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Alix Olson seeks your support in the production of her third spoken word album. Pre-order "Protagonist!" (and other Alix goodies) now!
223 backers pledged $11,538 to help bring this project to life.

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Alix/Protagonist needs your info!

Posted by Alix Olson (Creator)
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Hello all! 

We are busily collecting Protagonist addresses and reward choices but we are still missing some... !

Please check your email to fill out this info (Kickstarter won't let us re-send it) so that we can get your package out to you!! 

xoxo subtle sister crew

Protagonist has arrived!

Posted by Alix Olson (Creator)

You never thought it would arrive- well, neither did we! Sparing you the sordid details of this entire process, let us simply say that this Protagonist is indeed a Protagonist! We are busily collecting addresses- including yours so please answer the Kickstarter survey we have sent to your email- and will soon be packaging up your goodies! Yippee!!! 


Posted by Alix Olson (Creator)

Hello all of our patient and fabulous Protagonist supporters: 

This is just an update to let you know that, while there were a few logistical complications, things are now moving along on Protagonist! We'll release a track on itunes soon for a sneak peak...  

Thanks for dealing with this verrrrrry loooooong process, way longer than we ever anticipated, and we look forward to sharing the album with you soon!!! 



Posted by Alix Olson (Creator)

Hey there Protagonists! We had a great all-day recording session on Sunday. Producer-engineer Melissa Ferrick showed up with all of her millions of gear and twisted lots of knobs and measured big microphones' distance from one another (this is I'm a poet-not-a-musician speak for "the woman seems to know what she's doing, though I'm not clear on what that is at all times." I always felt this way while traveling and doing sound checks with Pamela, Lyndell, Ember, and Chris..). Melissa is also doing the music for the tracks so I'll get an audio glimpse into that next week. We have one more recording session to lay down vocals in a few weeks.. but we're pretty sure this project will be ready before the holidays. 

Also, I've never done this before, but I am working on one last poem and I would like to know what's on your minds.... that is to say, what are you wondering about, what are you waiting for, what are you grieving, what are you witnessing? These thoughts would be helpful to me as I approach the last track. You can email me here or at: or post on facebook if you're the public type;)

I'll leave you with a few pics of Melissa and the kid: two people that are making me pretty happy these days. 

In Solidarity. Alix

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Protagonist Update

Posted by Alix Olson (Creator)

Dearest Protagonists! 

So, now that baby #1 (the pooping tyke-ing kind) has made his debut, I'll soon be ready to embark upon baby #2 (the looping mic'ing kind). We will begin recording Protagonist in mid June here in Northampton, MA.-- I'm so looking forward to the production process- working with my buddy Melissa Ferrick! Once we send the project off for mastering, I will send out a request for mailing addresses so we can be sure to get your package (and all its various accoutrements) off to the right place. I'll be in touch soon with more updates about the project! And, as ever, thanks again for all of your support-- I love to hear from you.

For now, sending solidarity, 

Alix and

For booking: 

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