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Set during WWII, this B&W comic tells the journey of an elite team brawling their way through Nazis, aliens, the undead & ancient gods.
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The Infernal Pact's final night!

The Infernal Pact's Kickstarter ends tonight at midnight! This gritty and dark three issue series is sure to please any horror fan. Issue #2 features a cover by Stephen B. Scott and Issue # thre ink by Charles Paul Wilson III and colors by Jeremy D. Mohler and for all backers a special free comic book issue #0 with a cover by Rich Woodall. Finally we were able to get the lettering talents of Rachel Deering for issue #1! All backers $20.00 and above will receive their own Infernal Pact as well. Get in now to claim some other great stuff like original artwork, a Tijuana Bible, a Kickstarter Exclusive cover or print.
Issue #3 cover by Charles Wilson III
Issue #3 cover by Charles Wilson III

The Infernal Pact

Hey all, you backed the Calamitous Black Devils now I would encourage you to check out my creator-owned horror/Grindhouse comic series the Infernal Pact with covers by Stephen Scott and Charles Wilson. Live now on Kickstarter. We are almost halfway to our goal, but there are plenty of awesome rewards left. If you think it's cool, please share or like us on Facebook.

Issue #1 of the Infernal Pact cover
Issue #1 of the Infernal Pact cover

Toe tag riot!

Hi all it's been a long time since I have sent an update but there is a pretty great Kickstrater happening right now that needs support. Please take at look at what they are doing and share their page even if you can't back them. They are so close to their goal and it looks like it's going to be a great project if they can meet their goal.

Thanks Joe

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Pre-Order of the Graphic Novel on sale now!

Pre-order link is up on my Store! The next six months will be busy. So for a limited time, ONLY through my website, if you order now you will get a signed copy with a bonus sketch in the front cover. Domestic shipping is free.

The graphic novel is finished!

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Hi all,

It's been a long road but the book is finished (182 pages in full color and edited by Broken Icon Comics) and is scheduled for release June of 2014.  I will post the links to where it can be purchased when that becomes available.  I would like to thank all of the backers of this project.  Please check out my new project scheduled for a late 2014 release titled the Infernal Pact. The Script is finished and artwork will begin shortly.

Thanks again everyone

Joe Schmalke

Cover to the Calamitous Black Devils graphic Novel.
Cover to the Calamitous Black Devils graphic Novel.