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Limited Edition Vinyl Pressing of Agent Zero Live At The Fillmore
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What's up y'all! My name is Noah Selwyn, and I am known for my electronic music project in Philly called Agent Zero. 

Agent Zero Music is the fusion of electronic dance music, with live instrumentation and vocalists, to create a unique, eye opening experience through my vision. 

Back in February, we played an amazing show at PEX Heartburn, hosted at The Fillmore Philly. Our full set in it's entirety is recorded in studio quality, and we are pressing this album on a double vinyl LP! 

Anyone that pre orders our LP for $30 gets a free digital download immediately, and will receive their vinyl copy, as long as we meet our goal. Anyone that donates more, will receive something unique and special, directly from us. 

The full band is the best way to experience Agent Zero Music. We want to relive this night every day, and we want you to experience what we experienced that night. Thanks so much everyone!  

                Enjoy the free stream of our songs "Fever" and "Mechanisms/Smooth Flow" off the album!



Side A:


GoldenSpiral - Moon Bounce (Agent Zero Remix)


Fever ft. Kachina Azé

The Sea ft. Spenser Michaels

Moonlight Eyes

Side B:

Paintings in Time


Sweet Sorrow


So Mote It Be

Side C:

From Stars ft. Spenser Michaels

The Calling



Smooth Flow


Side D:

Suspended in a Sunbeam ft. Kachina Azé & Sammy Daboi

Hearts On Fire

The Star Spangled Banger

Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Lots of Love,

Agent Zero





 Check out the full picture gallery from the show here:

and here

Risks and challenges

This project has been recorded, mixed, and mastered. It is ready to be pressed, but we need to meet our financial goal. Vinyl pressing costs are high, but worth it, so we can deliver the best sounding music to you as possible.

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