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Ergonomically designed custom earphones with Hi-Fi sound and wired/Bluetooth interchangeable modules.
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2,441 backers pledged $290,408 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Progress And Tracking Numbers

Posted by HelloEar (Creator)

Dear backers,

Apologies again for the waiting. It’s been a bumpy road from research, design, production… all the way to shipment. 

But we have some great news! We are very pleased to announce that most of the regular ARCs have been shipped already and the Bluetooth modular will be shipped soon. We will finish the sending of the tracking numbers to each individual early next week. You can then track the status on your ARC.

A few addresses provided are of restricted areas, we have sent messages out about that. Please check it and give us another address in order to get your ARC as soon as possible since we still have not figured out a way to send ARC internationally to those areas.

Also, we are still waiting for some backers’ photo updates. Some of the pictures we received did not follow the guidelines which made it hard for us to analyze. To ensure the best customer experience, we will need the photo updates before we send out the ARC to these individuals.

Thank you again to all the backers for bringing ARC to life, let’s look forward to the arrivals together.


HelloEar ARC Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      A.J. Rohan on

      When will the bluetooth module be shipped to those backers who have paid for them? It's been almost 3 months with no updates??

    2. Scott Cooper

      LOVE my HelloEar!!! How long until I receive the blue tooth module (projected shipping dates). Very Excited...

    3. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      The left side sits in perfectly and is a great fit. The right side slips out constantly. and thats just sitting still.
      Have the normal earpiece but no bluetooth yet.

    4. Giuseppe Mastrangelo on


      I received nothing... can you check please my order ? thanks

    5. Lennard Eric

      I eagerly await the bluetooth module. The sound on this earphone is phenomenal. I have had Shure earphones to compare. This sound is definitely comparable and at a fraction of the cost. It is comfortable in my ears but my right side tends to slip out.

    6. Marco Koolen on

      I think A received a package but it was delivered to the postoffice. After 2 weeks (I was on holiday) they send it back... Can you help? Tracking ID: 994857957848

    7. Missing avatar

      Alon Shaked on

      After all the delays we have endured, I was contacted by the creator stating that they can not ship to my address and that I have to provide a mainland USA address which I did. I finally received my package and low and behold, I ordered the bluetooth version and received the regular cable version!!!! Is this a joke????? Please send me an immediate refund!!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Bronwyn Thompson on

      My headphones arrived today, neatly packaged and safe. I unpacked them easily, they're beautifully made! Tried them on - the most comfortable I've ever tried. Lovely sound quality - easy to forget you're wearing them. Can't wait for the Bluetooth to come! Congratuations.

    9. Missing avatar

      Judy Crespi on

      Just received my ARC today and have them in my ears as I type this. I take back EVERYTHING I've been thinking! These are fantastic! I'm listening to my music that I've heard many times and it's like really hearing it for the first time. I've never like anything in my ears but these are so comfortable, it may be awhile before they come out! Thank you!

    10. Missing avatar

      Craig Forrest

      I have not received a tracking number for shipment.
      Your message above states "most" of the regular ARCs have been shipped as of 23 July (2 weeks ago).
      I sent a message on July 26th asking for clarification on my shipping status. I have not received a reply as of August 7th.

      Please send me a shipping update ASAP. I have been more than patient, given the claim that product has already shipped.

    11. Missing avatar

      Gary Fleming on

      Received my Arc yesterday. Congratulations on creating an excellent product. The product exceed my expectations on fit and comfort. It really does fit perfectly to my ears making it easy to forget you are wearing them. It actually seals well enough that it creates an airtight seal that causes suction when pulling them out providing great stability staying in the ear and good outside noise isolation. Although I haven't spent more than a few hours listening to them and haven't listen to the back to back and compared them to my Grado SR225e audiophile enthusiast open air head phones I can honestly say they are the best sounding in ear headphones I have listened to (in full disclosure I have not listened to the vastly more expensive custom molded in ear monitors). The sound is very pleasant, balance crisp highs without being harsh, nuanced warm mid-tones, and a strong natural bass without being boomy. You have made me a convinced customer. Now that my fit is determined I wonder if possibly in the future you will provide a range of drivers at different price points (3+ Balanced armature Drivers)?

    12. Missing avatar

      Fabian on

      Just wanted to let you know i just recieved my Arc. It's an amazing product and perfectly fits to my ears. You really make up for all the waiting and live up to the set expectations. I can't wait to receive the bluetooth module to further enjoy my Arc. Big thanks and shout out to you all!

    13. Missing avatar

      PallaviBhatt on

      When will you be dispatching it to India?
      I need to modify by address slightly

    14. HelloEar Creator on

      @all about the Bluetooth modular, the most difficult and crucial part, the custom part of the product itself is completed already, so we can ship the wired Arc to you first. As for the Bluetooth modular, we decided to ship it out later because there are still some details to be perfected. The estimated shipping is in about 2 month just in case. Please be aware that making the Bluetooth modular is not that difficult technically but it is a bit time consuming.

    15. Steven Rosen on

      Hey I finally received my standard earphones today. I assume the Bluetooth ones I originally ordered will follow later and the standard earphones are sent complimentary in addition to the Bluetooth ones.

      Have not plugged them in yet, but they are fairly comfortable and do seem to fit well. Now
      I just need that lightening connector....

    16. Ya Dima on

      @HelloEar, it would be great to hear the status on the bluetooth module (like why it's delayed, what is the problem, etc) and when it will be shipped!

    17. Tim L on

      Sounds alright to me. :) Cheers, thanks for working hard! I'm sure the product would be super.

    18. Missing avatar

      Nigel Firman on

      Hey guys - I need to change my address for the blue tooth headphones. I sent you a message on kickstarter. Did you receive it? Or do I need to put it here? Based in London, UK, and haven't received my tracking number yet. Help please?


    19. David Gruia on

      what is the new ETA for the shipment for folks who said they want both bluetooth (and lightning connector in my case) AND regular to be shipped at the same time. this is absolutely ridiculous

    20. Timo on

      Hello Team, I would like to ask you if you could send me the tracking number of my parcel via a direct message thank you very much.

    21. HelloEar Creator on

      @Timothy Low the bluetooth modular is not perfect yet, it will be shipped later. And yes, it will be 2 packages in your case. The shipping fee is on us. Please wait patiently.
      @Toby that is import custom collected by your country. Please pay for that so you can get the package. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    22. Tim L on

      Hey guys, thanks for the email. I received it and am very hopeful in how the product would be.

      What I don't understand is this: I backed 2x bluetooth earphones, and I'm reading here that "regular ARCs have been shipped and bluetooth modules shipped soon" - does this mean that my earphones will be shipped in two parts, the earphones first then the bluetooth? How does that work?

      Sorry if it's a dumb question I'm just quite confused by this. Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Toby on

      Just received an email from GFS Admin (seemed like spam but it hold correct information about my tracking order) - it reads:

      Hello Toby

      The parcel you ordered from zhouwei has arrived and has been processed through customs.

      Your consignment tracking number JC************ is currently being held at our premises pending payment of duties and taxes

      Amount due is

      Duty: £0.00

      VAT: £12.47

      Processing: £8.00

      Total: £20.47

      Is this a legit fee? And why weren't we notified of additional fees before?

    24. Matt Morris on

      Can't access my account anymore. Could I receive an update for this email address?


    25. Nakul on

      I need to change my shipping address. I am moving to a new place and need to update my address. How do I do so?

    26. Missing avatar

      Jake on

      Have you already contacted those whose photo's did not follow guidelines? I haven't heard anything since submitting so can I assume mine scanned & I'll be contacted with a tracking number shortly? Also, as I pledged a Regular + B/T package, should I assume you will send as a complete set once B/T module is ready or will you ship Regular ahead of B/T, which follows on later? ThanQ & good luck getting it all finished & out there... ^J

    27. Missing avatar

      Tamara Green on

      We have had promised dates for a while now. On June 5th your messages stated "delivery by the end of this month is of certainty now". (Then it was apparently pushed back without any kind of update). Then we were promised regular set PLUS blue tooth by the end of July. Today is 7/25/17 and I still have not received either set, nor have I received any kind of confirmation, tracking number, etc. As quoted in your most recent statement, "We are very pleased to announce that most of the regular ARCs have been shipped already and the Bluetooth modular will be shipped soon. We will finish the sending of the tracking numbers to each individual early next week. (Early next week is, of course, yet another push back). You can then track the status on your ARC." "Bluetooth modular will be shipped soon"? What exactly does that mean?!? Originally you said July for Bluetooth. How much longer are we going to have to wait? I've been patient...but I'm getting tired of waiting. I've never backed a project that I've had to wait so incredibly long to receive. :(

    28. gadi rosales on

      hi I have not received any message from you guys I would like to know what's my status. (shipped, or if i need to resend a new address) I live in Colombia.

    29. M. Cassie Goodwin

      My order status is "passed" - what does that mean?

    30. Missing avatar


      Роман Боднар. сторонник №611. Я переехал на новый адрес, ну и как вам его сообщить?

    31. Jessica Bee on

      Hello, I tried to log into the Helloear website and it said invalid account?

    32. Missing avatar

      Long Shing Cheung on

      How can I update my delivery address? since I have just recently moved home and there has been delay of the arc delivery for months....

    33. Missing avatar

      April Ezell on

      How do I know you received my photo and it's a go?

    34. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Plante on

      everythings is fine for Canada ?

    35. Missing avatar

      Joseph Raymond Freitas

      finally some news