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Ninja Pizza Girl is a serious game about bullying, emotional resilience – and pizza delivering ninjas!
Ninja Pizza Girl is a serious game about bullying, emotional resilience – and pizza delivering ninjas!
1,404 backers pledged $38,694 to help bring this project to life.

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We are live on PS4 and XBox One


Hello backers! Our PS4 and XBox One backers should have their keys by now. If you don't please let us know and we'll email it to you personally. Ninja Pizza Girl is live to the public on PS4 and XBox One in Europe and the US so enjoy sharing your pizza-delivering capers with an international Ninja Pizza Girl community.

The critical reception so far has been great with Ninja Pizza Girl being awarded up to 9.5/10 so far. Thanks again for all your support. We seriously wouldn't have been able to do this without you.

WiiU Update

After a very busy weekend and live-tweeted weekend (seriously, who wouldn't enjoy seeing a page of remaining tasks be gradually crossed off) we managed to send a polished WiiU build off to Nintendo. 

They've gotten back to us and said that the expected time to full release is around 30 days. So WiiU backers should have a copy of Ninja Pizza Girl to play within the next month! 

Thanks for your patience, Nintendo fans. I promise that it will be worth the wait.

Ninja Pizza Girl delivering to consoles!


The consoles are coming! Hello to all of you extremely patient and long-suffering backers who have been waiting for your console versions of Ninja Pizza Girl. I am happy to say that at long last I have some good news. Depending on which platform you backed, I may have awesome news!  

PS4 and XBoxOne 

For PS4 and XBox One backers, Ninja Pizza Girl will be available to play on your console of choice on the 20th day of this month. That’s only EIGHT DAYS AWAY! What’s eight days between friends? We are friends, right? Of course we are, all Ninja Pizza Girl players are friends, I think that was in the fine print somewhere. Anyway, we’ll be sending out your keys in the next few days so you’ll be ready to download and play the second it appears on the store. We can’t wait to hear what you think of these versions! 

The WiiU 

 Hello WiiU people! Brace yourselves for FULL DISCLOSURE as we peek behind the curtain of game development. We have a working WiiU build. It’s great! It supports the pro controller, the wiimote (my favourite controller to play NPG on, it’s lovely and old-school and just feels great), the gamepad and it allows for easy swapping between the TV and gamepad screen. It’s very, very, very close to done but it still needs two more days of work before it’s ready to send to Nintendo. The first chance we have to work on it for two days is this Saturday so we hope to be sending Ninja Pizza Girl to the wizards at Nintendo on Sunday. It then has to be rigorously checked by Nintendo, approved, and much, much paperwork filled in. I think Pikachu has to personally sign off on everything, I’m not too sure what goes on there really. When that’s all done we’ll have an official release date and can finally fill your lives with warm, wonderful Ninja Pizza Girl goodness. We can’t say for sure how long this process will take but based on our experience with other platforms our best guess is about 30 days. Starting from Saturday we’ll give you updates for each step of this process so you can see exactly what’s happening and share the last trek of this very long road with us. 

Much love and thanks to all of you! We couldn’t have done it without your support <3

You're awesome!
You're awesome!


Happy Holidays and thanks for your support and patience this year!

It has been a crazy year for all of us at the Stark household. After an epic 36 months of development we finally managed to release Ninja Pizza Girl onto Steam where it was very warmly received. (Check out our “Very Positive” user rating!) It’s a tremendous honour to have touched so many lives and we couldn’t have done it without your help.

For those of you waiting on the console versions, fear not - they are well under way and due for an epic simultaneous release early 2016.

Finally, after a pretty difficult year, Adorkable Games are still hard at work bringing Fantastic Jack to our backers - and to the world… Thank you all and have an awesome holiday!

The Disparity Team <3

Ninja Pizza Girl is Releasing on Steam!!!!


Clear your calendars, hold onto your hats and get ready to make some noise because Ninja Pizza Girl is releasing on Steam this Wednesday 30th September! (7pm Aussie time, Extremely early Wednesday morning pretty much everywhere else)

We're moving out of Early Access with an amazing update that delivers everything we promised during our Kickstarter campaign and then some. The game looks slicker than ever, level design has been polished to a mirror shine, the long-missing sound effects are finally in and we’ve even finished the story!

We’re really proud of what Ninja Pizza Girl has become and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank you so much. We can’t wait for you to play Ninja Pizza Girl in its final form.

On Wednesday, it would really help if in between dodging ninjas and sliding down walls you let the world know that the greatest pizza-delivering platform game of all time has arrived and is ready to play here. The Disparity team fully endorses Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagrams and yelling loudly on street corners to let the world know how awesome Ninja Pizza Girl is.

Steam reviews really help too so after completing your A+ rating, collecting the last piece of salvage and unlocking the final achievement why not click that little review button and let the Steam community know what a great time you had.

Don’t despair console owners, you haven’t been forgotten. WiiU, XboxOne and PS4 versions of Ninja Pizza Girl are coming your way in January 2016

Thanks again guys. You’re the best! <3

Ninja Pizza Girl is Alive

It’s been a long time. Days have turned to weeks and weeks, months. Through the lengthening distance of time, you try to hold on to fading memories of patch notes, the heady days when release dates seemed so close.

So close.

But now hope dims. There is nothing in the chill darkness but broken dreams. Surely, the dev team has abandoned you. Surely, the project is dead. Their empty promises mock you, taunting you with their naivety. What sort of name is “Ninja Pizza Girl” anyway? How was a game meant to seriously examine social issues and be any kind of fun? Impossible pretensions, long since turned to ash.

But there, in the light, a tiny spark appears. You shuffle towards it, not daring to breathe, not daring to hope. You reach out a shaking hand as the spark bursts into flame, casting stark shadows across the plain. It grows, becoming a pillar of light impossibly large, impossibly bright. You stagger backwards, eyes wide with disbelief and a sudden, overwhelming joy...

The Ninja Pizza Girl update is here!

Everyone with a Steam key can head over to Steam where they can find a new update fresh from the over, layered with tasty new features and bug fixes smothered with a healthy dose of general polish.*

*metaphor only - please don't smother your pizza with polish.

You check out the patch notes here

Seriously Games 

Jason will be polishing up his ballet bun skills next week as Nicole heads off to the Australasian Serious Games Challenge. This event aims to showcase videogames that solve or highlight a problem. We're surprised, humbled and incredibly stoked that Ninja Pizza Girl is a finalist.

Tokyo Game Show 

In mid-September Nicole, Alia and Raven are heading off to the Tokyo Game Show. We're fairly sure they'll be the first mother/daughter international adventuring indie team. We're super grateful to Sony, who sponsor the Indie Area, for giving us this opportunity.

We're getting soooooooo close now to a game that we can be proud of.  As always, thank-you for your support and patience 

<3 The Starks