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A short documentary portraying the recent emergence of entrepreneurship in the small Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 7, 2012.

A short documentary portraying the recent emergence of entrepreneurship in the small Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

About this project

WAY TO GO! (and lets keep going...)

Oh. My. Guru.

I never thought we'd be here but we are!! Just over halfway through the campaign and we've almost doubled our goal thanks to YOU our generous and fantabuloso backers. Kadrin chhe! (you might have guessed, it means thank you in Dzongkha, Bhutan's national language)

Now I'm thrilled to confirm that 100% of production costs for this film will be entirely covered by MIB backers from our amazing kickstarter community. But it doesn't stop there! From here on out, all pledges will be put aside for post-production which will be a whole other challenge, and with the extra budget, we'll also create beautiful hand-painted posters for the film in the traditional Bhutanese style.

  • MADE IT! 10k: additional crew + food + lodging

LET'S HIT IT! : $15,000 for post-production + commissioned art-work posters by Bhutanese artists + signed production photo for every backer. 

  • ONE WORD - WOW: 20k for composed soundtrack + screenings + festivals + more!

So if you're not already a MIB backer, now is when you make this fly (Come on, you know you want to!)

Check out the update tab for more info and for a sneak peak at my kiddo :)


      For many, Bhutan is known as the kingdom of happiness, a beautiful and harmonious haven between nature, religion and its people. 

      Beyond this image, Bhutan is facing an unprecedented problem of unemployment coupled with a high dependency on India. Many efforts have been put in place in the country to broaden educational opportunities, but what happens afterwards? The private sector is still a fledgling and the civil service is over-subscribed. This has led to many individuals to cross traditional boundaries, find new opportunities and pursue new dreams by setting up their own socially responsible businesses. In this light, the film will delve into the lives of a few of these local entrepreneurs at different stages of their individual achievements. 

Thimphu - capital and largest city in Bhutan
Thimphu - capital and largest city in Bhutan

      We will meet with entrepreneurs such as Dawa Dukpa who set up ShoeVival, a shoe laundry service that gives footwear a facelift; Sonam Jamtsho, a monk who started an incense factory to generate income for the Lang-Drak monastery; and Deki Wangmo who was awarded the 2011 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Prince Charles’ Youth Business International, for her Tyre Retreading Unit. 

Some of the Loden Entrepreneurs at work
Some of the Loden Entrepreneurs at work

      While these stories reveal inspiring life lessons, we will also interview religious figures and government representatives giving their take on why entrepreneurship comes at a crucial time for the country. 

      Our aim for this film is to reach the widest audience possible both inside and outside Bhutan. In part to raise awareness about the current climate in the Kingdom, but also to empower young Bhutanese to take on the reigns of their future.   

GETTING OFF THE GROUND - your pledge in Bhutanese pockets. 

      Made in Bhutan is a short film made with Bhutanese skill.

      We are currently in the pre-production phase and our first hurdle is pulling together a local film crew. Our aim is to empower and support local talent throughout the whole production of this film, which is after all - just as a reminder - made in Bhutan. This is where you come in.

      We need your help in raising funds to make this happen. With your donations we will be able to hire local filmmakers, putting YOUR money straight into THEIR pockets, and together we can make this project come to life.

      Aside from myself, invited by the Loden Foundation as pro bono director, all remaining crew and equipment will be sourced locally. This will include our Director of Photography Kinley Penjor, Sound Mixer Sherab Dorji, Production Coordinator Dorji Tashi, Production Assistant Rinchen Dorji. 

Left: Dorji Tashi - Top right: Kinley Penjor - Bottom right: Rinchen Dorji
Left: Dorji Tashi - Top right: Kinley Penjor - Bottom right: Rinchen Dorji

If we reach our goal of $6000, the entire sum will be spent to cover main production costs including:

  • Hiring local crew (cameraman, sound mixer, production assistant)
  • Renting and buying equipment (camera, tapes, sound gear, lighting etc)  
  • Vehicle rental (including gas and milage)
  • Hiring a driver (required in Bhutan)

If we receive additional funds and go over our goal (which would be really truly amazingly fantastic!!!):

PROJECTED GOALS - Help get us there!

  • $10,000 MADE IT!!!

The push for $10,000!! and with that you'll be able to help get us an additional cameraman (making the film even more beautiful!), as well as contribute to the cost for food and a pillow to rest our heads on. And I'll send regular updates with pics of all the places we end up staying in and all the food (mainly chili I suspect) we eat.

  • $15,000

15k. This wiIl give a nice head-start for post-production, and we'll dive into promo, creating some beautiful Made In Bhutan posters - and more! - designed by the one and only Jules Tardy (he's the one who did the cool vid). And as a token of my gratitude I'll send each and every backer a signed picture from our shoot (matt 6x4 print).

  • $20,000

The big two-o. Composition for the film's soundtrack? MIB - Made In Bhutan butter tea bowls? Who knows? Anything is possible. Although once the film is complete the dream is to get it out there and show it to the world. Film-Fest-Mania here we come!

Your buck will go a long way and every dollar will be put to good use, that's a guarantee. No donations too small! 


The Loden Foundation

      The Loden Foundation is a well-established civil society organisation based in Thimphu, Bhutan, dedicated to fostering an enlightened and happy society through the promotion of education, learning and entrepreneurship.

      In 2007, Loden launched its Entrepreneurship Programme (LEP) to help support and promote local startups whilst creating employment in the new economic climate. For the past 5 years LEP has helped kickstart 50 young Bhutanese in entrepreneurial ventures where social responsibility and ethical values take on a key role. This year, Loden will be hosting Bhutan’s first ever Global Entrepreneurship Week, organized by Youth Business International.

Students attending an LEP training program lead by local and international business lecturers.
Students attending an LEP training program lead by local and international business lecturers.

To find out more about Loden or the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), please visit The Loden Foundation and GEW


      Hirondelle Chatelard, Producer & Director, is based in New York. She has worked for non-profit organisations such as the Rubin Museum of Art and FilmAid International. Recently she worked with part2 pictures on a TV documentary show for Animal Planet. She has extensive experience travelling in Asia, living and working with the Tibetan Community in China. 

      Kinley Penjor, Director of Photograpy, is an independent Bhutanese filmmaker who has worked for the Bhutan Broadcasting Sevice, as well as for numerous international agencies such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic and the UNDP. Most recently he completed production for the segment on Bhutan for the documentary film Planet RE:think, a Danish production by Eskil Hardt for Ace & Ace. 

      Dorji Tashi, Production Coordinator, is Executive Director of the Loden Foundation and has been working there since the beginning of LEP in 2007. Dorji brings unparalleled knowledge regarding Loden’s entrepreneurs and the business culture in Bhutan; as well as an expertise in traditional Bhutanese culture and languages. 


      Thank you for taking the time to read through this kickstarter page and for believing in us. Now here’s your chance at becoming a Made In Bhutan - MIB backer! For your contributions and support, everyone will receive a personal thank you note from the team. We're sending Bhutanese postcards and putting together personalized pictures of our production in exchange for your backing. And there's a range of original Bhutanese gifts, some of which come directly from entrepreneurs supported by The Loden Foundation:

  • Bhutanese music album - produced by Tandin Dorji
  • Choice of Children’s book - written by Ashi Kunzang, Loden Trustee. Titles include: Dawa, The Story of a Stray Dog, Circle of Karma, Chili and Cheese
  • Traditional Bhutanese textile from the Handloom Center – by Ugyen Wangmo and Nidup Zangmo 
  • Signed copy of "Mipham's Dialectics and the Debates on Emptiness" - written by Karma Phuntsho, Director of Loden Foundation

As well as DVD copies of the film and invitations to our screening and Loden events. 


Pro bono video by Jules Tardy.

Risks and challenges

Like all documentaries, one of the main challenges is getting access to the stories, characters and locations, which is essential to building any film. The Loden Foundation, Bhutan's first registered charity, is so intimately involved with the transformation of the country's entrepreneurship culture, there couldn't be a better organization to work with on this subject matter.

I'm aware however that things work a little differently in Bhutan. Scheduling interviews a month in advance might not turn out as planned. A meeting Monday afternoon at someone's office may well end up taking place the following day at dinner in someone else's home. I've spent quite some time in rural Tibetan areas and I have gained a sense of how life is in these communities. Which is why I'll be keeping an open mind about when and where the interviews will take place. But that's all part of the experience. And I'll be sure to use that time productively, like catching a breaking cloud whilst waiting for the storm to pass.

On the technical side of things we will be working with a local Bhutanese team. And I've been advised that although the film industry is developing in the country, there is still some way to go, in terms of actual equipement available for instance (which is another reminder of why this kickstarter campaign is so crucial for this project. Because the more support we get from you, the more we’ll be able allocate and gain from local resources. Even getting my hands on a sound mixer was a challenge in itself!). Thankfully, I'm a bit of a perfectionist freak I'll be sure to pay particular attention to details, supporting the crew to make sure we get the most out of what's at hand.

Once production is completed the next step is inevitably post, where all the magic happens. The Loden Foundation have already made efforts in pushing for funds to help complete the film and I'll also be putting my own hours in getting organized for the next stage.

At this point in time it's hard to estimate exactly when the film will be completed, but if all goes to plan, I'm hoping we'll have it ready for the premiere in the spring. Watch this space. Then finally we get to the most exciting part which is showing it to the world, starting off by you - our wonderful backers.

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    Unlimited gratitude from the whole team!
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