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Ninja Pizza Girl is a serious game about bullying, emotional resilience – and pizza delivering ninjas!
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Ninja Pizza Girl's new friend, Fantastic Jack

Posted by Disparity Games (Creator)

What’s better than one thoughtful game about a teenage girl’s experience with bullying? Why, two thoughtful games about teenage girls' experiences with bullying, of course! Which is why we've decided to team up with our good friends, Adorkable Games, to offer you Fantastic Jack as an optional add-on!

To pre-order your copy of Fantastic Jack -

1. Click on the “Manage your Pledge” button.

2. Increase your pledge amount by $8.  

3. Verify your reward level + Add-on amount and click “Confirm”. Sit back and wait for your PC / Mac copy of Fantastic Jack to be delivered in March 2015

About Fantastic Jack

Dash, jump and ride through Jack’s fantastic world!

Hit the road as Jack, a typical teen whose reality blends into fantasy while escaping from schoolyard bullies in Fantastic Jack.

Play as a girl or play as a boy, with a rotating cast of classmates.

Traverse suburbia and the city as they transform into icy environs, lush jungles and more--whatever strikes Jack’s fanciful fantasy.

Make your getaway in 2015!

Why we're making Fantastic Jack

Ashley: Adolescence wasn't always easy for me, but it was easier to confront my fears and my peers by changing my perspective and escaping into my imagination. John didn't go through anything like this, but I knew I wasn't alone so we felt it was important to share my story. When we realized that our friends Nicole and Jason were working on a game about bullying too, I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to team up to bring these stories to the forefront and effect positive change.

John: Fantastic Jack is a playful take on a dark subject, bringing bullying and harassment to light in a personal, relatable tale. Countless adolescents face bullying everyday, and they need to know they're not alone. So we want to give these players a chance to triumph over their fears and find delight in their daily challenges. Although I personally wasn't bullied as a kid, someone I love experienced it--Ashley and I are partners in life as well as game development--and I believe video games have a unique power to create connection through shared experiences. So this seems like the perfect way for us to express ourselves. 

Some background on the development

Ashley had the idea for Fantastic Jack back in April, 2013. But we were already in the midst of finishing our previous game, Two-Faced, and we didn't have enough bandwidth to work on two games at the same time. We’d just released a new version of Two-Faced when we found out about the Kickstarter for Ninja Pizza Girl. We realized this was the perfect opportunity to revive Fantastic Jack and come together to support the cause. 

About Adorkable Games

Adorkable Games is an independent developer of accessible video games. Adorkable Games is a collaboration of Ashley Zeldin and John Nesky. Though we formed Adorkable Games in March 2012, we have been collaborating on games ever since the day we first met at the 2011 Global Game Jam. We enjoyed making things together so much that we never stopped!

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