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Four years, three continents, a man on a bicycle – and a girl. Now this true story of love & adventure needs preparing for publication.
Four years, three continents, a man on a bicycle – and a girl. Now this true story of love & adventure needs preparing for publication.
Four years, three continents, a man on a bicycle – and a girl. Now this true story of love & adventure needs preparing for publication.
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    1. terry on

      got the book, dvd and post cards in the post today,,in Ireland

      thanks so much cant wait to read the book first then watch the dvd


    2. Missing avatar

      Cath Bruzzone on

      Thanks for the invite to the launch on 26th, Tom. I will try and come but can I also bring my partner (not a backer!)? Glad it's all come together so well and looking forward to my copy of the book and seeing the film at last.

    3. addedlovely on

      Hi Tom, got your lovely parcel in the post this morning! Thanks a lot!

    4. Tom Allen 2-time creator on

      @Ecociclista: The film is indeed available as a download from!

      @Andrew: I've just published an update will all of this information :)

      @Doug: The surveys are just for those who asked for the DVD. I'll be sending out surveys about the book rewards in January!

    5. Douglas Hazell on

      Hi Tom

      Looking at the update, is the Survey just for those that have asked for the DVD? I haven't got one yet but I did just order the paperback. Looking forward to being able to read it!


    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Whittle on

      Hi Tom, Just wondering if all the DVD's have been shipped out, looking forward to receiving mine. Any further updates on the progress of your book?.

    7. Ecociclista on

      Hi Tom. Greetings from Costa Rica, Central America. The Vimeo video sure makes one look forward to the movie. Please make sure to make the movie available on an electronically downloadable format such as iTunes; for the viewing benefit of those of us on the other side of the world. Meanwhile I'll be looking forward to the electronic version of the book.

    8. Tom Allen 2-time creator on

      I'm so glad to have made the target - thank you!

      @Hans: I'm certainly looking into making stills available in another format, possibly online. Good idea!

    9. Hans van der Veeke on

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the answers. Instead of photo's in the book, you could maybe post a few online for each chapter.
      And I read a lot of cycling books and most of the time write a review. I always like to keep track of where people are, plotted on a (small) map. If it isn't in the book 8 usually take out an atlas to follow the route. I hope you decide for the maps.

      And I am eagerly looking forward to the book and the film!

    10. Missing avatar

      Martin De on

      Just 20 quid to go. all the best Tom!

    11. James Leitch on


      so close to your goal, you must be delighted. No pressure honest ! :-)

    12. Tom Allen 2-time creator on

      @Sarita: The book has been on an interesting journey itself, not least through this Kickstarter campaign, so you can fully expect a write-up on the blog!

    13. Sarita Mehra on

      Hiya Tom!

      Quite a few questions answered I would have asked myself. I think an online FAQ is a great idea, by the way. And as of writing, 5,269 already! Fantastic!

      Here's a potential question for you: When this process is finished, will you be posting on your blog about this whole experience? From before Kickstarter, through to holding that first copy?

    14. Tom Allen 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the questions so far - some good contenders for a FAQ! Here are a few brief responses to some of the more straightforward ones:

      @Anders: It's possible I'll put a budget in the appendix. But I also want to keep the book decluttered and focussed on storytelling. It looks like there might well be space for an online FAQ to go with the whole project/

      @Christian: We've planned out a schedule for the whole process, and have already got conservative time and cost estimates from the people involved and a printing house. As long as nothing takes longer than expected, we should be on track for a January delivery of the finished book. We've cleared schedules for a month after, too, in case we run over.

      @Russ: Yes, there will! Lots of readers are going paperless - especially those on the road. Though I'm not yet sure whether it will coincide exactly with the physical book.

      @James: The film was its director's vision of my journey; the book will be my own telling of those experiences. There will be some crossover, but this has always existed as a standalone book. (I imagine it'll be best to see the film first, as it's a heavily-abridged rendition!)

      @Bikerin: I used a Sony A1E and external mic for filming, and a Nikon D50 with Sigma 10-20mm and Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lenses for stills. I also carried a variety of cheap plastic tripods which always fell apart!

      @Mike (and Hans): There won't be any photos in this edition of the book. I made that decision because I really want the story to be the focus of it, and as a writer it's my job to withhold enough detail that the reader can experience the journey in their own way. I feel that photographs somehow ruin the magic of that imaginary experience, being such stark and obvious records (mine were, anyway) - like that feeling you get when you watch a film adaptation of a book you read and it doesn't quite look like you imagined. Hope that makes sense!

      @Hans: Maps - possibly. I don't want measurements and routes to obfuscate the human experience, which is what the journey is all about, so it'll have to be done carefully. This is the reason we eventually left maps out of the film. Again, I think there's space for some sort of 'online extras' area for bits and pieces like this. Pages - probably around the 300 mark.

      Thank you! Do keep the questions coming!

    15. Missing avatar

      Anders Lolk Westhoff on

      Will the book contain a budget over your trip? Always fun to see how touring-cyclists finance their trip and make it all work out economically.

    16. Christian Benke on

      You want to get a printed edition ready until January - Isn't 1-2 months a bit short to finalize the manuscript, proofread, make final changes, copyediting, typesetting and printing?

    17. Missing avatar

      Russ McCoy on

      FAQ: Will there be an eBook available?

    18. James Leitch on

      Tom, will the book represent the film or the actual journey?.

    19. Bikerin on

      I would like to know what photo and film equipment do you use?

    20. Hans van der Veeke on

      Btw. I would love to help out with proofreading in which I have some experience gathered during the Vance Integral Edition project.

    21. Mike McEnnerney on

      Hi Tom, Congratulations on being well on the way to reaching your goal - my wife and I are really looking forward to the book and DVD. We're pleased to be able to help you in reaching your target. My FAQ would be, as a professional photographer and touring cyclist, are you going to have lots of photos in your book and will they be in colour - or does this add too much to the production costs!!

    22. Hans van der Veeke on

      Questionnaire that pop up:

      How many pages will the boek have?
      Will it contain maps?
      Will it contain color photo's?


    23. Tom Allen 2-time creator on

      @Matt: Thank you!

    24. Matt Hobley on

      Really pleased this is progressing so well... will post on the blog today.

    25. Tom Allen 2-time creator on

      @Sarita: Thank you! So pleased with the early progress!
      @Gareth: Cheers for sharing this, much appreciated!

    26. Gareth Alunovich Griffiths on

      Looking good Tom, its only been up a few hours and nearly 1/6th there! Have shared this on our Facebook page ( so hopefully others will follow.


    27. Sarita Mehra on

      All the best Tom! Really can't wait to see you reach your goal here!