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A high end art book containing 100 personally designed and illustrated interpretations of the greatest sneaker of all time.
A high end art book containing 100 personally designed and illustrated interpretations of the greatest sneaker of all time.
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Recent updates


Final shipment

I've been working through packaging and processing of all the orders this week. My goal was 100 a day to be done by week's end. My wife and oldest son have been a huge help and I came home last night to see a ton of books packaged and ready to go. Thanks to them, we are ahead of schedule and as of this morning all Kickstarter/MAX100 books have shipped! 

I look forward to you all receiving your books, and really appreciate you supporting the project. I hope you enjoy it.


PS - This pic below is about 150 books

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Books are shipping!

The books arrived yesterday. I kept poking around for information to just see what was about to be dropped on my doorstep and trying to figure out where we'd keep them all. The truck finally showed up and dropped a really well packed pallet of 64 boxes and 1400 lbs worth of books. My family was a big help getting them into our former laundry room, now MAX100 world headquarters book storage facility.

I've been spending the last few weeks exploring and refining packaging methods and setting up my postage system. I am now set up to create all the packaging and postage here at home and production will be in full swing this weekend. Expect books to start showing up on your doorsteps very soon!

If you want to see some detailed shots of the finished book, you can check those out here.

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Plywerk/Shipping update

Plywerk prints: Well, all of the Plywerk orders have been placed as of this week. I know many of you already have yours in hand and I hope you're happy with the quality. I've been getting really good feedback thus far. A few of you owe me your image selections, so get those to me when you can and I'll get those in production. I apologize that it's taken so long, but my method for placing the orders was one by one, so it was pretty time consuming. In the end it will all be worth it, because the quality of their product is great.

Book Shipping: I received word from the printer today that there was a slight delay in the bulk shipping. The books will be going out early next week, scheduled to arrive at my house (yikes!) sometime between the 25th and 28th of November. I will do my best to get all the books out as quickly as possible once they arrive.

Any books that I sell via preorder on the MAX100 site will go out after your orders have been fulfilled. You guys made this happen as my project backers, so you are at the front of the line. If you are interested in picking up extra books or posters or want to grab the Artist's Pack, check them out on the site.

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Advanced copy in hand

I received a box of advanced copies on Halloween night. Trick or Treat? Well, fortunately it was a treat and I'm happy to say, Oddi Printing did an amazing job. Colors are great, quality is top notch. Really happy with the result.

The balance of the books are being shipped from Iceland via boat, plane, polar bear, camel and whatever else it takes. With the size and weight of the order, they will take a few weeks to arrive. In the meantime, I'm locally producing the label that goes on the outside of the slipcase.

Once the books arrive, I will begin to fulfill the Kickstarter rewards and get you guys your books. With the extra money raised, I was able to use the efficiencies of printing to produce extra books. You can see the whole gallery and pre-order extra copies and other goodies at the new home of the MAX100 project: The Kickstarter books will go out to you guys first, and after those are all fulfilled, any pre-orders from the site will go out.

Can't wait to get these books in your hands. Thanks again!

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Books are coming!

Exciting news! I have 3 advance copies of the final book set to arrive on Monday. The rest will be shipping from Iceland and should arrive within a few weeks. I will be posting shots of the book once I have it in my hands and will have a specific date for delivery once I have it.

Thanks for your support and patience with the process.