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Ninja Pizza Girl is a serious game about bullying, emotional resilience – and pizza delivering ninjas!
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Posted by Disparity Games (Creator)
A lot of people have been asking about Ninja Pizza Girl stretch goals. We thought it was a bit presumptuous to launch with stretch goals but now we’re over half-way funded in our first week (Thankyou!) it’s time to unveil our vision for a Ninja Pizza Girl gaming experience that’s bursting with flavour!

Stretch Goal One – Audiofication

We’d love for Ninja Pizza Girl to have a unique soundtrack, and 3D sound. We’ve been talking to KPow audio, who very kindly polished the audio on our kickstarter video and trailer. They’ve worked on games like LA Noire and The Banner Saga, and we’d love for them to work their magic on Ninja Pizza Girl. And if we get to this goal, all backers from the Early Bird level and up will get a copy of the soundtrack! Urban future music for everyone!

Stretch Goal Two - Includification

From the start we wanted to make Ninja Pizza Girl a game that was as accessible to as many people as possible. This stretch goal allows us to really push that with special features to allow people with mobility, vision and cognitive difficulties to play Ninja Pizza Girl. We’ll even include special control schemes that allow people with no use of their limbs to play the game using a head mouse or similar peripheral. This is the stretch goal that excites us the most and we hope you like it too. Everyone deserves to experience being a hero, please help us make this a reality!

Stretch Goal – Biggerfication

What’s better than playing Ninja Pizza Girl? Playing MORE Ninja Pizza Girl! Reaching this stretch goal will allow us to add more levels, more in-game outfits (we’re loving the suggestions so far, keep them coming!) and even more story. Reaching this goal gives everyone an expanded, grander version of Ninja Pizza Girl.

Stretch Goal – Extreme Biggerfication

Hitting this goal allows us to add an additional chapter to Ninja Pizza Girl exploring a whole new facet of teenage life. What facet exactly? That’s up for our backers to decide! Possibilities include grief, physical disability (including more about Gemma’s brother’s past), sibling relationships or whatever issue our backers come up with. Teenage life is rich and complex and we’d love Ninja Pizza Girl to explore more of it, while enjoying thick toppings of fun along the way.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Kyle Jovanis on

      Rooting for Biggerfication personally. Though, your plans for Includification are quite noble. Good Luck:)

    2. Loki Carbis

      Includification is the best stretch goal I've ever seen in a Kickstarter project. Kudos to you all at Disparity!