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ParkQuest turns your favorite park into an adventure! Find treasures, collect magic items, battle monsters in real time and places!

What is ParkQuest?

ParkQuest is a free mobile game that provides an immersive, interactive, and customized adventure at public parks and other outdoor areas. Players search for treasures, collect magic items, and battle against monsters as in many adventure games. ParkQuest is unique because players are performing these activities in the real world; in real time and space. Players may use their phone as a map, compass, sword, shield, magic wand, or even a shovel! We want to use this framework to enrich our public parks and get people excited about visiting them and spending time there.

What are the features of ParkQuest?

  • GPS-Enabled Park Treasure Map tracks player position in real time (and the position of the monsters in the game)
  • Events, treasures and challenges have specific, real world locations (players must find them in the park)
  • Interactions use tactile motion detection and touch features of the phone (swing your sword, dig with shovel, point your wand and cast your spell!) 
  • New events and challenges daily, special events on specified dates and times 
  • Shareable "Souvenir photos" commemorate accomplishments, times played and places visited  

How do you play ParkQuest? 

ParkQuest provides a variety of events and activities. Imagine some of the possibilities: 

Search for Buried Treasure
Imagine using your map and compass to find the X on the map, and then using your phone like a shovel to dig up a treasure chest! Commemorate your find by taking your picture- with the treasure you just found!

Go on a Dragon Hunt
Imagine hunting a Dragon that lives somewhere in your park. You will see it flying in the sky. Once you track it down, can you figure out how to capture it, or will you need to use your sword and shield to defend yourself? 

Catch a Fairy
Did you know there are fairies in your park? They are hard to find, and can be hard to catch! Use your net to catch one and they may help you find secret treasures.

Learn to be a Wizard
Have you encountered some monsters in the woods? Imagine pointing your phone like a wand, calling out the name of a spell, a casting your spell to shoot fire, become invisible, or turn them into frogs! Find a school and you can learn new magic spells!

Escape the Zombie Horde
Imagine a horde of Zombies that stalks you throughout the park. You can temporarily fend them off, you can perhaps outrun them, but how will you survive when they just keep chasing you?

Maybe Just a Stroll?
Go on a daily scavenger hunt for the GeoTokens, which are placed at new locations in your park each time. Along the way you will earn gold coins- just for walking!

Where can I play this?

That is what we are trying to KickStart! As you can see from the videos we have already set up the game and framework. We would like this KickStarter campaign to support the addition of more parks. They can be in any public outdoor area that wants to attract/encourage outdoor activity but we find it works best for:

  • Public Parks (State & Regional Parks) 
  • Outdoor Trails 
  • Amusement Parks & Resorts 
  • Outdoor Malls 
  • Fairgrounds 

Once a park is set up, anyone can enjoy the game there at any time.

In addition to the parks added by this campaign, the game will also feature 16 of our favorite parks from around the United States:
  • Central Park, New York, NY 
  • Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA 
  • Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA 
  • Grant Park, Chicago, IL 
  • Boston Common, Boston, MA
  • Rock Creek Park, Washington D.C.
  • Memorial Park, Houston, TX
  • Allaire State Park, Farmingdale, NJ
  • William B. Umstead State Park, Raleigh, NC
  • Chautauqua Park, Boulder, CO
  • Theodore Wirth Park, Minneapolis, MN 
  • Como Park and Zoo, St. Paul, MN 
  • Gooseberry Falls, Two Harbors, MN

The remaining parks will be announced in updates to this page and our Facebook page.

Finally, the game can be played anywhere outdoors. The discovery and exploration elements of the game are simplified if you are not in a registered park (we cannot pick cool places to bury the treasure, for example) but it does let you use the features of the game.

Why should I contribute?

Our goal is to enrich as many parks as possible with these adventures. Supporting this campaign helps us bring the full ParkQuest adventure to a park near you. In addition to enriching your favorite park with an immersive virtual adventure that you, your family, friends, and anyone else who visits that park can enjoy in the outdoors together, ParkQuest also provides the following benefits: 

  • All in-game activities require player to physically explore park (walking exercise) 
  • No effect on environment, no staffing, no physical installation or maintenance 
  • Works seamlessly with existing site footprint (customized to take advantage of the unique aspects of each site). 
  • Parks attract new visitors for longer stays 
  • Local business and community can be integrated and supported through sponsorship 

We are starting with a goal of bringing this to 5 more parks in the United States. We are using this campaign both as a fundraising resource and as a democratic process to choose those parks. Every dollar you contribute will count as a vote for which park we set up next. Naturally, if you contribute the full cost of a single park you just get to pick one. If we do exceed our goal, we are committing to setting up as many new parks as are sponsored through this campaign (so your vote will always count even if people buy their own!). We will ask each contributor for the park(s) of their choice and we will set up the parks with the most votes; one park for every $2,000 earned.

Local businesses and other entities can also set up Special Item Shops with lower (in-game gold) prices and more magical items or weapons and Special Magic Schools where players can learn additional magic spells. Sponsors at this level can choose the exact placement of these schools or shops.The intriguing part is: your special shop or school does not need to be located in the park, it can be located anywhere! Use this as a way to support your park and community by providing the park activity and rewarding players that visit local businesses or other places of interest!

Here is the extended cut of our demonstration video where we details many of the weapons, items, quests, treasures and even discuss some of the design decisions that went into the game.

Thank you very much for checking out ParkQuest. I started with the goal of creating a real life experience out of my favorite classic adventure video games that we could enjoy together as a family outside in the sun. I hope that you have as much fun playing the game, and that it gets people excited about visiting their local parks and spending time there.

Find more videos and follow the progress of this campaign and beyond at

ParkQuest Adventures Mini Episodes

How to Catch a Fairy

How to Find Buried Treasure

How to Use Magical Items

How to Battle Monsters

How we Make the Magic Maps

How to Cast Magic Spells

How to Survive a Zombie Horde

How to Save a Princess

Treasures at the Zoo

Good for the Park, Good for the Earth

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Our model has been to develop the game we want for the parks we wanted to play it in and rely on the KickStarter to fund the implementation of additional parks. We have tried to mitigate most of the risks associated with game-related KickStarter campaigns:
-ParkQuest has already been developed, compiled and tested for several parks in the United States.
-ParkQuest already has a well-established platform and distribution channel.
-We have defined and streamlined a process for developing and implementing new ParkQuest maps into the framework. This process has made us confident that we will be able to fulfill our rewards far beyond our goal.

ParkQuest uniquely exists in both the virtual and physical worlds, and this presents some new challenges:
-We will need to ensure that maps facilitate play in public areas or areas that players will have appropriate access to.
-As a result of this campaign we may be called to implement the game in areas we are unfamiliar with. We have tested the game system and we are confident in the game play, but developing a fantasy park map that appropriately engages the player's imagination can still require a variable level of research and time.

In many ways, ParkQuest is more sustainable than attractions with physical installations but it also needs to keep up with the latest technology platforms. We have developed the game through 2 full version upgrades of iOS with no major issues and have developed contingency plans for upgrades and future platforms.


  • The ParkQuest game will be free. All treasures within the game (with the exception of Kickstarter bonuses) can be obtained for free.

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  • The game isn't meant for that. It does not grant players real magic powers to go places they shouldn't go. The kids on the video have a parent behind the camera.

    Last updated:
  • Technically this could be set up for any outdoor area anywhere in the world. If your yard is huge then why not! But the game has dozens of event points every day so the average yard wouldn't be as fun for the entire treasure or scavenger hunt.

    There is the free-roaming mode which you can always run around your yard with. You can get a treasure and play with the weapons and items.

    If you have an average yard like I do and you want to set up a full adventure I suggest funding a nearby park and using free-roaming and/or getting a shop for your yard.

    Last updated:
  • No. Saving the princess is a age-old video game cliche so I went with it on the video. Players will be able to embark on quests to save princesses, kings, pets, etc.

    Last updated:
  • You get a gold coin (or heart back) for approximately every tenth a mile. This is tracked and shown at the end of your play session. (Apologies to International players it doesn't do kilometers yet.)

    Last updated:
  • Yes and No.

    Yes- this Kickstarter campaign is only for parks in the United States. Both so that we can stay in compliance with the rules of Kickstarter and because we have priced park maps at a level that we can reasonably use to research.

    No- it can be set up and played anywhere in the world. So you'll have to contact us directly to work this out.

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    Vote for your park! Every vote counts and every dollar counts! For every dollar contributed at any level, you get to vote for your favorite park to get the ParkQuest adventure!

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    Advanced Wizard- Get an in-game book of exclusive magic spells that you can cast with the magic wand. Turn your enemies into frogs, create a shield of light, conjure an earthquake, and more!

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    Park Hero- This level will get you Advanced Wizard Spells plus a ParkQuest branded iPhone slider case to protect it from all the monsters you encounter!

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    Sponsor- You can be credited in-game as a sponsor of the park of your choice! You also get the Advanced Wizard Spells and ParkQuest iPhone Case.

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    Park Sponsor- Congratulations! You have bought the election! (not to worry, the remaining votes still count for as many parks as we can do!) You get the whole adventure and customized park map added to the public park of your choice! You will enrich your local community by outright providing it with a new kind of outdoor interactive activity! You also get the Wizard Spells and the ParkQuest iPhone Case.

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    Community Sponsor- At this level you get to choose the park of your choice, but also get to choose the exact placement of either a Special Item Shop or a Magic School. Use this as a way to support your park and community by providing the park activity and rewarding players that visit local businesses or another place of interest! (Note: purchase of the park+shop/school package will not also count as votes for a second park.) You also get the Wizard Spells and ParkQuest iPhone Case!

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    City of Adventure- You get up to 5 parks set up with ParkQuest maps and up to 5 Special Shops or Magic Schools you can place anywhere in or around them. Use this to turn an entire park system into a series of adventures and connect players to local business and places of interest in the community. Oh, and we'll throw in the Wizard Spells and ParkQuest iPhone Case!

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