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Plumbing catastrophe avoidance for everyone.  Stops pipe bursts & small costly plumbing leaks.  SmartPhone controlled & easy install
Plumbing catastrophe avoidance for everyone. Stops pipe bursts & small costly plumbing leaks. SmartPhone controlled & easy install
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Posted by Dan Sterling (Creator)


Tech Faster - "A majority of these smart things......are arbitrary. There are, however, some smart devices with some serious world-changing implications. One such device is the Water Hero Smart Leak Detection System"

Digital Trends - "And the best part? The system is entirely non-invasive and retrofittable. You don’t need to be (or hire) a plumber to install Water Hero in your home. "

Boston Magazine - "Buying for the Techie in your life just got a whole lot easier."

Mass Clean Energy Center - “Water Hero is a shining example of how quickly an innovative team working together can take an idea and turn it into a successful business venture, while using technology to help solve some of our greatest energy and water challenges” CEO Alicia Barton


Mohammed Issa:  We need to liven up this campaign a little if we really care about this amazing product!! How about sharing on Facebook or Twitter? Or sending emails to kickstarter indicating that we would love to see this in the featured page? ( We are not even half way through the goal and we only have 20 days left. If we all act together, there is enough time to spread the word.

I'm really pumped for this product because I recently left my house for vacation (last winter) and I shut off the main water to the house, turned off the heat, drained all the water from the plumping, but didn't do a good job at the latter. When I came back from my vacation, I opened up everything again, and my house started raining water from all corners. There was a total of 13 burst copper pipes which caused a lot of damage.

The reason I shut off the water and heat was to make sure nothing happens in my absence (I couldn't get anyone to check up on the house regularly at that time). If water hero was installed, I wouldn't have worried about anything, I would have been able to monitor the house myself to see if there were any leaks. If anything happens I can call a friend to check it out.

Sorry for the long post, but we need to make this happen. Thanks!

Technobly:  @Water Hero Team, fantastic invention! Just backed you for a full package. Looking forward to your goal being met and future updates :)

Jen DeAngelo:  Even though I have a sidewalk meter, and not a basement, here in Austin, TX, I have backed the project just to see it be successful! I've also emailed Stories@kickstarter requesting their consideration of a feature, as well as shared on FB & Twitter.

A few years ago, I owned a house built with too much flux in the pipes. Over the years, the pipes deteriorated, and I had a flood while I was out of town. Had I at least been notified by something like the Water Hero (although able to work with my meter type), I likely could have shut off the water remotely, and potentially saved myself and my insurance company thousands in repair costs.

Jon Buckland:  This is a great idea and I can't wait to see how you finish your invention. If I had had a Water Hero installed in the past few years, I could have avoided 3 floods at the house through leaks in the pipes

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