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Bringing the world's best fruits to the palm of your hand -- starting with India's jackfruit.

Global Village Fruits is a new company on a mission--to bring the world's best fruits to the palm of your hand and to help thousands of farmers rise out of poverty.

Our first products are dried jackfruit and jackfruit seed flour produced by the top jackfruit farmers' cooperative in India. Bonus: If you're vegan or vegetarian, well, so is jackfruit! Dried jackfruit is a healthy, delicious snack tastier than any dried fruit you've had before. Some call it a combination of pineapple and lychee, others a combination of melon and mango. Jackfruit seed flour is gluten-free and more nutritious than wheat flour. Let us elaborate--

Jackfruit is a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, niacin, thiamine, potassium, manganese, beta-karotene, and fiber. The dried jackfruit Global Village Fruits would like to bring you is that jackfruit simply dried—not candied, and definitely not fried, like the other jackfruit snacks you might rarely encounter in the U.S. Moreover, the jackfruit we’d like to bring you is the best variety of jackfruit grown where jackfruit grows best—in its homeland, southern India. The leader of the farmers’ cooperative we’re sourcing from has been working in food processing for over a dozen years and has refined his jackfruit drying process to output the highest quality product.

We also have jackfruit seed flour that we’d like to bring to you and to bakeries near you. Jackfruit seed flour is a gluten-free, more nutritious alternative to wheat flour! Jackfruit seed flour is a great source of vitamins B1 and B12 and is packed with fiber and protein. It has fewer calories than wheat flour too! It tastes a little sweet and is perfect for baked desserts, especially if you'd like them to be healthy as well as delicious.

Global Village Fruits operates on organic and fair trade principles. Jackfruit is superabundant in southern India, but its potential to be a delicious dried fruit snack and be used in baked goods (om nom) and frozen goods (jackfruit ice cream!) wasn’t recognized until the last couple of years. So, jackfruit plantations haven’t arisen, and the jackfruit that grows is grown simply and organically, without any fertilizers or pesticides. Global Village Fruits sources its jackfruit products directly from a farmers’ cooperative whose members we befriended in India.

We’ll be bringing our jackfruit products to small gourmet organic and specialty food stores on the East Coast, mainly in Boston. For those of you not in Boston, we’ll be selling online. But here’s the special deal—supporting this campaign will get you one of the first packages from our very first shipment, before anything hits stores!

We’re not only working to bring you dried jackfruit, though. We’re working to bring you jackfruit products galore! Ultimately, we’d like to make the delicious taste of jackfruit a familiar one in the U.S. and make jackfruit products accessible to all who already know and miss its awesome taste! This isn’t just about the taste, though, it’s also about the--

Social Mission

Once we’ve got some profits, we’re going to give interest-free loans to jackfruit processing groups we’ve screened for work ethic and trustworthiness. We’ve already found the first group we’d like to support. Right now, they’re producing dried jackfruit, jackfruit chips, jackfruit papad, jackfruit jelly, and other products for local sale with equipment consisting of little more than knives, two fire pits, boiling pots, and frying pans. With better infrastructure, they could increase the amount they earn by selling in Indian supermarkets and/or exporting with Global Village Fruits! As the company expands, we'll be able to help more and more jackfruit farmers and processing groups.

Thanks for reading! Please take a look at the delicious rewards on your right. Any support is greatly appreciated! We look forward to launching this spring, thanks to your help.


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    **Boston Student Special!** One (1) package of healthy, delicious jackfruit from the very first shipment--before it even hits stores! We'll hand-deliver to your dorm room.

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    One (1) package of healthy, delicious dried jackfruit from the first shipment delivered to your doorstep, as long as you're in the U.S.

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    Three (3) packages of dried jackfruit + half a dozen (6) cookies baked with jackfruit seed flour--gluten-free and more nutritious than wheat flour! (think vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and fewer calories)

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    A Global Village Fruits gift basket with a dozen (12) packages of dried jackfruit, a 1 lb bag of ultra-nutritious, gluten-free jackfruit seed flour for baking to impress all your friends, a box of special edition jackfruit toffee that won't be sold this year, and a recipe book we'll put together with plenty of Indian and non-Indian recipes for all your jackfruit products!

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    The gift basket + you and one guest will get a celebration in your honor to sample Indian foods and jackfruit desserts with the Global Village Fruits team in Boston! (Travel expenses not included.) Meet and eat with the team you'll have helped make a dream a reality.

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    You and one guest are invited to join us for a totally exclusive experience visiting jackfruit farms, enjoying jackfruit where it grows best, sampling products still in development, and meeting the farmers and workers you are helping! (Airfare not included.) That's in addition to the Global Village Fruits gift basket and the Boston celebration in your honor.

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