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Ninja Pizza Girl is a serious game about bullying, emotional resilience – and pizza delivering ninjas!
Ninja Pizza Girl is a serious game about bullying, emotional resilience – and pizza delivering ninjas!
1,404 backers pledged AU$ 38,694 to help bring this project to life.

Funded with 38 hours to go!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks everyone for your support! You guys rock!

But before we start dancing on tables, we have a rather urgent question. Would everyone be okay with us shuffling the stretch goals around so that Includification is next?

If we're only going to hit one stretch goal, that's the one we want to hit. But we don't want to make the change without your approval. What do you all think?

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    1. Venron

      Definitely the goal to go for

    2. Missing avatar

      Tiffany on

      I think it's a great goal.

    3. Saodhar

      Includification is a nice goal. Making it the first one is fine by me.

    4. Timothy Kolek on

      Definitely. Go for it!

    5. Missing avatar

      Allen Pestaluky on

      Congrats, guys! I knew you'd get it!

    6. David Ballard

      Yes, that should definitely be the first stretch goal. :)

    7. Missing avatar

      HamsterBob Stewart on

      Absolutely, and it looks like it's already done :)

    8. Tellef on

      Great news that you made it! changing goal is absolutely fine to me!

    9. DeeK on

      Hey, well done! I knew you'd make it.

      As for the stretch goal shuffle (sounds like a dance step) ... I'll give my approval, if you send me a slice of pizza. Hold the anchovies.

    10. Jarrod Farquhar-Nicol

      Congratulations! So pleased to see this funded.

      And yes, I love soundtracks, but please reshuffle. Includification FTW!

      Any idea on what number we have to hit to reach that stretch goal?

    11. DeafTard on

      DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO! Just make sure you dress up as ninjas during the live streaming countdown party!

    12. Nick Nork Evans on

      I'm glad to see you made the initial goal, and just like everyone else I'm fine with you adjusting the stretch goals as you wish :)

    13. nachtrabe on

      Sounds good to me! ^_^

    14. DiscipleN2k on

      Sounds good to me!

    15. Mister_Q on

      Fine by me. :)

    16. Stuart Taylor on

      Bring it on as you see fit!

    17. Qaantar


      And congratzify!

    18. Missing avatar

      Irene Knapp on

      Sounds great! Please do!

    19. Stephen Farquhar

      I support the rearrangement to prioritise Includification.

    20. Chris Chamberlain on

      Don't listen to that Steve "Sly" Williams guy. ; ) I kid! I kid! He did a bang up job doing Xbox 360 games for us, so I'm in too!

    21. Steve Williams on

      Include me in the approval.

    22. Shaun Ray on

      I say go for them all, but I don't think our little hearts could handle it. Includification first.

    23. Joel on

      More than happy for that to happen!

    24. Graham Mitchell on

      Agreed. Includification is more important than better sound.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ashley Niland-Rowe on

      If only one stretch goal is to make it, includification seems like the best one to go for!