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Ergonomically designed custom earphones with Hi-Fi sound and wired/Bluetooth interchangeable modules.
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Email address confirmation & Coin infomation

Posted by HelloEar (Creator)

Dear backers,

Thank you for backing us, your support means a lot to us.

We have updated the HelloEar Suggested Coins for Each Country-Region on Google Doc which will be used in ear photos as mentioned in Ear Photo Taking Process. Please check it again.

Coin List
Coin List

Some backers might have tried Arc in the time of CES, Arc just fits their ears perfectly as you can see. The results from them are positive - comfort, secure fit and incredible sound. Thank you again for helping us bring Arc to life.

Last but not least, please fill out the survey sent on 5th February in Kickstarter, when everyone finishes email address confirmation, we will send you the dedicated link to upload your ear photos and select color. In case someone misses the link, we strongly recommend you use your Kickstarter registered email address to receive the follow-up emails.

Message reminder in the top of Kickstarter Page
Message reminder in the top of Kickstarter Page


HelloEar Arc Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Diane Abel on

      I haven't received (or accidently deleted) the email link to upload my pictures either, I need you to resend to me also. Thanks

    2. Missing avatar on

      I have not received an email link to upload the pictures as of yet. Please resend me

    3. Missing avatar

      Marco Zamberlan on

      I have not received an email link to upload the pictures as of yet. Please advise?

    4. Missing avatar

      Joseph on

      @ HelloEar Please resend the email. I have not received it as of yet. Thank you

    5. HelloEar Creator on

      Hi Everyone,

      The final survey with email link is being worked. The key is to allow everyone to confirm your order details, and submit the ear photos for them to be securely transmitted and stored on our server. Our technology team is working hard to complete this. We will keep everyone updated for the progress. Thank you for your patience.

      HelloEar team

    6. Missing avatar

      Colin Turner-Kerr on

      I have not received an email link to upload the pictures as of yet. Please advise?

    7. Christopher Grafitti on

      I have only received an email confirming address also, no survey for ear size yet.

    8. Missing avatar

      K J Dangerfield on

      I did not receive the email confirmation. Found an issue that has been resolved. Please resend. Thanks

    9. Missing avatar

      Eslam Sedky on

      One more point to clarify
      Is it still possible to change the included 3.5 mm cable to Type-c cable ? And if yes, it'll be with extra charge or not ?
      Thanking you,

    10. Missing avatar

      Eslam Sedky on

      I've tried to use my address in country of residence but a message appeared saying "back to the creator to change the address", Please clarify .

      Thank you,

    11. HelloEar Creator on


      Patience. is coming :-)

      Please recognize we must be very thorough on the data verification and collection process, in order to provide accurate and best service to you, given this is going to be a whole new digital customization process that you will ever experience for custom earphones. So we have decided to break down into multiple surveys, than a typical one-step-only survey you may have seen in other campaigns.

      So, again, thus far we have been confirming the coin specifics and your email address. Hope this is clear to everyone. We did not send out the last step survey yet to request your ear photos (again, patience please :-)).

      Please take time to respond to last survey to confirm your email address. You must provide a valid email address you will check and respond with, so we can maintain communications with you throughout the process. Very important.

      Next, once we get everyone's email confirmation very soon, we will send out the FINAL survey with dedicated link for you to confirm your order and submit ear photos. We will announce again here when it is sent out, so you will have no chance to miss it!

      Special thanks to @meisje for her clarifications below. Thank you @meisje!

      Thanks again for everyone's patience and support. We are as eager as you to complete the survey and make your Arc earphone(s)!


      HelloEar Arc team

    12. meisje on

      @Russ, the mail from Feb 5 is only to confirm your email address. Not for picture. The KS software is not able to make this kind of survey, so HelloEar will send you their own survey, to ask for you picture.

    13. meisje on

      I just logged in to my KS account and a big orange line came up, with the info, that Ear Arc is waiting for respond on the survey. And it worked :-)

    14. Russ Abravanel on

      Let's make this more confusing than it needs to be...I too never got the email for picture on Feb 5th? HELLO

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrea Yin Zhang on

      I did not get the survey email. What do I do? I got a Feb7 email but no Feb5 email.

    16. meisje on

      I got the email, but the button-link "respond now" doesn't work this time. It worked with other projects fine.

    17. Kahoe Pio Fernandes on

      I receive all emails from Kickstarter but have not yet received a survey!

    18. Missing avatar

      Eslam Sedky on

      Just now I confirmed my email .
      Waiting for my photo upload link
      One more thing, You mentioned that you ship worldwide but when I tried to put a shipping address outside the US it didn't got accepted, can you please tell me why ?

      Thank You,

    19. HelloEar Creator on

      @Hans-Helmut Kuemmerer We have updated it. Thank you again.

    20. HelloEar Creator on

      @Caitlín Matthews Sorry for this, someone fails to finish email address confirmation, in case someone misses the link to upload ear photos, we will send you the dedicated link to upload your ear photos and select color when everyone finishes the confirmation.

    21. Caitlín Matthews on

      I have been waiting to receive the email so that I can send you my ear photos, but nothing has arrived.

    22. HelloEar Creator on

      @Hans-Helmut Kuemmerer Yes, thank you!

    23. Missing avatar

      Hans-Helmut Kuemmerer on

      In your coin list you have listed for currency EUR and for coin $ 2 , I think you mean € 2