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Half Pint is a short dramatic film to motivate our youngest generation to talk to, and learn history from, the World War II generation. Read more

Providence, RI Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on April 15, 2012.

Half Pint is a short dramatic film to motivate our youngest generation to talk to, and learn history from, the World War II generation.

Providence, RI Shorts
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I hope you enjoyed the short pitch video I shot at our Normandy windmill location on the coldest day of the winter, I can't wait to return and shoot there with a professional crew in warm weather.

THE PLOT: When his family takes him to a museum on a rainy day, 13 year old Jim doesn't care much for history, until he finds himself thrown back in time to 1944 France on the eve of D Day where he runs into four American airborne soldiers (Sarge, Ace, Joker & Sparks). The four soldiers give him the nick name "Half Pint" and take this lost boy along on their mission as forward observers. Hiding in a French windmill , they must radio German troop movements and artillery emplacements to the allied commanders before they are eventually discovered by the enemy. In the clash with a German patrol, Half Pint saves one of his new friends from a grenade that also lands Jim back in the present, just a split second after he left. Was it all a dream? Later in the day when his parents take the family to meet up with their grandfather for some ice cream, Jim is in for a surprise and a new appreciation for history.

THE PROJECT: Our production will shoot on locations in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. The film is intended to motivate our youngest generation to talk to and learn from the WW II' generation (out greatest generation) about the history they made and experienced. The film will be shown at film festivals and be made available without charge  to WW II museums, schools, reenactment groups, and other non-profit historical educational organizations. This professionally produced film will transport our young viewers back in time with the use of wonderful locations, a talented cast and historically accurate WW II reenactor extra performers. Please take a look at our "Half Pint" facebook page

HOW: We have been able to cut our costs for this project to the bare minimum for a professional production by utilizing some volunteer labor, calling in a some favors, and crew members taking on multiple jobs, but there are costs such as camera & lighting equipment rental, camera jib & glide-cam rig rental, liability insurance, key crew positions, editing equipment, an editor, background music rights, location & permit fees, wardrobe, props, food, travel, duplication, and others costs that must be paid for.  This project will be financed with this campaign, as well as with grants and donations through our non-profit producing partner FLICKERS/Rhode Island International Film Festival (501C-3). Our goal is to raise at least one third to one half of our budget from kickstarter, but more would be great. The more we raise, the better our project will be.

Tax deductible donations made to the project will garner you a producer's credit: $50 for a Contributing Producer credit $1,000 for an Associate Producer credit $5,000 for an Executive Producer credit



     Jim (Half Pint).....not yet cast

     Sarge.....LEE SIMONDS

     Sparks....not yet cast

     Ace....not yet cast

     Joker.....not yet cast


     Screenwriter / Producer....DUNCAN PUTNEY (OCD Associates)

     Producer.....ANDRE STARK (OCD Associates)

     Co-Director / DP / Camera Operator.....TONY BENNIS

     B Camera Operator.....ALLEN LOOK

     Scholastic / Historical / Educational Consultants....JOHN McNIFF (N.P.S.), WALTER SCHRODER (historian & author)

     Military Consultant & Weapons.....FRANK MOODY (Direct Action Group)

     Our Locations.....BOYD'S GRIST MILL in Rhode Island, THE WRIGHT MUSEUM in New Hampshire, and various public WW 2 reenactments in New England.

      Principals Casting.....L.D.I. CASTING (Anne Mulhall)

     Reenactor Casting....HISTORY CASTING / L.D.I.

     German Reenactors.....STEVEN KAPOTAS, SR. & the GR914, 352 Infantry Division. SARAH BENNETT

     American 101st Airborne Reenactors.....NORM HARBINSON & the 502 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 

     Executive Producers.....GEORGE T. MARSHALL (FLICKERS / R.I.I.F.F.),



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