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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 3 2017
Playa Games GmbHBy Playa Games GmbH
First created
Playa Games GmbHBy Playa Games GmbH
First created
pledged of €250,000pledged of €250,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 3 2017

End of the Kickstarter campaign


Hello dear backers,

we will end the Kickstarter campaign now.

You might have noticed that things got slow on this campaign over the last days. As it was already mentioned in the comments we tried to find solutions to this. In the end we couldn’t keep up the momentum of the first week.

It is disappointing to us that, even with the support of our backers, there wasn’t enough interest for this game. Without this interest, it is way too risky to start development.

We think that the art, the story and the humor by the KING Art Team would have been a great mix for an awesome story based game with Shakes & Fidget.

We thank you, our supporters, who believed this as well.

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    1. Eli on

      Sadly yes ... in my experience about half of the goal should be funded in the first week (as long as the project is listed on the first page) ... then with the 48h notice the last half usually fills up nicely.

      In between you will have very little 'momentum' so to speak ... so don't despair. The last few days make up for it.

      Please retry your project and advertise it more vehemently on video game sites 1-2 month before posting it on Kickstarter. Also make sure you send a reminder to the original backers :)

      I would be very disappointed to see this never come to life ^^
      Cheers and love you drawings and humor :) Good luck!

    2. Rob Crowther

      Yep @Abigail Kessler, Kickstarter sends a reminder with 48 hours to go to anyone who saved the campaign, most get a boost then. Funding for Kickstarter projects is never a straight line. If you want a mid-campaign boost then introduce a special new tier with limited availability.

    3. Abigail Kessler on

      Momentum? That's not how this works. People either pledge the moment they hear about a campaign, or they wait until the last day. It makes no sense to pledge before then, really, unless you're a rabid fan with money to spare.

    4. Xefande on

      And Playa Games said: project canceled!

      ...and and then there was sorrow. :(

    5. Nicolai Schwarz

      Why cancel this yourselves? You should have waited till the end. Some campaigns have boosts in the last week as well. There is often a low phase in the middle of a campaign.

    6. Missing avatar

      PixelBoy on

      I think Kickstarter funding for adventure games is really dying. There are a lot of reasons for that, obviously. Overall I think it's quite sad that a funding platform with so much potential never got a permanent traction going on.

      With already funded campaigns failing to deliver a completed product, and newer campaigns even failing to complete funding campaign period, I can't see much future. Obviously there is money around somewhere, but people are losing faith, if they already haven't.

    7. Missing avatar

      Fabian on

      Hoped that Gronkh could have made it popular enough to get this gift foundet.
      Such a sad day :(

    8. flesk

      Aww. :'(

    9. Wolffire on

      Why do you break???
      I was so happy and now it does not come?

    10. Entropy - Graywalkers supernatural RPG

      Consider a mix of RPG into adventure for your next game. We hardly see this done, but the old Quest for Glory games were one example. Could get more interest and excitement (and backers) for the next project!

    11. Sinead on

      Yeah i still think like others are saying on here, that you should have kept it open till the end. I think this was difficult for some people to back because of the starting price of the game

    12. Missing avatar

      Colin L. on

      Well better luck on your next project, I guess (BoUT3 please?). I still think you should have kept this one open until the end, but you probably know better than me.

    13. Patrik Kernstock

      Oh no. Better not reaching the goal at the end instead of giving up just in the mid of crowdfunding time. A bit disappointing for me, to be honest. The game seems to have just so much potential!

    14. Missing avatar

      Stefan B.

      schade, dass es jetzt schon abgebrochen wird.. In den letzten 2 Wochen hätte noch einiges passieren können.. :(

    15. Shiroco-Librarian of Unwritten Tales 542 on

      Wow. Didn't expect a cancelation. It didn't look good but I've taken part in a few campaigns and some of them made it barely at the end. I had hoped that we might reach the funding goal in a similar way with some luck in the end. We now face a bleak world without because this game isn't happening. ;/

    16. Missing avatar

      Vedran Sego on

      So sorry to see this terminated. Are there any benefits of cancelling a project as opposed to just having it end naturally (maybe successfully, maybe not)?

    17. Christophe Hermans on

      It's not dead yet.
      Crownfunding campaigns are always less active in their middle.
      You can expect to earn at least as much in the last week than in the first.
      I know it, I've launched two campaigns already and it was always like that.

      Now I do'nt know if you can do it on Kickstarter (you can on Ulule), but you could lower the objective (200000 in place of 250000 for example).

    18. amenthes on

      (also, in case this is a marketing stunt, it's perhaps not the best way to go about it)

    19. amenthes on

      It's quite common that kickstarter campaigns don't move much in the "middle". I wouldn't pull the plug before the race is over.

    20. Jordan Joestar on

      That's really sad. I hope that sooner or later you will release the game.
      We need point and click adventure and cool Collector's Edition.

      Don't give up and good luck!

    21. Missing avatar

      antoniovr on

      I'm sorry to hear that, thank you for the try and keep it that way, we need your games as they are synonymous with quality. Cheers,

    22. Missing avatar

      Jacqueline Walker on

      *sniff* I am sure it would have been a great game!