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Kultur Shock has become the mouth piece, an amplifier for a generation of Europeans dedicated to an idea of unity through diversity.
Kultur Shock has become the mouth piece, an amplifier for a generation of Europeans dedicated to an idea of unity through diversity.
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Plan for 2012

There are a handful of band interviews left to do:
Masa, Mario, Boris, Amy, Paris, John, Chris

These are the easy ones. Except for Chris, they all live in Seattle.

After those, things get a bit tricky. The following list is a mix of necessary-must-have and contextually interesting interviews:
Phil Alden Robinson - Involved with Gino and Lazy during the war
Joan Baez- Involved with Gino and Lazy during the war
Mike Farrell - Involved with Gino and Lazy during the war
Jello Biafra - Close friend of Gino and Bill Gould
Krist Novoselic - Close friend of Gino after he emigrated to Seattle
Billy Gould - Owner of KS' first record label and close friend of the band
Eugene Hütz - Gogol Bordello. Musical contemporary
Jack Endino - Long time producer and collaborator

Bill and Jack are easy interviews to get. I know them both and it's just a matter of dealing with their busy schedules. Krist and Jello are relatively easy. Friends of friends. Eugene's publicist has expressed interest in the idea, but it would most likely mean a trip to New York. I want to plan it so that I can spend some time with Chris simultaneously.

Mike, Phil and Joan are different beasts altogether and I think they would add a lot of flavor and context to the film. They are on a different plan of existence from where I am right now and it will take some work to get these interviews. Plus, my mom would freak if I told her I was doing an interview with BJ Hunnicutt! M.A.S.H. was a family ritual when I was growing up.

Beyond these interviews, I would really like to go back to the Balkans and talk more intimately with a number of the people I met. On the road, I felt discouraged at times when people were so open to talk with me about their homeland and the band and politics and music and religion and just about anything... while the camera wasn't rolling. In Bosnia and Serbia though, once I turned on the camera people either clammed up or declined an interview altogether. I frequently felt that it was an inadequacy on my part as an interviewer. However, when I got back, Kasia and I were watching a Michael Palin travel special. He was in Belgrade and faced the same sort of problems. The wounds form the Yugoslavian dissolution wars are still fresh apparently and people are hesitant to talk on camera.

So... if I were to go back to Ljubljana, Mostar, Sarajevo, Zrenjanin, Belgrade and a small number of other cities, I'm sure I could sit down in a cafe with the people I met and have a far more comfortable series of interviews away from the noise of the show and an almost omnipresent police force. This is something I hope to do as it would go a long way to explaining the importance of Kultur Shock's mission and message.

I have also envisioned a dream trip where I would go to Sarajevo and Sofia for 3-4 days with Gino and Val and see their home towns through their eyes.

Almost one year ago, you all helped me get on the road and attain all this great footage and for that I am eternally grateful. There is still a long way to go though and you can still help!

Late last year I was granted fiscal sponsorship through Shunpike. I can now accept tax deductible cash and in-kind donation of goods... services a little more tricky. To keep involved and further the cause of this film, please visit my associated program page at:
Kultur Shock: No Borders - A Shunpike affiliated program.

Thank you all!



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