      lp about 12 hours ago

      Hi, will the AI learning be able to determine if a person is wearing a mask vs an animal or bush moving in the breeze?

    21. Eufy Security Creator about 13 hours ago

      For everyone that wants the option for local storage: we hear you, all of you.

    22. Eufy Security Creator about 13 hours ago

      @al chow

      Yes, it will be able to snap photos on demand.

    23. Ronald Deasy about 13 hours ago

      @Eufy Seucirty,

      Thanks for a response regarding the CIFS/NAS/SMB/FTP/External access feature. I understand development and time constraints into craming so much into something so little.

      If you need networked contacts for say DARPA, PTZ, Samsung, Even amazon regarding the Robotics and coding behind it to get support or ask questions i might beable to link you up to help cut down the development process. How much DARPA is willing to share is a mystery, They work with high end military grade encryption, technology and systems, and what they do usually doesn't come cheap. You'd have to find a deal in there somewhere. PTZ may charge a significant arm & leg for the technology given how closed source they are, Samsung well.. they "May" give you information if you share your technology in robotics with them, Amazon same as samsung, they "May" share if you share your robotics AI screening technology with them regarding the Alexa integration with camera systems. I don't know anyone with Amaryllo International but looking at their past track record, they "May" share the technology with you, they made one of the first of its kind small robotics camera system integrating AI, and many features. The only thing they didn't really implement yet is that same technology in a portable form factor, i think you can talk with their development team as they finished the features in under a year regarding the Kova 2 and its development process, as well as the engineering process

      All in all, I am hoping you can make a solid promise within the next 1-2yrs we can get such a feature made available at the base station regarding the networked local and external access features, i think ill definitely stick along. But that will not be easy assuming you have limited staff and dont network with other professionals in the security field.

    24. Eufy Security Creator about 13 hours ago

      @steve Cusguen

      We are considering being able to have it do smart lock functions in the app.

    25. Eufy Security Creator about 13 hours ago

      @Roanld Deasy

      Facial recognition is not a paid feature. I don't have any information at this moment about whether it is doing this computation at the homebase level or at the cloud level. I will get some clarification on this.

    26. Ronald Deasy about 13 hours ago

      Whoops... definitely posted this inquiry in the wrong section, the updates. Ment to post here, sorry!

      Can anyone explain the process behind the facial recognition? I understand how the Amaryllo Koova 260 and military and federal camera systems provided by DARPA, and private sector companies work, but does EUFY's camera system rely on the "Cloud" To do the facial recognition computing or is that done at the base station level. IE Is it a paid feature or a feature provided at the base station? I already found a way to enable the Amaryllo Koova 260 to do it at the local level setting up a server to do the computations for the facial recognition, i want to know, at what level is it done on the EUFY camera system? Basically how tethered to the company EUFY am i when it comes to core features of the camera.

      - We have the answer regarding offline viewing access, to a extremely limited degree, of solely viewing offline on the same LAN with phones or anything that can emulate smart phone OS to access the cameras on the same LAN. This still needs to be significantly improved i dont want to be locked out of accessing my own content with out needing to circumvent/hijack the firmware, reverse engineer it, to understand the cryptology all so i can have direct access to my data which is, as i said my data in the first place. To much headache doing that with blink camera system so reallyyyy hoping people keep screaming about this so we can get the local access of the content off network. I can definitely tell from a business perspective EUFY is attempting to keep it locked at their level as a selling point so we the users CANNOT own our data with out needing their company beyond maintenance/replacement needs of the product which i personally do not like the idea of (Hence the constant re-enforcement of CIFS/SMB/FTP access, and a WEB GUI interface at the base station level that is user configurable)

      - But do we have that same level of offline access to facial recogition processed on the local base station?

    27. Eufy Security Creator about 13 hours ago


      This will not support UFS-II cards.

    28. Eufy Security Creator about 13 hours ago

      When it comes to NAS/FTP/External hard drive and ONVIF support:

      Supporting these features while keeping our system tightly secured and easy to use is very challenging and takes enormous amount of effort at the minimum. As a result, we made decision not to support them (at least in the first year) and instead focus on delivering features we've promised (and deliver them well).

    29. Eufy Security Creator about 14 hours ago

      @Niels Rosenau

      In theory, yes.

    30. Eufy Security Creator about 14 hours ago


      I am answering what I can for now, the rest is getting sent up to the developers/engineers and I will be answering those questions when I get definitive answers ( : .

    31. Eufy Security Creator about 14 hours ago

      @Bui Nguyen

      They immediately would get uploaded to the cloud.

    32. Steven Lam about 14 hours ago

      Are you guys working on being part of Samsung smarthings as well? To be able to connect it to that?

    33. Ronald Deasy about 14 hours ago

      Also my suggestion on connecting to the device host name, or the device IP with a web interface pretty much gives you universal access to whatever you decide to have the videos delivered through on the web based platform. True this opens the device to minor attack, but then again, This is one of the features PTZ cameras and their DVR stations provide, while also maintaining high grade bank level encryption. That ontop of providing proprietary video viewing software that has the crypto key account locked to the user. Say USER1 downloaded from the DVR unit, USER2 CANNOT access those same files because of the cryptology surrounding user1 extracting the videos specifically and only viewable by the crypto attached to USER1. Same goes for USER2. UNLESS they share the cyhper key. Im not gonna go into detail explaining it im fairly certain your engineers and developers understand what im talking about.

      Thanks again for realizing the first baby step to the project regarding "Offline" access. Were making steps. But we need a robust and much more reliable feature. It is true windows, mac, and linux machines can emulate through seperate SDK utilites the Phone OS to gain access to the content, but that should NOT be the workaround to getting the ability to view while in "offline" mode on the local LAN

    34. Eufy Security Creator about 14 hours ago

      @Praveen Inuganti

      Geo fencing will be available.

    35. Ronald Deasy about 14 hours ago

      Big change that i thinks a major selling point. They decided to enable the feature for mobile only?

      I need to adjust my statement, just realized its strictly through the phone application. The next step would be to enable it over a proprietary based software provided by the base station itself on the same network as the device to both pull and extract content for offline viewing purposes. So my original comment still stands, we may have made some progress with the wanted feature of offline viewing, but strictly on a mobile device? Why solely on the mobile device and not on the computer level? A major changer would be to also include a web interface on the base unit itself that is user accessable on the same network while also giving us access to the content to download while locally connected through the apropriate IP assigned with the base station(Whatever we decide to assign it) or the device host name.

    36. Missing avatar

      Dean Lee about 14 hours ago

      Nevermind, you just updated to add additional backers for the $329 so I just switched it. It would be nice to either alert people or change their order to match the lowest available at the time. Thank you!

    37. Missing avatar

      Dean Lee about 14 hours ago

      Hey so I backed the project early with $199. I received an email today about getting a second camera for another $150 and was super excited, but then disappointed that there was another 1000 backers added for the $329. How come there wasn't an email to early backers about that? I would have gladly changed it if I knew about it? Thanks.

    38. Eufy Security Creator about 14 hours ago

      @Dennis Pohlmann

      Even if you’re not paying for the cloud-based service, you will still be able to view live video.

    39. Eufy Security Creator about 14 hours ago

      @Ted M

      1. Camera’s depth of field- it is fixed focus.
      daytime: 3ft to infinity
      nighttime: about 33ft

      2. Distance for motion detection: If horizontal, about 33 feet. If 6 feet above the ground and tilting 15 degrees, the distance is about 26ft.

    40. Eufy Security Creator about 15 hours ago

      @niels rosenau

      Thank you!

      Once it has recognized a face, it will immediately choose what to do depending on the settings that you have set. For instance, if it’s a trusted person, you can just choose for the camera to not send you an alert. If it’s someone that’s not trusted you can choose to have it send you an alert.

      You can put a name to said faces as well.

    41. Missing avatar

      Niels Rosenau about 15 hours ago

      So 300 years of battery life

    42. ShawnB about 15 hours ago

      @eufy, you seem to be cherry picking responses. Can we get a little more response support, since nobody seems to be supporting your question section in the FAQ?

    43. Eufy Security Creator about 15 hours ago

      @Keiko the Dog

      300 recharges is how many the battery is capable of.

    44. Missing avatar

      Bui Nguyen about 15 hours ago

      Does the videos instantly upload to the cloud once it detects motion. If a burglar unplug the home base one minutes after he got in, would the videos be saved in the cloud within that 1 minutes? Or does it saves to the home base first and then sync to the cloud afterward?

    45. Missing avatar

      Anthony about 15 hours ago

      Hello, I pledged $1 to add my comments and questions as well:

      1) I'd love it if the upload supports some sort of open-source solutions. I have my own NAS/cloud server that I'd rather use - whether through NFS, FTP, USB, or anything else. It's a 4 disk 16 TB server with 2x Intel 16 core processors...

      2) Some sort of doorbell/Ring integration would be nice. Since I have a security system, I'd rather get a replacement doorbell instead of the entry sensors (how do those work anyway? - does it make the recording start on entry event?)

    46. Missing avatar

      Bui Nguyen about 15 hours ago

      Is there a way to change the quantity to the pledge? I want 2 quantity of the same pledge. Do I just double the Pledge amount? Sorry, I'm new to this. Thanks.

    47. Missing avatar

      Henry Kim about 15 hours ago

      I echo the growing concern about a closed platform. This gives power users little flexibility. Ubiquiti Unifi Video is an example of a better balance of features and openness. Perhaps offer an option to back up to a hard drive or NAS.

    48. Missing avatar

      Phil Melvin about 15 hours ago

      Any chance at having the ability to store the footage on my own NAS instead of cloud storage?

    49. Missing avatar

      Chuck G. about 15 hours ago

      Without the cloud requirement, that is.

    50. Missing avatar

      Chuck G. about 16 hours ago

      Agree with others - still want to download and own my data.

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