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A high end art book containing 100 personally designed and illustrated interpretations of the greatest sneaker of all time.
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matt stevens

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Finding the hook

Every time I begin a project or start chasing some idea, the search begins with finding the hook. The "hook" for me is that thing that I can grab hold of, or in the best cases, feels like it grabs hold of me. Until I find that one thing, the process is a struggle.

Most times for me the hook is some personal connection. Something in me that really cares about something in the work. What it is, how it will be used, or the possibility of what it could become. But it can also be just some small thing about the project that seems like a challenge or that I just can't wait to try. A new angle or a new way of seeing something that makes me see the what's ahead of me in a whole new light. 

When I was going strong on the original series of shoes, that hook was vital. These were things I did in my "spare time." I have a full time design job and three kids, so as you can imagine, "spare time" didn't really exist and meant early mornings or late late nights. That passion, drive and connection is what kept me going. In fact, most of the time, it felt easy. I look back on many of the original shoe illustrations and ideas and I don't remember the specific technique or how long I spent on it. I look at those and remember being lost in the act of creating something. It didn't make sense to me at the time, but I was so excited about this new way of expressing my ideas, I couldn't wait to make the next one, lack of sleep and all. 

Working on getting this project ready over the last several months has made me really think about finding that connection in a much larger sense. During the planning, and the prep I've been been thinking about finding that hook in our lives as creators. What would it mean to find that thing that grabs you and pulls you along, take some chances with it and follow it where it leads you. Figure out what you feel made to do and do it. 

Hopefully, on a small scale, that's what I'm doing with this project. Finish what I started. Grabbing and allowing myself to be grabbed by an idea and see it through to success or failure.

Thanks for joining me for the ride.

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