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Kultur Shock has become the mouth piece, an amplifier for a generation of Europeans dedicated to an idea of unity through diversity.

The mouthpiece of a generation not content with artificially imposed cultural borders, Kultur Shock is amplifying a message of strength and unity through diversity. Having played in 22 countries, sung in 12 different languages, and danced alongside masses of fans from widely varied ethnic, cultural, religious, economic and political backgrounds, Kultur Shock is relentlessly screaming and celebrating the truth - we are one people, we are in this together. This documentary will examine and spread that message. 

Kultur Shock: More Shock Than Kultur will tell the story of a hard working band of Balkan ex-patriots in Seattle. The band consists of a Bosnian singer and Bulgarian guitarist working with four American musicians to bring their message of unity to their homeland in the Balkans which is still fraught with political, ethnic and cultural turmoil. Though their touring schedule and routes primarily allow them to bring their music directly to the people of Europe, their message of unity and no borders has deep relevance to an audience in the USA and the world abroad.


Why Give NOW?

Kultur Shock is going on tour in late July. They will be playing all over Europe, but we are particularly interested in the festivals that will be played in the Balkans. It is at these shows that we will be able to talk to the new generation of concert goers and music fans that work hard to create a sense of unity through diversity and mutual respect across traditionally intolerant borders. By capturing footage of the band exemplifying this message on the stage and their interactions with the fans, we will be able to create the backbone of the narrative of this film.

How will my money be used if this project reaches the Kickstarter funding goal?

Good question! 

The $5000 for this campaign will go toward paying for all the travel expenses related to a 3 week tour with the band in Europe as well as buy hard drives and compact flash cards to shoot and store all the great footage we will get over the course of the tour.

Once back from tour, this footage will be used to create a trailer that will be used to raise more sponsorship for the editorial and post production segment of the production.

What have you done so far on the documentary?

Over the last two years we have shot a ton of behind the scenes footage of the band recording the albums "Integration" and "Ministry of Kultur". Recording, mixing, goofing off, you name it. We have also accumulated tons of live footage of the band performing in Seattle and around Europe. Interviews with current and past members are ongoing... and the easiest part of the whole endeavor.

It is this footage in the Balkans that is the most crucial. Without this footage, we have a "talking head" style film that tells some interesting anecdotes about a great band and some great people, but little else. The footage from this tour will be the backbone of the film.

Why are documentaries so difficult to fund?

Because there are tons of wonderful documentaries being made and funding from national organizations is extremely competitive.  

Please email us with any additional questions or thoughts - we love talking about this project! Email:


  • This Kultur Shock tour will be going to Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria

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  • Though I am a huge fan and long time friend of the band and it's members, the purpose of this documentary is to explore the notion of "unity through diversity". By that I mean, that a healthy society can only flourish culturally and socially if a community is populated by fully realized individuals with a common purpose and the ability to respect and foster diversity.

    Kultur Shock plays to a generation of fans that grew up in the aftermath of political, social and economic collapse due to the nationalist tendencies and unwillingness to embrace the vibrant cultural heritage of the Balkans. THAT is my film.

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  • Largely, the proceeds from this campaign will go toward paying for food and lodging for the three week tour with the band in Europe. Additionally, I will be using a portion of the funds to purchase camera and storage gear to make sure that all of the footage shot during the project is safe and secure.

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  • The goal of this campaign has always been to capture the footage necessary to tell the story I want to tell. Beyond this campaign, there is a ton of interview footage to be shot in Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Austin and even Oslo. In order to raise the funds to get that footage as well as finish the film, a high quality trailer must be made. The footage from this tour will provide that footage.

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