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PenMoto gets your pen or stylus.  It frees your hand to better hold your iPad, and improves the use of nearly any pen or stylus.
PenMoto gets your pen or stylus. It frees your hand to better hold your iPad, and improves the use of nearly any pen or stylus.
1,005 backers pledged $35,341 to help bring this project to life.

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We shipped prototypes to 22 Beta Testers yesterday.  We hope you love PenMoto and are excited to hear back from you and see your videos.

Here are your first names, we won't list the amazing places you work!

Noah, Jake, Matt, Nick, Mauricio, Rob, David, Derek, Sam, David, Benjamin, 

Farrin, Nir, Mauricio, George, Jeffrey, Andy, Brian, Rehan, Erik, and Steve!


Okay, I know the video covers it but Michael and his gracious wife have helped us with so many rush jobs, and overnight builds.  They have supported us better than any!  AND, they have the best website, excellent build tracking software, and the BEST PRICING.  If you have ever modeled anything in 3D and would like to see it realized then check them out.  They will surprise you with what they can do, and you can feel great about referring them!   Thanks Michael!

I will also be loading a video of Tyson injection molding couplers for the Pilot G2 mini pens that we sent to all the beta testers.  It is great to have a brother and a sister-in-law that support my obsessive desire to make PenMoto useful for you.


We hope you love PenMoto, we will be posting instructional videos today and tomorrow.  You should get your prototypes Thursday or Friday, not later than Monday.  Rehan, yours might already be on your doorstep by the time you read this!



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Beta Testers NEEDED!


Thanks owed to all backers that found us via Wacom's eNews, and a warm WELCOME to being a backer of PenMoto.  We thank you for your support!  

Wacom only sends out eNews six(6) times a year, we were very privileged and appreciative.  Many thanks to Wacom and Scott, Pamela, Don, Doug and Joel!

22 Beta Testers SELECTED!

Moving ahead, we need twenty two (22) Beta Testers!  With only two weeks to go we need to intensify our strategy.  We are bringing the Beta Backer to you, and will quickly prepare and overnight PenMoto to 22 selected Beta Backers with a rough prototype (black prototype plastic) sized to their dominant index finger and a coupler for the Intuos3, Cintiq or Intuos4.  We might surprise Beta Backers with a coupler surprises, wink!  Seriously, we are specific to these pens since the prototype couplers are not the final design and we need good video of your usage.

IMPORTANT!  We need help with reviews and getting these in the hands of people that have a voice. Please consider that we have limited resources.

Any willing and helpful takers?

Our Expectations:

-Constructive Feedback (please be honest, and objective, these are only prototypes)

-Video of you learning to use it and of you adapting it to your use and communicating benefits

-Blog posts, Tweets, Facebook and other methods of referral based on social media

-Articles that might increase the traffic to get PenMoto funded and MADE!

-Surprise us with something we haven't thought of!

-REWARDS to three (3) highest traffic generators via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, this must be TRACEABLE with "likes", view counts, and retweet counts (is that possible?)  Rewards will be a Custom Ring Set, with your logo or avatar and a vertical Pen Holder. 


We need to get your finger size so that we can select the 22 beta backers, prepare the rings, and overnight them to you!


Ring must be snug, remain stationary (for best results), yet remain comfortable.

Best and Most Accurate Method: Go to a Jeweler, remember to get the ring size snug, NOT loose.  The jeweler might not understand, feel free to explain the purpose.

Fastest Method: Printable ring sizers


We will send a video to selected beta backers showing you how to best size your finger.

Interested?  We need your help to get PenMoto funded?   

Email me directly: 

Beta Testers have been selected, we sincerely thank you for your interest and for backing PenMoto.

Wacom eNews POSTED!

Wacom eNews, helping us get the word out.  Please feel free to share or retweet.

eNews, Jot, and REDDIT!


The eNews from Wacom has been delayed.  I will share a link as soon as they get it posted.  


Have you seen the kickstarter project for the JOT capacitive stylus?   


Super-backers Brett Grossman and Rob Hayes have given us a major boost in the last two days.  Rob Hayes got PenMoto going on reddit via "shutupandtakemymoney". 

Would you please participate?  It has given us a huge increase in momentum, please help us keep it going by visiting the link and giving Rob's post "up" votes.


I can't thank you all enough for your support, please continue to help us get PenMoto funded.  We have a ways to go, but with your help we can do it.


YouTube link to the video below  

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New Pledge Levels and Wacom eNews

We have added three new pledge levels based on your survey responses. You can easily change your existing pledge to a different reward if you like. Also, Wacom will be announcing PenMoto in their eNews TODAY! If you don't get the eNews by this afternoon then let me know and I will send you a copy.