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[Album] Young Scolla meets SMKA 's video poster

Young Scolla meets SMKA is an experimental, soulful, hip-hop album - produced by SMKA [ATL] and written by Young Scolla [DET]. Read more

Atlanta, GA Hip-Hop
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This project was successfully funded on March 12, 2011.

Young Scolla meets SMKA is an experimental, soulful, hip-hop album - produced by SMKA [ATL] and written by Young Scolla [DET].

Atlanta, GA Hip-Hop
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About this project

First off, thank you for taking the time to check out this project. If you have come this far please check out the video and read the description below... and if compelled, help us make this project happen.

We are attempting to do something fairly unique in independent hip-hop. To date, we haven't seen the hip-hop community embrace, or even really attempt, to use crowd funding as a platform to create an album. Possibly too many MCs are focused on getting signed, or breaking a single on the radio, instead of trying to build a fan base and monetize their brand/music. Hip-Hop artists across the US are trying to make a living making music, but very, VERY few have been able to turn their passion into profit.

We see Kickstarter as an opportunity to create a high-quality album without the necessity of a label or sponsorship. If successful, we also hope to show other independent hip-hop artists an alternative path, outside of labels and sponsors.

>>> Young Scolla meets SMKA <<<

We (SMKA) have wanted to create an album with up-and-coming, hip-hop artist, Young Scolla for a while. We produced a track for Young Scolla on The 808 Experiment: Vol 2 (Jan 2010), and again in October. We have worked with a lot of artists and felt Scolla possessed a unique blend of soul, lyricism, versatility and passion that would be fun to work with.

We have also witnessed the growth Scolla has gone through in the past 12 months. Scolla has been working on his craft, trying to get better each month and each session. He has organically built a strong and loyal fan base by putting out quality music, working very hard and being a genuine and humble artist.

>>> Money & Support <<<

Your donations and support will be going directly to the mixing/mastering process, as well as the other costs associated with putting out an album: Art, Design, Videos and Printing. Putting together a quality product isn't cheap, and the $4,000 we are attempting to raise, will only cover a portion of those costs.

>>> Tell A Friend <<<

Even if you don't donate to the album (though we would love it if you would) we appreciate anyone and everyone who helps spread the word about the album and our campaign. Tweet it... Blog it... Post it... Email it....Share it with a friend or family member.

If you have any questions about the project, or about SMKA & Young Scolla...check out our websites.

SMKA: Young Scolla:



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