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Create a living, interactive art space to remember friendships and recognize the unique positive potential that lives in each of us.
Create a living, interactive art space to remember friendships and recognize the unique positive potential that lives in each of us.
89 backers pledged $21,956 to help bring this project to life.

A Positive Place - In the RG today

Greetings Friends of the Positive Change Memorial courtyard

If you haven't already seen the RG article

Please take  a look and share in the pride we feel about completing the 

courtyard and our dedication ceremony tomorrow.  

Please join us tomorrow if you can -   

Thanks again for supporting our project.   

We did it!!!

In gratitude


Reminder - Positive Change Memorial Courtyard Dedication- May 22


Dear friends and supporters,

I wanted to send one more message as the courtyard dedication is scheduled for next Friday May 22nd.   Open house from 12-2 with a short ceremony where we will have students from multiple years of service speaking about their experience and hopefully many of the people who volunteered and made the space possible will be there to celebrate its completion.   

This project has taught me so much about what is possible in life when you stay positive, ask for help and only look to the next step.  Truly it has taught me that anything is possible when we work together.   

Thank you for your support and your patience all these many years.  I hope you will try and attend next week so you can see your paver and feel the beauty and peace you helped to create for students for years to come.  

in gratitude and with love,


You are invited: Positive Change Courtyard Dedication Ceremony


Dear friends and supporters - 

Thank you again for believing in the vision of the Positive Change Courtyard.  I am so proud to announce the completion of this project and invite you to join us and see the beautiful spec we have created during these last four years.   I truly hope to see you all there.   

Positive Change Courtyard Dedication Ceremony

South Eugene High School

May 22nd 2015 12-2 pm Open house 

Dedication Ceremony at 12:30 pm 

 After tens of thousands of hours from hundreds of student, community and business volunteers beginning in Spring 2011, the South Eugene Positive Change Courtyard is finally completed and will have its Dedication ceremony on May 22nd 2015.

 The courtyard project was launched after the tragic loss of two classmates during an Axeman pageant weekend at the coast in February 2011. In response to the tragedy and the remarkable outpouring of the community, the South Eugene Positive Change Club was formed with the intention of creating a lasting memorial to the positive spirit of Jack and Conner. The Positive Change Club led by Wendy Strgar, a parent at South Eugene, has included hundreds of students from the last four graduating classes. 

Our student club members achieved amazing levels of work, tirelessly removing 150 tons of old concrete that they broke up with jack hammers, by the wheel barrow load and then months later bringing in 150 tons of gravel which now line the walkways. Thanks to you  our  club also raised $23K in a Kickstarter campaign and has sold thousands of Positive Change Wristbands as well as a variety of Positive Change T-shirts supporting school athletics over the years.

 In addition, the project brought students together with dozens of professionals and business people in the community who brought their expertise and made the project possible. The courtyard would not have been completed with out the help of Wildish Construction, Lane Forest Products, Rainbow Valley Construction to name only a few. So many parents, alumni from as far back as the first year of the school came together to guide the students efforts. 

 “There is something magical and amazing that happens when people get together to build something that belongs to all of us…. It is literally how we built this country one barn at a time in the old days.” Said Wendy Strgar “We have so few opportunities to create together now, and I wanted the kids to watch and learn that most things are possible if you don’t quit. Each year of graduating seniors said this about the project, that they know that it is possible to make something new and meaningful just by staying with it.”

 Although Strgar started the project with the goal of teaching the kids about the power of adopting positive psychology in their lives, often it was the kids teaching her. Each time the project hit a road block, it was usually one of the students who would step up and problem solve, and say- “Wow, Wendy, you aren’t being very positive….” This memorial courtyard project has became a home and resting place for so many families who have lost loved ones who had once been apart of the community at South Eugene High. One of the most touching stories was in the final hours of trying to raise the kickstarter funds when the class reunion coordinator from the Class of 1960 called and shared the story of Robert Granke’s tragic death when he fell from the rafters hanging lights in the auditorium in 1958. He was often thought to be a ghost in the auditorium, but now Robert is resting and remembered in the courtyard. 

If you had any part in the completion of the courtyard, please join us on May 22nd at the dedication ceremony so we can thank you for making this project a success. And if you have never heard of the Positive Change club, come see what inspired teenagers can do to change the world.       

Positive Change Courtyard update 2015


Hello supporters and friends of the Positive Change Courtyard

It is hard for me to believe how fast time goes by and that it is almost four years since the tragic passing of Jack and Conner.  All of their classmates have now graduated from South... and yet their memories are sustained in our beautiful courtyard.   During this last year, we had kids from the IOP classes build and paint colorful picnic tables that match the colors of the stunning mural.  The over hang for rainy days was completed and 5 beautiful benches of concrete and wood were installed.  

We have been patiently waiting for the engraved stones which will be delivered this week!

We hope to have them all installed and officially open the completed courtyard by the end of the month.  The courtyard has been open all of this school year for student's use and I have heard beautiful stories from students and teachers alike about the serenity and peace they find from being in there.   The birds love the space too and last easter, the courtyard was blessed with the new life of three baby birds.   

I don't know if I would have ever taken up this project if I knew what it would have taken, but in hindsight, I can't think of a more meaningful legacy to leave the high school with-  My last child is graduating this year, which also seems incredible to me.  And my father's contribution to a bench will always honor him.   I am deeply gratified and grateful     

I will post again soon about the grand opening if any of you can make it.   

Loving wishes for a wonderful 2015.   


Inscription Reminder

Dear Friends,  

I know it seems so long ago that you backed our courtyard project, but we are so 

close to completing.  I have been getting inscriptions submitted everyday.  They are so

thoughtful and beautiful   It is an honor to be at the receiving end of this project again…

If you haven't yet sent your inscription, please don't delay.   

If you need to be reminded of your pledge level, let me know.  

Thanks again for teaching me the power of positivity and community.  

The word count for each level is posted here again for your convenience.  



At the $50 level - You can have 5- 6 words.

At the $75 level You have 7-10 words

At the $100 level you can have 11-14 words

$500 level can have up to 3 lines - 22 characters per line

Benches can have up to 4 lines

Wisdom wall quote can have up to 8 lines

Fountain can have up to 10 lines.