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We took over Clapham Common station for two amazing weeks. You can find out more about the project and help with our next takeover at
We took over Clapham Common station for two amazing weeks. You can find out more about the project and help with our next takeover at
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Chapter 1: Every great journey begins with a tiny paw.

Posted by Glimpse (Creator)

Hello citizens!

Thank you all SO MUCH for digging into your little electronic purse to support the CATS. Together we can transform a London tube station into a gorgeous reminder that the best things in life are free.

Our campaign is off to a roaring start. In just one short week we have:

  • Generated amazing media coverage in Newsweek
  • Won support from The Yes Men
  • Sparked a meeting with the company in charge of ads on the tube 
  • Welcomed over 100 new backers like you, from all over the world (olá Portugal!)

Now - a quick question for you all. This is our first ever Kickstarter, and since launching we've had many companies offer us a paid service for likes and shares on social media.

So.. what do you think? Should we feed the advertising beast to hit our target? Or can we go it alone, using citizen power and nothing else? Let us know how you feel.

We'd love to do this ourselves and have grabbed because it's super easy to share. So please mention the Kickstarter on social, tell your friends, and remember to stroke your own cat so they don't feel left out (they're secretly mega-excited about this, by the way).

Please send us your ideas, designs or cat jokes so that we can include them in the next update. In the meantime, here's a picture one of our backers did this week. 

Thanks again for joining the Takeover Service. Together, we can scratch the world. 


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    1. PR Taylor

      Agreed, paying for likes and shares (which I don't pay attention to anyway) is just a waste of money and at this stage, the project hasn't taken off as it should have. If it doesn't fund then you still have to pay the parasites (I'm touch catty tonight ;-) )

      As below, I'll add that it kind of takes away the militant aspect of the campaign if you end up paying for clicks.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Bush on

      Please don't pay for likes and shares. It's against the policy of every social media app, anyway. I'd like to think a wonderful idea like this can stay clear of the murkiness of paid likes, etc. It would feel like doing the extreme of what this campaign seems to be aiming to challenge, too.

    3. Jason O'Mara on

      SO excited for this campaign. From one cat-loving Kickstarter creator to another: There's so much free "advertising" available, I'd be hesitant to pay for it this early in the campaign. The reason why advertisers are reaching out to you is because they know this is a great idea. Keep pitching to online cat bloggers + social media personalities, transportation websites, and anyone else who will listen. You'll be surprised how many people want to support your cause. ^_^